LCD Soundsystem - Electric Lady Sessions

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by fourfeathers, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. fourfeathers

    fourfeathers Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Toronto, ON
    Shocked to see there has been no chatter around these parts about this new album. James Murphy & Co booked a session at Electric Lady in the midst of their "American Dream" tour and now those recordings have been released as LCD Soundsystem's latest album Electric Lady Sessions.

    I am happy to confirm that this album KICKS ASS! Picked up the double-vinyl edition today and have been blasting it all night. The records are pristine, thick-ass slabs of vinyl and infinitely crankable. The sound is perfect, and the performances are flawless. It's all the best stuff from American Dream mixed with definitive versions of a few back catalog gems and a few choice covers.

    Cannot recommend this set highly enough. If you're an LCD fan, or simply searching for an audiophile quality dance party, PICK THIS UP!!
  2. SlimLee

    SlimLee Forum Resident

    I haven't heard the whole thing yet, but I really like that version of The Human League's Seconds that open the album with. It's true to the aesthetic of the original, but also got a hard rhythmic drive.
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  3. zwolo

    zwolo Forum Resident

    Tried to resurrect an old thread talking about how good it is. As good as the London sessions and it’s sounds incredible loud. The American dream material is fantastic and I love the little homage to the smiths Andy rourke with the bassline impersonation. Highly recommended.
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  4. JNTEX

    JNTEX Lava Police

    I have seen it, but was curious as to the sq of the lp before leaping.
  5. Whoopycat

    Whoopycat Forum Resident

    Des Moines
    Bummed that I haven't seen a CD release for this...
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  6. Maurice

    Maurice Forum Resident

    North Yarmouth, ME
    Yeah, yet another LCD Soundsystem release with no CD edition (the Long Goodbye live album was another.) It’s a shame, they’re one of my favorite artists but no CD, no sale for me. I really don’t get it, it wouldn’t be too much more trouble to set up a limited CD run. Seems like they’re leaving money on the table...
  7. cdollaz

    cdollaz Forum Resident

    Same here. No cd, I'm not interested.
  8. Popmartijn

    Popmartijn Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    Yep, for me too. No CD then no sale. Too bad, as it does sound like a nice release.
  9. Jerry James

    Jerry James Rorum Fesident

    Excellent! That's the review I was hoping/waiting for to convince me to pick it up :righton:
  10. agentalbert

    agentalbert Forum Resident

    San Antonio, TX
    Awesome, this is the first I've heard of it, but I've liked every release by this band so far.

    And my enthusiasm was just killed - vinyl, streaming or mp3 only? Eff that, pass.
  11. Rgfinch

    Rgfinch King Rocky

    It is weird, I can only find one UK outlet selling FLAC version (Qobuz) at £14.99 - why do they make this stuff so hard for us?
  12. wolfram

    wolfram Slave to the rhythm

    Berlin, Germany
    Some versions on "London Sessions" are my favourite LCD Soundsystem tracks (especially "Us v Them" and "All My Friends") so I was excited when I read about this release here (thanks). I listened to it on Tidal and I like it a lot, though I can't say yet how it compares to "London Sessions".
  13. Krzysztof Maj

    Krzysztof Maj Well-Known Member

    Pulled the trigger and ordered 2LP. I like AD very much, so this one will be nice extension for AD I hope.
  14. driverdrummer

    driverdrummer Forum Resident

    Irmo, SC
    Is this a digital recording?
  15. Bloom

    Bloom You're embarrassing me in front of the wizards

    It's amazing. This version of "You Wanted A Hit" and the "Seconds" cover just transcends.
  16. Krzysztof Maj

    Krzysztof Maj Well-Known Member

    For sure it is ;-)
  17. MattG

    MattG Forum Resident

    That rendition of Get Innocuous! — dios mío, man :eek:
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  18. Phil Tate

    Phil Tate Forum Resident

    South Shields
    I wasn't going to buy this as I rarely buy new vinyl any more, but I had a £20 amazon voucher going spare so caved and bought it. Glad I did - it's really terrific. Great sound and lovely quiet, flat vinyl.
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  19. Rgfinch

    Rgfinch King Rocky

    Love that little bass steal from The Smiths at the end of "I Want Your Love".
  20. Phil Tate

    Phil Tate Forum Resident

    South Shields
    This sounds like a stupid question, but has anyone else's copy of this album... well... inflated? Seems to be something about the inner sleeves, they don't stay flat in the gatefold cover and kind of cause the whole thing to puff up! Is it just mine?
  21. blair207

    blair207 Forum Resident

    Fife, Scotland
    Downloaded this from Qobuz today. All I can say is IT ROCKS. Sounds brilliant. Great performances, great song selection.

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