Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - Promo LPs unopened.

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by gregopad39, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. gregopad39

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    I've inherited a unique item or should I say a pair of items. I'm a fan of early Genesis and in particular The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - a friend gave me his 2 LP set -
    It appears to be part A and part B of promotional LP vinyl for the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway tour.

    These are unopened and the packaging is pristine.

    I was wondering what are these worth and what is the most sane/safe/effective way of selling them?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Dave

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    Privately insured and not just USPS coverage. Tracked and signed for USPS shipping. I can only imagine the value sorry. eBay will give you the largest audience but discogs and maybe even here (after 50 posts in Music Corner, Audio Hardware or a one month tenancy until the Magical SH Forums Classifieds gate opens up for you).
  3. kwadguy

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    Hard to say what it's worth without knowing what it is. Just a promo hole punch (there are no promo label copies)?

    Test pressings?


    Test pressings and acetates almost never come sealed.
  4. ggergm

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    Before you even consider selling them, you'll have to figure out what you have. They seem mighty strange, especially that there are two, separate (sealed?) volumes for what has always been a double LP. I realize doing that research is part of what you are trying to do here, @gregopad39, but a lot more information would still have to be provided. This would include detailed pictures, the record company that released them, their country of origin, year pressed, and their catalog number. All of this data possibly could be on the jacket. If they are sealed, you definitely wouldn't want to open them except as a last resort.
  5. kwadguy

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    Cambridge, MA
    For a start, all he needs to do is post pictures. From some simple pics, a lot can probably be determined. If he doesn't bother, then there's nothing more we can or should try to do.

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