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John Carpenter's "The Thing" is getting a 4K UHD release September 2021

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Zep Fan, Jul 8, 2021.

  1. Zep Fan

    Zep Fan Sounds Better with Headphones on Thread Starter

    N. Texas
    I'll be getting this for my collection!!

  2. Psychedelic Good Trip

    Psychedelic Good Trip Senior Member

    New York
    Classic 1982 Carpenter classic, have the standard bd will have to get this. Carpenter's greatest film achievement, sci-fi masterpiece.
  3. noname74

    noname74 Allegedly Canadian

    I rarely upgrade my Blu Ray discs to 4K but this title will be the exception.
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  4. Yawndave

    Yawndave Forum Resident

    Santa Clara CA
    "Feature commentary with director John Carpenter and Kurt Russell" -- John and Kurt are great on this. They are obviously good friends and have a blast (especially Russell) reminiscing about the trials and tribulations of making the movie.
  5. Zep Fan

    Zep Fan Sounds Better with Headphones on Thread Starter

    N. Texas
    I captured this from the GRUV site today

  6. RhodyDave125

    RhodyDave125 Streetwalkin' Cheetah

    Buy the movie you already bought on VHS, DVD, and Blu-Ray! Now in sharper detail with more color and extra features.

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  7. DaveySR

    DaveySR Forum Resident

    Which one? A couple years ago this got some additional releases on BD (a remaster from the 2k scan and then a new master from a 4k scan from Shout!). Then of course there's the original HD releases from Universal on HD DVD and BD. Am I missing any? :)
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  8. Zep Fan

    Zep Fan Sounds Better with Headphones on Thread Starter

    N. Texas
    US Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station - Wikipedia

    During the summer the station population is typically around 150. Most personnel leave by the middle of February, leaving a few dozen (39 in 2021) "winter-overs", mostly support staff plus a few scientists, who keep the station functional through the months of Antarctic night. The winter personnel are isolated there between mid-February and late October. Wintering-over presents notorious dangers and stresses, as the station population is almost totally isolated. The station is completely self-sufficient during the winter, and powered by three generators running on JP-8 jet fuel. An annual tradition is a back-to-back viewing of The Thing from Another World (1951), The Thing (1982), and The Thing (2011) after the last flight has left for the winter.

    Music Room: 5:50
    The Thing Mention: 6:46
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  9. '05Train

    '05Train Crashin' & Flyin' & Livin' & Dyin'

    Roanoke, Virginia
    Physical media is dead, but I'll be getting this.
  10. Dr. Funk

    Dr. Funk Vintage Dust

    Fort Worth TX
    OK...I'll buy.
  11. Jim B.

    Jim B. Forum Resident

    The Arrow transfer is generally regarded as the best version to date. It's a shame Arrow are not doing the 4K as well.
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  12. noname74

    noname74 Allegedly Canadian

    Unfortunately it was region locked to B so not many of us on this side of the world got to enjoy it.
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  13. Spitfire

    Spitfire Senior Member

    Pacific Northwest
    That's the good thing about 4K discs. No region codes.
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  14. noname74

    noname74 Allegedly Canadian

  15. SamS

    SamS Forum Legend

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  16. noname74

    noname74 Allegedly Canadian

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  17. Zep Fan

    Zep Fan Sounds Better with Headphones on Thread Starter

    N. Texas
    Arrived this morning....

    But I'll watch it at night sometime over the Holiday Weekend.

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  18. Zep Fan

    Zep Fan Sounds Better with Headphones on Thread Starter

    N. Texas
    Antarctica 2015

  19. I'll have to admit I really don't understand the upgrade for movies like this.
    I have it on VHS and the upgrade to DVD was worth the effort.
    The improvement from DVD to Bluray does not add anything to the movie I missed from the DVD version.
  20. Linger63

    Linger63 Forum Resident

    Maybe it's time for a gear upgrade then as your ageing AVR (whilst great in its day) doesn't do lossless audio for a start.

    Also.........check out this video comparison.
    The Thing • US Collector's Edition DVD vs. US Collector's Edition Blu-ray

    So much clearer and there is picture info ( sparks from flare) actually missing from the DVD.
    And then the 4K release is better again.

    I for one am rapt that I get to see these old genuine classics looking and sounding so good.
    But you must have the proper gear for maximum benefit.

    If you don't really care then by all means save your money and enjoy your DVD's :)
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2021
  21. Zep Fan

    Zep Fan Sounds Better with Headphones on Thread Starter

    N. Texas
    Getting a Receiver that could process lossless was the reason I upgraded. But, alas, my Receiver does not pass through 4K HDR... only 4K, so I bought a 4K Blu-ray player that delivered the audio to the Receiver and video to the TV.
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  22. JCRW

    JCRW Forum Resident

    Sounds like the reviews for The Thing 4K UHD picture quality is fantastic, the only thing getting criticized is the lack of the original 2.0 Stereo Mix and the 4.1 Audio Mix taken from the Original 70MM Six Track Dolby Stereo Soundtrack. Will have to wait for Shout Factory to re-issue this one again to be able to get those features.
  23. SmallDarkCloud

    SmallDarkCloud Forum Resident

    Scream Factory used Arrow's 4K scan for their limited edition steelbook blu-ray of The Thing in the U.S., (not their standard blu ray of the movie, which used an older scan of their own), which is now out of print (I have a copy). So, it was available here in Region A for a while.

    I bought my copy of the new 4K disc yesterday, but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. As JCRW mentioned, it does not use the original audio, and one post on the blu-ray.com forum mentions that a sound effect is missing on the new disc's audio.

    EDITED TO ADD: Apparently, the sound effect is still there, just mixed lower than in the Arrow version.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2021
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  24. Thanks.
  25. mBen989

    mBen989 Forum Resident

    Scranton, PA
    Of course, Shout Factory's disc has something the 4k disc lacks, the original Dolby Stereo mix.
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