John Candy

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    "I swallowed a lot of aggression....., and a lot of pizzas."
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    Never heard of him.
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    Ooh I completely forgot one of his last movies, Cool Runnings. He is great in that. Every time I flip the channels and see that is on, I have to stop and watch it. Couldn't have been more perfect for that role.
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    This was a great role for him. I always remember him walking out of some building with Penthouse in his hand yelling "They published my letter!"
    And if he did nothing more than SCTV he would still be a demi god with so many up here in Canada. Thankfully he made some good movie amongst the dreck. I read that he was one of those actors who needed the rush of being on set. He didn't really care what the movie was after awhile.
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    I think he would have done more dramatic acting if had lived longer.
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    When Candy was co-owner of the Toronto Argonauts football team he came to Ottawa to watch a game. A friend of mine worked for the Ottawa team and he told me that Candy refused the box seat he was offered and insisted on sitting in a regular seat with the fans. When Toronto scored he would stand up, turn around, look at the Ottawa fans and spread his arms open in a "what are ya gonna do" gesture. Great guy, great actor.
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  15. I don't know how I lived so long without watching SCTV.
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    Orange whip?

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    After 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles', this is his Best Movie Role-IMO:

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    I’d agree with this.
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    That’s a total guilty pleasure film for me, I love it.
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    Early 1980s interview.

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    Small but crucial part in Oliver Stone's JFK:

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    One half of the immortal Schmenges....
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