"King Midas in Reverse" is one of the most braindead songs I've ever heard

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Cookary02, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Cookary02

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    For Christ's sakes, didn't these boys understand the meaning of the tale of King Midas - that all he touched might as well have turned to dust, for it was useless and worthless given his unending affliction? It's a pretty simple concept to grasp, and yet these utter morons chose to effectively repeat, without the clever subtext regarding the devaluation of treasure in abundance, for some ineffable reason. Removing its one powerful asset and calling it "in reverse" doesn't work, lads! It's a great song, but I'll be damned if it isn't one of the worst lyrics I've ever encountered.
  2. SoundDoctor

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    This song is even more braindead:

    And I say that as a Kanye fan.
  3. bob_32_116

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    It's astonishing the things that people here stress over. Most people would know the full context of the King Midas story, but it's the aspect of turning things into gold by touching them that has become part of popular culture. "The Midas touch" is a very common expression for someone who apparently makes everything they come into contact with become better and more valuable. The guy in the song does the opposite. that's all it signifies.

    I'll take "King Midas In Reverse" over "Jennifer Eccles" any day, music-wise and lyric-wise.
  4. bobc

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    Like a lot of Graham Nash lyrics it's naive and rather childish, but it's only pop music.
  5. Cookary02

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    The point of the Midas Touch is that its original concept is corrupting, no matter how alluring it may seem. There may well be a misuse of the term prevalent in popular culture, but that doesn't justify it. I like the song a bit, but the lyrics are dire. Even Jennifer Eccles has wittier lines.
  6. bob_32_116

    bob_32_116 Forum Resident

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    "I love Jennifer Eccles (cue whistle)
    I know that she loves me"

    Wittier? Whatever you say.
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  7. LeBon Bush

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    Next time we're gonna discuss how the allusion between Tiresias and Romeo & Juliet in the Genesis song 'The Cinema Show' is an example for british-imperialist ways of interpreting antique mythology... (hey, actually, that'd be great :D )

    There are so many misusages of terminology and metaphors around in pop (or art in general, that is) I stopped thinking about them. Surely a song like 'King Midas in reverse' wasn't written with closer lyric inspection in mind :laugh:
  8. Sear

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    I love some Hollies songs (Bus stop..) , but others are horrible to me (Jennifer Eccles, King Midas..)
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  9. ajsmith

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    Ive always noticed the misuse of the Midas myth as identified by the OP, and it’s always bothered me a bit but not too much, I guess cos as others have said it works when referring to the more general usage ‘The Midas Touch’. Of course an entirely accurate ‘King Midas In Reverse’ would be able to turn statues of gold into living creatures, a power which itself could be debilitating in certain contexts.

    On a side note, and seeing it’s already been mentioned disparagingly in this thread, I don’t understand why so many people (inc the Hollies themselves) are so down on ‘Jennifer Eccles’. The bridge section is STELLAR!
  10. Cookary02

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    That'd be a much better concept to write the song around for sure.
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  11. bob_32_116

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    ^^ The bridge section of Jennifer is the only bit I like.
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  12. bob_32_116

    bob_32_116 Forum Resident

    Perth Australia
    For a song where the lyrics are so obviously wrong they clearly have not been thought out, try this:

    (The Real Thing - You to Me Are Everything)

    This is a love song - but what this line actually says, if you read it carefully, is that the singer would prefer the object of his affection to wait as long as possible before giving him her love.
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  13. Jeff W. Richman

    Jeff W. Richman The Richman Curse www.soundclick.com/qoquaq

    This thread reminds me of how someone uses the phrase "Enemy Of The People" as an insult.
    The fact is, in the play, the title character is the hero.
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  14. El Rich-o

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    Yeah and I hate it when people use 'hopefully' to mean 'with luck' too.
  15. Chris C

    Chris C Music was my first love and it will be my last!

    You kids in Australia need to put on some serious music from your homeland and chill out ...

  16. Kingsley Fats

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    And the reason for shouting at a cloud that drifted by 50+ years ago is ?
  17. Jack o' the Shadows

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    Isn't that what we do around here?
  18. Rne

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    It's a very nice song.
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  19. Bill

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    Braindead thread.
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  20. dkmonroe

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    Well, hopefully no one around here does that.
  21. Spaceboy

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    Actually if everything you touch turns to s**t it kind of puts a different perspective on it.
  22. Synthfreek

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    Jeez, I could care less.
  23. rpc_2_uk

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    :yikes: Can't have anybody knocking this song - My uncle co-wrote it and did very well out of it

    He'll be pleased someone took the time to analyse the profound lyrics.
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  24. Spaceboy

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    Was that supposed to be ironic?
  25. ajsmith

    ajsmith Forum Resident

    I think Sesame Street or The Electric Company should have done a parody of this called ‘King Minus In Reverse’ to teach kids basic Addition.

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