Joe Byrd And The Field Hippies ‎– The American Metaphysical Circus used 1996 OOP One Way CD

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    I noticed on eBay that there is a used copy of this CD for sale in very good condition as a "buy it now" for $5.99 plus shipping. This was the first CD reissue of this album from 1996 on the now long gone One Way Records label and a fine label it was. The CD sounds great and it is not a loud/compressed mastering. Sounds to me like a flat transfer. I bought this CD shortly after is was reissued. This album has had two more CD reissues since this 1996 CD. This, One Way CD has the original liner notes and lyrics printed on the insert like that contained on the original LP. This CD at one time fetched high $$$ when it was OOP. I need not describe the music here within, since if anyone is looking for this album they must have an idea of the music within already:

    The American Metaphysical Circus by Joe Byrd (United States of America)/Joe Byrd 79892679229 | eBay
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    Great stuff. Someone should definitely snag this for that price.
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