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  1. Mr Sam

    Mr Sam "...don't look so good no more"

    But that was not what Keaton would seek in Hardy's companionship:

    First, a reliable pianist

    And a gambling partner

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    One of the funniest comedy teams of all time!
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    There are of course many many funny scenes in the Laurel and Hardy collection of movies and shorts. This one from Oliver the Eighth featuring the crazy butler (and how Stanley plays along with him) makes me laugh every time.

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    Well executed gag at 1:30...Stan's hat flies off and somehow lands in Ollie's lap. Upon closer inspection it's pretty obvious that the one which flies out of frame and the one that lands are two separate hats...the second carefully positioned to fall right to Ollie.
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  7. The Wanderer

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    Anita Garvin was so perfect as Stan's wife
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    Glad to see quite a few fans here!

    My dad was a HUGE movie buff and had a decent collection of L&H on Super8 and we would watch them with a projector on a screen in the late 70s when I was 6/7. At that age I thought they were okay but preferred the Three Stooges. It wasn't until around 1991 when my dad got a ton of L&H shorts on VHS that I really came to appreciate their style and sense of humor. I also got into the Marx Brothers as well at that same time. My dad also got my best friend Josh into L&H and the Marx Bros. To this day every time I hang out with Josh we have a L&H (and sometimes Marx Bros) session.

    I inherited my dads super8 and 16mm projectors and films after he passed away, but unfortunately I'm missing all of the L&H shorts he had. I think my brother might have them, I'll have to see if he wants to part with them at some point since I don't think he's into them as much as I am. Either way I recently started collecting L&H shorts on 16mm and can't wait to have future L&H sessions on a projector with my best friend!

    My favorites:
    Two Tars
    Big Business
    Berth Marks
    Men O War
    Perfect Day
    Sons Of The Desert
    The Music Box
    Towed In A Hole
    County Hospital
    Chickens Come Home
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    Not able to play the region 2 "Collection", with 21 DVDs, I am happy with RHI/Vivendi's "Essential" set. Been buying these since VHS days! They are, to me, the funniest films ever made and I still laugh every time I see them.

    Now for the silents and, of course, they've been remastering them...Never gets old.
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  12. The movie looks like it will be pretty decent.
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    Dont know why, but I kinda/sorta cringe whenever I read about new movies about the classic comedians. The 3 Stooges movie was an embarrassment. Has there EVER been a successful movie about a vaudeville talent turned into a Hollywood star? So many brilliant, legendary, talented megastars emerged during those 'transition' days. But they were ALL so singularly gifted that most efforts that've been made to document that time almost ALL fall flat on their faces. Practically impossible to catch the lightning in a bottle talents of the actors, dancers, and comedians that came from the Vaudeville era! A Vaudeville-themed HBO series would seem like a sure-fire hit idea but man, good luck casting the principals!;)
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    I thought the Lou and bud w Harvey Korman and buddy Hackett was entertaining
  16. The Wanderer

    The Wanderer Seeker of Truth

    Since their best work is so freely available to enjoy, I'm really not interested but may be a useful to potential new fans.
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    I'm looking to collect Laurel and Hardy's Silent Shorts on DVD and the ten volume "Lost Films" are too expensive for my budget. Can anyone comment on the quality of the Silent Shorts on the 19 DVD box from the Netherlands vs. the 21 DVD box from the UK?
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    When the big UK set got released, several reviewers commented that the silents generally looked better on the old Lost Films discs. I was going to buy the UK set for the talkies, but I held off until the Essential Collection was released in the US.

    A few years ago, Michael Agee (who did the Lost Films transfers) said he was working on an "improved" boxed set of the silents, but it never happened. Glad I held onto mine.

    Edit: The set Agee promised DID happen, but it wasn't authorized and it disappeared quickly. Apparently it was pretty shoddy! Agee's Lost Films of Laurel and Hardy to be Released -
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    I have posted this before (hopefully not on this thread ) But the reference to The Music Box reminded me of it. There is a second part too.

    The Fine Mess-Maker at Home
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    How much of an answer do you want?

    This site goes into a lot of detail on various releases of the films with quality comparisons:

    Laurel & Hardy Menu • Another Nice Mess
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    I watched this new blu-ray from BFI over the holidays. I’ve never seen Atoll K before and I was expecting the worst, but it wasn’t that bad -I actually found quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, the ailing Stan Laurel looked like he was at death’s door throughout the film (gladly he wasn’t). The film is also on a much larger scale than I originally anticipated with some nifty model work for some of the special effects. The print isn’t the best, but leagues better than anything available on home media before (as I understand it). Excellent commentary by Glenn Mitchell and a bunch of extras including several complete silent films with the boys in their solo days. There’s also a long and fascinating audio-only interview that Stan did late in his life, reflecting on his career. I know this interview is available on YouTube, but here it’s run over the film, and almost feels like Stan’s own commentary track. All in all, worth a buy if you’re an L&H fan.
  22. Loved them as a kid, but haven't seen any of their films/shorts in geez, probably over 30 years.
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    Same here.

    Laurel & Hardy, Chaplin, the Keystone Cops, etc were still fairly prevalent on TV when I was a kid (1970s). I thought they had all gone the way of the dodo bird.

    Glad to see I was wrong. Looks like a good movie.
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    Vol 2 is 14.95 new on Amazon. ORDERED!

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