Laurel and Hardy Biopic With John C. Reilly And Steve Coogan

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by sloaches, Jul 4, 2018.

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  3. Daniel Plainview

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    Reilly looks great!
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  4. hbbfam

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    Hopefully that is make up, but those jowls look real. Amazing what actors will do for their part.
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  5. alexpop

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  6. Luvtemps

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    Maybe the funniest comedy duo ever,and although they have the look down,i don't know if these two can be funny in these roles.
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  7. Otlset

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    It's a dramatization of late in their career in the '50s, so I'm not sure about that. I kinda wish they'd do something from the height of their popularity, perhaps a story based around the filming of "The Music Box" for example. Maybe throw some light on the great Hal Roach and his methods and madcap studio with all the great character actors featured in that rough and tumble time.
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  8. I like Laurel and Hardy and will watch this, didn't know anything about it until now.
  9. milankey

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    I would like to watch this. But young people today who go to movies might not be interested.

    A couple years ago I was reading the Harpo Marx book "Harpo Speaks" on an airline flight. The flight attendant asked me who is Harpo? A second flight attendant didn't have a clue who he was either.
  10. Scope J

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  11. Michael

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    WOW! I love John. I'm a fan...can't wait to see this! John looks fab as well...
  12. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    yes, but both look like they will pull this off with flying colors!
  13. stereoguy

    stereoguy Its Gotta Be True Stereo!

    This looks great and its about time someone did a biopic and Stan and Ollie. BUT....can someone please do the same for Abbott and Costello? They were the #1 American Comedy team for almost 10 years, and their story is SUPER interesting.
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  14. Michael

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    I'd love to see that happen!
  15. sloaches

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    You ain't kidding. I was watching Buck Privates the other night and it got me to looking up some articles on their history.

    What I would REALLY like is a quality biopic on the Three Stooges. Yeah, there was the one Mel Gibson produced but they could have done better, IMHO.
  16. beccabear67

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    I hope this is good. I tried to watch that Stooges biopic and it just wasn't happening, not sure why. Seems like things like this can go wrong so easily. Here's hoping, Laurel & Hardy deserve the best!
  17. antoniod

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    There was a TV-Movie Biopic, BUD & LOU, in the early 80s, with Buddy Hackett and Harvey Korman, but it was REALLY bad!
  18. Solitaire1

    Solitaire1 Carpenters Fan

    I saw it and didn't think it was bad, Hackett and Korman gave good performances. It was a sad at times due to the real-life events that occurred in their lives (which seems to be often the case when it comes to biopics).
  19. Rick Bartlett

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    look forward to this one! I can't say that much these days.
  20. stereoguy

    stereoguy Its Gotta Be True Stereo!


    I know, I own it. And it was really bad, they Hollywooded everything. Not to mention the terrible casting.
  21. hbbfam

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    Been a long time since I saw this, and I remember it was pretty somber. I also seem to remember that both Harvey and Buddy did pretty good job.
  22. stereoguy

    stereoguy Its Gotta Be True Stereo!

    Harvey Korman wasnt terrible as Bud Abbott. But Buddy Hacket wasnt all that believable as Lou Costello. There was a 70s character actor who looked a lot like Costello. I was always surprised they didn't get him.
  23. JohnO

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    Well, Buddy Hackett knew Lou and Bud, at least a little. I don't know if Harvey did.
  24. The Wanderer

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    Doubt there's much of an audience - but for Stan and Ollie's child-like persona, idealization is the only route to take.
  25. Yovra

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    I thought John C. Reilly was already auditioning for the role of mr. Laurel...
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