Joni Mitchell ‘Asylum Albums (1972-1975)’ Box Set Due 9/23/22

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by belardd, Jul 28, 2022.

  1. struttincool

    struttincool Senior Member

    No word that I have seen.

    Getting mine tomorrow from Amazon. Hoping for a defect free box from Optimal. RTI let me down on the 68-71 box. Tried to piece together an acceptable one from 2 boxes and couldn't do it.
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  2. jlf

    jlf Forum Resident

    United States

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  3. this_machine

    this_machine Forum Resident

    Los Angeles
    Could you share any sources so we could learn more? Thank you.
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  4. brimuchmuze

    brimuchmuze Forum Resident

    Who pressed the vinyl?
  5. englishbob

    englishbob Its a s*** business

    Kent, England
    Typically I've imported this from the USA now when I didn't need to because its all pressed at Optimal for all territories - classic me, but also classic industry turn where nothing can be predicted
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  6. Flaming Torch

    Flaming Torch Forum Resident

    Qobuz has 3 digital versions of the 72 to 75 set a 24/192 flac, a 24/96 flac and a cd quality version. There is a vinyl box and a cd box as well. Is For the Roses the only album of the 4 with a stand alone release? Hard to keep up sometimes!
    Oh they are all great albums. We are doing ok for good sounding Joni reissues.
  7. JR63

    JR63 Forum Resident

    How does the sound quality of this new box set compare to the original CD releases?
  8. Cast Iron Shore

    Cast Iron Shore Forum Resident

    I haven't directly compared the new set to the original CD releases but I can say I'm happy with the sound and don't feel like I need to seek out the original CDs for these. I know DR isn't the only component in sound quality, but it's one of them, and this set has a DR12 which is excellent. Here's the breakdown:

    Joni Mitchell - The Asylum Albums (1972-1975)(Pop) [2022] 24-192/Joni Mitchell - The Asylum Albums (1972-1975)(Pop) [2022] 24-192_dr.txt
    DR Peak RMS Filename

    DR10 -3.62 dB -16.55 dB 1. Banquet (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -3.59 dB -18.72 dB 10. Blonde In The Bleachers (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -4.11 dB -18.59 dB 11. Woman Of Heart And Mind (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR13 -3.49 dB -19.70 dB 12. Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwig's Tune) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -0.00 dB -16.41 dB 13. Court And Spark (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -0.00 dB -14.21 dB 14. Help Me (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR12 -0.00 dB -14.19 dB 15. Free Man In Paris (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR12 -0.00 dB -14.73 dB 16. People's Parties (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR12 -0.39 dB -15.98 dB 17. Same Situation (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -0.51 dB -14.58 dB 18. Car On A Hill (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -1.67 dB -17.61 dB 19. Down To You (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -3.73 dB -17.94 dB 2. Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -1.09 dB -15.04 dB 20. Just Like This Train (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -0.00 dB -12.40 dB 21. Raised On Robbery (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -2.56 dB -15.54 dB 22. Trouble Child (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR12 -3.72 dB -18.18 dB 23. Twisted (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR13 -1.18 dB -17.96 dB 24. You Turn Me On I'm A Radio (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR13 over -15.02 dB 25. Big Yellow Taxi (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR15 over -19.49 dB 26. Rainy Night House (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR12 -0.00 dB -15.53 dB 27. Woodstock (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -2.45 dB -17.38 dB 28. Cactus Tree (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR12 over -16.13 dB 29. Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR13 -2.82 dB -19.19 dB 3. Barangrill (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -1.88 dB -18.02 dB 30. Woman Of Heart And Mind (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR12 -0.00 dB -14.72 dB 31. A Case Of You (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -1.94 dB -17.55 dB 32. Blue (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -1.54 dB -17.18 dB 33. Circle Game (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -2.93 dB -17.76 dB 34. People's Parties (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR10 -3.97 dB -17.11 dB 35. All I Want (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR12 -0.77 dB -17.77 dB 36. Real Good For Free (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR14 -0.00 dB -18.74 dB 37. Both Sides Now (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR14 -0.00 dB -15.94 dB 38. Carey (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR13 -0.00 dB -17.32 dB 39. The Last Time I Saw Richard (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR10 -4.89 dB -19.78 dB 4. Lesson In Survival (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR13 -0.00 dB -16.75 dB 40. Jericho (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR13 over -15.25 dB 41. Love Or Money (Live) (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 over -13.71 dB 42. In France They Kiss On Main Street (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -1.04 dB -14.35 dB 43. The Jungle Line (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -0.00 dB -12.87 dB 44. Edith And The Kingpin (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 over -13.64 dB 45. Don't Interrupt The Sorrow (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR12 -0.00 dB -15.61 dB 46. Shades Of Scarlett Conquering (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR12 over -14.32 dB 47. The Hissing Of Summer Lawns (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR13 -0.28 dB -16.02 dB 48. The Boho Dance (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR12 -0.00 dB -14.86 dB 49. Harry's House-Centerpiece (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -4.26 dB -18.68 dB 5. Let The Wind Carry Me (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -0.58 dB -15.33 dB 50. Sweet Bird (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -0.00 dB -15.91 dB 51. Shadows And Light (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR10 -3.92 dB -17.99 dB 6. For The Roses (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR11 -4.75 dB -18.78 dB 7. See You Sometime (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR10 -4.42 dB -18.22 dB 8. Electricity (2022 Remaster).flac
    DR10 -4.19 dB -18.06 dB 9. You Turn Me On I'm A Radio (2022 Remaster).flac

    Number of Files: 51
    Official DR Value: DR12

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  9. Jellis77

    Jellis77 Forum Resident

    Brighton, UK
    Yep me too. I ended up getting the US RTI press of the first box which was markedly better than the EUR pressing.
  10. englishbob

    englishbob Its a s*** business

    Kent, England
    Wasn't that mostly around the quality of the sleeves that time though, rather than pressing plant used
  11. Dhreview16

    Dhreview16 Forum Resident

    London UK
    There was quite a long feature in last month’s Uncut (though it’s dated October 2022) on these 4 Joni Asylum alums, along with one on her recent appearance at Newport. Joni is on the front cover. I don’t have Miles of Aisles, but I think For the Roses, Court and Spark, and the Hissing of Summer Lawns (which I already have on vinyl) are her best albums, along with Hejira, although Blue is preferred by many. To me, she kicked on after leaving Reprise.
  12. Gradese

    Gradese Forum Resident

    I ordered this one, as the first set, directly from Mitchell's site because, for that first set, the US sets had tip-on, thick cardboard sleeves instead of the plain sleeves of the EU sets (both CD and LP sets).

    But this time I've got plain sleeves anyway, (for both CD an LP sets)... even if they came from Mitchell's store (as did my first set).

    So have Warner gone the cheap way for both the American and European markets this time?... can anybody confirm?
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  13. DeRosa

    DeRosa Vinyl Forever

    There is one global version this time - Optimal pressings, and direct to board printed jackets for all regions.

    I had checked with one of the Rhino contributors here, he said the original releases were direct to board printed jackets,
    so they wouldn't be doing any tip-on in the series from this point. I guess in this case their choice of "authentic" also saves
    them extra cost. But it would have been nice if they upgraded to better jackets just the same.

    I've got the previous Rhino reissues of Court & Spark and The Hissing of Summer Lawns, that are
    AAA and pressed at RTI, (also in direct to board printed jackets) so i ended up cancelling my pre-order
    for this box. I'll get an individual For the Roses next month.
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  14. Echoes Myron

    Echoes Myron Forum Resident

    Will probably pass given I already have great pressings of the main albums and reports of the step down in physical quality of the box. The first box (US) was superb.
  15. Gradese

    Gradese Forum Resident

    Thank you for your reply and the additional info.
    Yes I'm going to miss those tip-on sleeves... and as others have said, completely pointless import on my part.
    I'm fine with the box anyway since I only owned the 1968-1978 CD box from way back.
    Thanks again
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  16. brimuchmuze

    brimuchmuze Forum Resident

    Is the new box at least AAA?
  17. jlf

    jlf Forum Resident

    United States
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  18. Wayne C

    Wayne C Forum Resident

    me to once again. I’ve made a mistake of ordering from USA direct thinking I would be getting RTI pressing of this not happy at moment are the covers also exactly the same !!
  19. scotti

    scotti Forum Resident

    Atlanta GA
    That absolutely suc$$ that they did not releases this with the same tip on style jackets like the first box! Plus Amazon is charging almost $40 more for the new set than the first one. I was keeping an eye on the price and really wanted it. But now I'm not so sure, why would they mess with a good thing?

    Well it is about good sounding records so will be good to hear what folks think...
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  20. Jellis77

    Jellis77 Forum Resident

    Brighton, UK
    Not for me - the RTI pressings were much better sonically. I didn't notice much difference in the sleeves
  21. Wayne C

    Wayne C Forum Resident

    the sleeves for me were definitely thicker cardboard , compared to the EU pressing the board was considerably better. I’m hoping these at least will be but I doubt it. If they shipped the vinyl across to the States for packaging but I doubt it !.
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  22. struttincool

    struttincool Senior Member

    Considering my bad luck with the RTI pressed first box (2 tries with 6 of 8 LPs defective) I was cool with Optimal pressing this one and they did not disappoint. All 5 records are very, very quiet with none of the common defects LPs can have. Big relief!

    I'll also go against the grain in not needing tip-on jackets. These jackets seem to replicate the originals quite closely- raised graphics for Hissing and Court, the double gatefold for Roses, and the additional flap inside the gatefold of Miles of Aisles.
    Shipped double boxed using a sturdy factory box inside the retailers box.
    Without getting into the weeds regarding the sound vs. originals, I am very pleased and impressed with what I am hearing. Hissing stood out as being impressively dynamic. All sound full with big, nicely detailed soundstages. The music draws me in and makes me pay attention which is the most important part to me.

    A very solid box set in my opinion, that will get plenty of table time.
  23. sonofjim

    sonofjim Forum Resident

    I agree on the sound quality. I think this set sounds fantastic. My luck with pressing quality is not so good though. Court and Spark is riddled with nonfill. For the Roses is a bit noisy in spots but no nonfill. It was significantly warped though. Miles of Isles is exceptionally quiet except for isolated patches of nonfill, but also warped.

    It’s really just the nonfill that bothers me. As a Vinyl Flat owner, warping is not something that gets me “all bent out of shape”. Based on your better experience, I may return this and take my chances with another set.
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  24. This is the kinda review I want to hear! Cheers
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  25. sonofjim

    sonofjim Forum Resident

    The vinyl of Hissing of Summer Lawns sounds better than any other copy I’ve found on any format. It’s the gem of my box but it is unblemished. Just flat, quiet and amazing.
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