KISS: The Songs 1974-2012

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    I *totally* want to hang out with those kids.
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    New Orleans

    Only thing missing is two dudes in those coffee brown leather coats, strollin' down the block...
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    That picture is by Danny Lyon. If you like that sort of picture he's got a lot more of them, and lots of great pics of other things too. He's an amazing photographer.
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    It turns out that Ace picture is actually on the Mateus website. Which strikes me as kind of funny. You wouldn't normally expect a wine company site to have a picture of a rock star chugging straight from the bottle.

    Welcome | Mateus Rosé
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    A lot of people thought the final track listing was already set in stone, but it wasn't. Whether Gene actually takes any of the advice he's received in the two or three "Producer's Experience" events that he's held, at least his claim that the project had not been finalized yet was legit. What people on the cruise got to see was the physical items that will be included in the set, and a mock-up of the book that will house the discs. Apparently, no one was supposed to photograph the book, because the track listing is not final yet. But several Kruise-goer's have confirmed that it will now be 11 CD's, so the number of tracks it's going to contain is probably going up.

    The people attending the earliest meet-n-greet's with Gene will get all of the other stuff, but won't get the actual CD's until the production run is done, sometime in the not-too-distant future.
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    I can't think of much to say about Wicked Lester. I'm not even sure if I've ever heard the whole album. What I have heard of it doesn't appeal to me much.

    But that Laughing Dogs album is actually quit good. I saw them open for Cheap Trick way back in '79 and they didn't make much of an impression. At that age I don't think I ever considered the opening band could even be good. How could they be good if I haven't seen them in Creem. And even if I had given them a chance it probably wasn't something I would have liked at the time. But years later I re-discovered them and by then the stuff they did was right up my alley.

    Anyway, this what they sounded like for anyone interested.

    The Laughing Dogs - Reason For Love (USA 1979)
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    The same goes for me. I have been on the 'net since 1995, and this was BY FAR the most fun, informative and interesting discussion I have ever taken part in, and it was noteworthy both for how well you guided the discussion along, as well as for the very high caliber of regular participants that it had. I know I've mentioned this before, but this was the type of discourse I was looking for when I signed up at KissFAQ (I believe sometime around '09 or '10), but very rarely ever got, due to the incessant trolling and/or thread-crapping that goes on there. The manner in which you conducted yourself, the way you delicately steered the ship back on course at times when it was necessary, and the amazing dedication you showed in keeping the pace going at just the right speed (and we're talking for damn near a year!) is just remarkable, and I can't imagine any other thread that I will take part in down the line will be as in-depth, as fun, and as respectful as this one was. I genuinely can't commend you enough for the job you did here.

    If you ever make it out to the S.F. Bay Area, drinks and dinner are on me! See you soon in the VH thread! (And I've still got tons of reading ahead of me in that Sabbath thread you oversaw!)

    :tiphat: :cheers: :righton: :shtiphat:
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    Here's the first track released from Gene's boxset. "Hand of Fate" was originally slated for Sonic Boom.

    Hear ‘Hand of Fate’ From the 'Gene Simmons Vault Experience' Box

    Explaining the origins of "Hand of Fate," Simmons says the song "was done as a trio. [Current Kiss guitarist and drummer] Tommy Thayer, Eric Singer and myself. I had a track in mind, and we recorded it live, just the riff, and you’ll hear me talking over it. Then I took it, and in my home studio, stuck on all the harmony parts, arranged it and put additional stuff on it. When other musicians aren’t around, I wind up doing everything, whether it’s keyboards or drums, if I can."

    The song blends a devilishly heavy riff with angelic stacked harmonies. "That’s all me in a home studio. I mean, if you know how those harmonies are stacked, then you can get that kind of blend. And that’s not a high fidelity quality recording, but you get the sense that if it was on a 72 track Neve board it would sound like Queen."

    So what keeps a song like this off a Kiss album? "We were going to put it on [2009's] Sonic Boom, but Paul [Stanley] came in with his own track called ‘Modern Day Delilah,' and it wasn’t too far off stylistically from it," Simmons explains. "We just decided to do that one instead. But 'Hand of Fate' is a legitimately solid song, and I didn’t want it to just sit on a shelf."

    Track list for Disc 1-2 (Official).

    Gene Simmons Vault Experience, Discs One and Two (of 10) Track Listing
    Disc One:
    1. “Are You Ready”
    2. “I Turn To Stone”
    3. “Juliet”
    4. “Hey You”
    5. “I Confess”
    6. “Legends Never Die”
    7. “Something Wicked This Way Comes”
    8. “Hand Of Fate”
    9. “Hunger”
    10. “In My Head”
    11. “Carnival Of Souls #1”
    12. “Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl”
    13. “Say You Don’t Want It”
    14. “Mongoloid Man” (with Joe Perry)
    15: “I Wait”

    Disc Two:
    1. “Weapons”
    2. “Weapons (Power To Raise The Dead)”
    3. “Hate”
    4. “Carnival Of Souls #2”
    5. “Master Of Flash”
    6. “Heavy Rain”
    7. “Within”
    8. “In Your Face”
    9. “In Your Face with Ace”
    10. “Rain #2”
    11. “Carnival Intro”
    12. “I Wanna Live”
    13. “If It’s Too Hot, You’re Too Cold”
    14. “Rain Keeps Fallin’”
    15. “Bells Of Freedom”
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    I didn't hear Wicked Lester until a handful of years ago but I really liked it. It's unlike any style of music I've ever been into which just proves to me that I'd probably hate it (if I even gave it a chance) if it wasn't featuring two songwriters that I respect. I think that's the basis of how bias starts and I'm as guilty as anyone. Will have to revisit it soon.

    I particularly remember Too Many Mondays, She (of course) and We Want To Shout it Out Loud.
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    That one vocal part reminds us of "Because", but this song is no more Beatles-influenced than 50% of all rock tunes. Way more reminiscent of Sabbath or early Queen, musically. It reminds me of King's X more than anybody else! (And since I love King's X, that's a compliment!)

    I wish I had a sound sample of Gene's "I Like It", because I'd use it here. I would have welcomed this on SONIC BOOM. For a "quick and dirty" demo, Tommy and Eric lay down a nice groove for this.

    If I hear a few more like this, you may see me pimpin' that "In Gene We Trust" medallion while I'm strolling down the street.

    [and yes, that last statement was a joke!]
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    I hear ya. It's the vocal harmonies that begin and end the song that are quite the rip. I was just dancing between shorthand and laziness. Kinda like Gene himself!:D
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    Fellow SF KISS fan here. I wish they would schedule some shows nearby! I wonder if the band hasn't done as well in the Bay area? I think the most recent (kind of close) was Reno? But surely San Jose or Sacramento would be great locations for KISS. I came to the band late, so still waiting for my chance to see them.
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    You didn't care for the song itself?

    On a semi-related note, do you like the band King's X? (Or are you even familiar with them?). This song definitely has a strong King's X vibe. They're such a cool band, and they are some kind of mythical middle ground between The Beatles, Black Sabbath, and James Brown. With some gospel and Hendrix thrown in. And Rush. And Sly Stone. And Metallica. And... :laugh:

    And Gene's a fan, by the way! :thumbsup:
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    That was the wine of choice. Except hippie freaks drank Boone's Farm a lot. Mateus! Wow haven't seen that in ages.
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    Cool! You're in Marin County, and I'm just north of you in Sonoma County. Cheers!

    I think that Reno show was part of a "Lost Cities" tour, which basically represented a bunch of smaller markets they hadn't played since the extension of the Reunion Tour, way back in 96/97. That tour did not include stops in larger markets within geographic vicinity of the schedule; the whole point was to play cities they hadn't visited in a long time.

    As far as I know, they do reasonably well in the San Francisco market. Even at the low points in their history (attendance wise), when they were playing smaller venues, they'd play mid-sized venues when they came here.

    I think they've saturated the U.S. market a bit in recent years, which is why they play gigs here and there, and at odd times and places. Until and unless they announce a for real/genuine "Farewell Tour" (preferably with some special guests), I can't see them being able to mount a large-scale, playing-every-city type of tour again, unless they were co-billed with another big name act. They're kind of at that point where a lot of veteran bands are, where you go out on 2- and 3-band packages during the summer. The problem for KISS is, unlike those other bands, who can always go and do theater-sized shows on their own if they wish to, the cost of mounting KISS' show is so high, that they need to play larger venues, with higher ticket prices, to finance their operation. Other bands don't have that problem.

    I think Paul & Gene are probably just too old to have the desire to do this, at this point in time, but to me, the coolest tour they could put on right now would be to go out with no makeup or theatrics, and just play a deep cuts kind of show for the diehards. The venues would be much smaller, of course, but the ticket prices could remain somewhat high, because the diehards would pay to see the band play stuff they don't normally do, nor would they care about the makeup. It would actually be really cool. Get creative with the set list, and take the necessary steps to deal with Paul's vocal issues (again, set list), and I think you'd have a killer show. The overhead costs would be low, and the diehard fans would dig it. The reaction that the Kulick Brothers got on the KISS Kruise to playing rarely-performed songs supports this. But do P&G still have it in them to go out on the road under those circumstances, without the gargantuan gate receipts coming in? Probably not. And I'm not saying I necessarily blame them. But I bet just getting up on stage with normal clothing and shoes would probably be kinda refreshing for them!

    Anyway, all of my rambling probably doesn't address your concerns, anyway, as it sounds like you've never seen them! So you want the whole "flashbomb and confetti" experience, which I understand!
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    A number of people have ranked the albums. I don't know if I could do that. I also couldn't rank the post makeup stuff as I don't know it as well. I would say my favorite is a tie between Alive and Destroyer. I remember when my band was going into to record our first album in 1993. I really didn't know what production was. For some reason I pulled out Destroyer and heard it completely different. I've really loved it ever since. I like the studio albums rather than Alive II and like Alive rather than those studio albums. I love the solo albums with Peter only being a like. I think of Dynasty and Unmasked together and The Elder and Creatures the same. Lick It Up came later and goes with the two before it. I do have favorite songs on each so I'll share those.

    Kiss - Deuce, Love Theme, 100,000 Years
    HTH - Parasite, Goin' Blind
    DTK - Love Her All I Can
    Destroyer - King Of The Night Time World, God Of Thunder, Flaming Youth, Sweet Pain
    RARO - Calling Dr Love, Baby Driver
    Love Gun - Almost Human, Then She Kissed Me
    Paul - Ain't Quite Right, Wouldn't You Like To Know Me, Goodbye
    Gene - Burning Up With Fever, See You Tonight, Man Of 1000 Faces, Mr Make Believe
    Ace - Rip It Out, What's On Your Mind
    Peter - Kiss The Girl Goodbye
    Dynasty - Save Your Love
    Unmasked - Is That You, Shandi, You're All That I Want
    The Elder - Odyssey
    COTN - War Machine
    LIU - Lick It Up

    Albums like Dynasty, Elder, COTN & LIU I can't say I have a favorite but those songs stand out more to me. Those all feel like albums I like rather than have favorite songs. RARO feels like that also.
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    @GodShifter - you’ve done a great thing by keeping this thread thriving. Many thanks to you for your efforts and enthusiasm. I also thank the regular participants to this thread (you know who you are)- The collective passion is inspiring and it’s been a great ride. You’re all amazing.
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    I listened to Hand of Fate twice but I can't say it really stuck with me. Assuming it's still up I'll give it a few more listens and give an opinion. My initial impression was it was pretty decent (especially given it's a demo) musically but the lyrics were no great shakes. Again I realize it's a demo, although with Gene if they'd re-recorded it there's nothing to suggest he'd have put any more work into the lyrics.

    King's X. You know I've heard of them for decades but I don't think I've ever heard them. Give me five song titles (preferably songs that are on youtube) and I'll report back.
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    For better or for worse, this kind of describes the unplugged shows they sometimes do on the KISS Cruise.
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    Sorta, but their unplugged shows seem to always feature the same 15-20 songs. I'm talking about an electric show, with cool stuff they haven't played in a long time. I realize that the people on a KISS Kruise are the diehards of the diehards, but the reaction to the deep cuts the Kulicks played (and even "hits" like "Who Wants To Be Lonely" and "Domino", which are deep cuts at this point!) shows there's a pent-up demand for this kind of stuff. Some of those people were losing their minds, and even Bruce and Bob were a bit taken aback by the reaction. There's a bit of "same old, same old" when it comes to KISS' show, and my idea (while probably too far fetched for P&G at this stage of the game) would shake things up and get some excitement back amongst the rank and file.

    Yeah, I know. To quote Paul toward the end of the PSYCHO CIRCUS album, "I am only dreamin'..."
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    Gene got into some big confrontation with a heckler in Providence. He actually got off the stage and got in the guy's face, then dared the guy to swing at him 'so I can take you out'.
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    Kind of like how years ago, Paul really showed that guy who flashed the laser pointer at Peter Criss' eye? I still think that was "staged" to make him look tough.
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    Some songs

    Over My Head
    It's Love

    (all of the above have promo videos)

    Groove Machine
    Lost In Germany

    There's a playlist set up at YouTube called "King's X Top Tracks" that seems to do a decent job covering them.
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