Kink Kronikles RSD 2020

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Isaac K., Aug 22, 2020.

  1. Isaac K.

    Isaac K. Forum Resident Thread Starter

    RSD is in a week. So what is the scoop on this disc? Is it done by Kevin Grey? Anybody heard anything?
  2. BigBoiJoe

    BigBoiJoe Well-Known Member

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  3. Isaac K.

    Isaac K. Forum Resident Thread Starter

  4. Air23

    Air23 Active Member

    I am on the fence for this
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  5. slop101

    slop101 Guitar Geek

    So. Cal.
    I really want this - hope I won't have to pay scalper prices.
    (2,500 copies, I believe - at $40 a pop, I doubt it'll sell out too quick)
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  6. Oliver

    Oliver Bourbon Infused

    Kinks Kronikles is such a great comp only let down by sound quality. If the RSD improves on this I'm all over it.
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  7. Isaac K.

    Isaac K. Forum Resident Thread Starter

    $30 in the US. Pretty average price for RSD.
  8. Isaac K.

    Isaac K. Forum Resident Thread Starter

    That’s what I’m trying to find out before Saturday.
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  9. swedgin

    swedgin Forum Resident

    I messaged Andrew Sandoval a few months back and he had nothing to do with it....
  10. FJFP

    FJFP Host for Podcasts 'Back to Mono' & 'MIxology'

    As the original isn't easy to pick up in the UK, I'm down for this. Hopefully there's still a few on Banquet at 6pm, though £25.99 is pretty steep... but this is vinyl in 2020 sadly. Hopefully we get true stereo for all the simulated stereo tracks... or even the original mono.
  11. TimeWarper

    TimeWarper A Well Respected Man

    Unfortunately as the coronavirus is still a huge problem where I live, I guess I’m gonna have to get this one online. Let’s just hope the prices aren’t too bad afterwards.
  12. Abbagold

    Abbagold Working class hero

    Does Abcko still own their stuff?
  13. Bern

    Bern JC4Me

    This was my first introduction to the Kinks.....what a great comp. Way ahead of it's time in that regard.

  14. crosscatch

    crosscatch Well-Known Member

    Chicago, IL
    This is what I'm hoping as well. I've not been able to find out anything as yet.
  15. GetHappy!!

    GetHappy!! Forum Resident

    There's a review here - The Kinks • The Kink Kronikles [2LP] although it's slim on details, as to what mixes are used. There were 3 or 4 fake stereo tracks on the original vinyl. The CD corrected these for the most part, everything was mono or stereo, except for "Mindless Child Of Motherhood", which was a fold.
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  16. GetHappy!!

    GetHappy!! Forum Resident

    I think "This Is Where I Belong", "Wonderboy", "Dead End Street" and "King Kong" were fake stereo on the original LP.
  17. Isaac K.

    Isaac K. Forum Resident Thread Starter

    He could’ve at least told us what’s written in the dead wax.
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  18. Adam9

    Adam9 Senior Member

    Toronto, Canada
    I was going to buy this. I used to have the original vinyl and then the CD but neither had great sonics.
    However, the fact that they coupled sides 1 with 4 and 2 with 3 kind of puts me off. Some might see this as authentically following the original release but I feel it's lazy and sloppy production.
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  19. cwitt1980

    cwitt1980 Forum Resident

    Carbondale, IL USA
    I wouldn't expect much in the way of using proper/correct mixes then. Still, it'll be a nice place to find the stereo "Autumn Almanac" on vinyl (unless they screw that up).
  20. Isaac K.

    Isaac K. Forum Resident Thread Starter

    So what’s the verdict? I didn’t go and the local Bull Moose sold out. Wasn’t willing to take a gamble for myself.
  21. Sckott

    Sckott Hand Tighten Only.

    Sagamore Beach, Ma
    I got one. I'll post what I think soon.
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  22. marcb

    marcb Senior Member

    DC area
    $30 at my retailer this am. For a 2LP set? That seems like a relative bargain to me.
  23. Jack

    Jack It’s alright, in fact it’s a gas

    As a long time Kinks Kompletist, I was going to get this until I realized that I haven’t played the original in over 10 years. I passed.
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  24. Isaac K.

    Isaac K. Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Dead wax info too, please! :)
  25. Headfone

    Headfone Nothing Tops A Martin

    Mastering and Cutting:
    Phil Kinrade at Alchemy Mastering
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