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  1. NP: Mankunku Qaurtet - Yakhal Inkomo (Qobuz, rec. 1968)


    S.African sax player, very enjoyable set.
    Streaming something digitally after reading on Fremer's site that the stylus cleaner I've used for years (Onkow Zero dust) leaves residue over stylus.
    This sort of fretting is reason to switch to digital.
    I'll likely try a liquid cleaner and brush. Been procrastinating around getting stylus re-tipped given many month waiting list.

    Anyone considering dropping $500 for Coltrane Giant Steps mono from Electric Recording Company?
    That'd be the most I'd ever spent on a record, and really foolish on so many levels.
    What's worrying is I'm actually contemplating it. But should get the stylus fixed before any such LP is played.
    The Electric Recording Company.
    Regardless, the link is fun to see the tapes.
    In the meantime, streaming hi-res mono Giant Steps on Qobuz and telling myself this is just fine.
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    That Vanguard date was such an important, influential one and such riveting music. I have all the material in a two cd set from Japan remastered by RVG (in a white double cd set, not the two "24bit by RVG" Lp facsimile editions--I have one of those.) Just amazing music from an amazing musician and his accompanists.
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    The Charles Mingus Workshop - Pithecanthropus Erectus (1956)

    Charles Mingus - bass
    Jackie McLean - alto saxophone
    J.R. Monterose - tenor saxophone
    Mal Waldron - piano
    Willie Jones - drums

    Time to revisit a classic, 15 days removed from it's 66th anniversary.
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    Wouldn't those "master tapes" actually be dubs made from the true session tapes? The true session tapes were likely bulk erased for another use, is my guess.
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    Volume 2 (BN 1529). His first concert setting for BN. This is the afternoon session from August 1956. “Caravan” is particularly noteworthy and is punctuated by some nice work by Thornel Schwartz on guitar.
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    I inquired about Giant Steps and they’re doing it on an allocation basis, with priority given to prior customers. Personally, I can’t see spending that kind of money but their offerings do sell out quickly.

    ERC uses the original tapes in making their recordings so I don’t think these are dubs.

    There’s been a controversy lately about their quality as Mike Esposito of the In Groove has done unboxing videos and found numerous quality issues.
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    How does it sound?
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    I understand that such tapes, prepared for further manufacturing processes, are dubs from actual session tapes. They are still often called "masters".

    From wiki, on the record manufacturing process (bold print added):

    "Once the studio recording on multi-track tape was complete, a final mix was prepared and dubbed down to the master tape, usually either a single-track mono or two-track stereo tape. Prior to the cutting of the master disc, the master tape was often subjected to further electronic treatment by a specialist mastering engineer."

    The phrase "master tape" does not necessarily mean that it is the very first generation recording. It can even be 3rd or 4th generation in some cases.
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    More music tonight from the classic David S. Ware quartet. I had kind of drifted away from Ware music by the time Surrendered came out in 2000, but coming to it in recent years, it's really a lovely album. And maybe the most conventionally accessible one that this great band ever made.

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    And his mother called him Bill. Love this album with Peacock and Moshun. (sic) Think Gary would be cutting righteous stuff with Ayler in the coming months and he makes this special. A real gem in the canonrecorded at Webster Hall interestingly. This cut from AS is tremendous, especially at volume.


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    AxiomAcoustics "The enemy is listening"

    Good stuff. I was hesitant at first after Ibarra left but after a while I came to dig the coming Aum/Thirsty run. I liked that Ware got to be recorded by Jim Anderson, who gave him respect.

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    And yret you'd think he'd done this for years, and should. FMM: Frisell, Medeski and Martin or FSB" Frisell, Saft and Baron. Think of the possibilities.
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    AxiomAcoustics "The enemy is listening"

    Yeah man, this is so good. I'd love to see someone do a AAA box of all the volumes. AP preferably but Craft more likely?
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    I have some his stuff from Verve period that I love much, but nothing fron BN's recordings.
    This one seems to be very interesting to my ears.
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    Listened to on my iPod nano connected to hi-fi car system.
    Unfortunately, there are issues with some trains cancelled for the railway workers blocked by pandemic (many of them just tested positive, fortunately).
    So I have to take my car a couple of days a week.
    I hope that the things going better next weeks.

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    Liguria, Italy
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    Esbjörn Svensson Trio: When Everyone Has Gone

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    I’m not a big fan of some of his Verve recordings but the BN recordings are classic.
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    Dexter with Daddy plays the horn. This a lovely little record. I love the splashes from Kenny Drew. He splashes but never flounders.
    This is such good music that cuts the kind of groove that cannot fail to get those fingers clicking.
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    Sitting here this morning, expecting to get my Covid test results today (daughter, sister & her family all tested positive), I'm in my 4th days of sore throats, cough and other generally severe cold/ flu symptoms that would seem to usually pass in a couple days. Had all the shots and boosters so not worried about anything too fata,l and still hoping its only a general flu and not super contagious strain. As if that's not enough, my 93 year old mom had a few stents inserted to try and alleviate some heart issues and she's in the ICU but slowly improving. So would like to get well and get down for a visit but thats not in the cards for a day or two. By then, we might be snowed in as the predictions for Sunday night/Monday morning ar up to 9 inches of snow. Well, it's always something. Hope everyone is at least feeling better than me (currently)!! Take care!!! And go Steelers!!!

    This morning's aural medicinals...
    After some (reasonably) basic (and tasty) guitar blues with Lonnie Johnson......
    Lonnie Johnson (2) – He's A Jelly Roll Baker
    Label: Bluebird (3) – 07863-66064-2
    Style: Country Blues

    we've now moved on to something at the other end of the spectrum....very interesting and enjoyable pieces that reward attentive listening and a little volume.

    Daniel Carter, Toby Kasavan, Mark Hennen, William Parker – Feels Like It
    Label: BDE-BDOP Records – 2007
    1 The Force That Drives All Flesh 13:43
    2 As Luck Would Have It 19:04
    3 Send Love 9:43
    4 Superstrings #2 6:15
    5 Feels Like It 13:41
    Recorded at Piano Magic New York City Mrach 26, 2000
  23. Re: Mulligan Sextet revisited
    Coming back to the discussed topic
    There is another great Sextet on Philips (replacing Sims with Jim Hall & on trumpet Art Farper replacing John Eardley) which I can recommend.

    Here are the covers of the 5 you did mention above + scans of the other sextet.



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    Mike, best wishes for rapid health improvement for you and your family and your Mom. Stay out of the cold and the snow--that's our plan here.

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