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London record stores and what to get??

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Michael McGuire, May 6, 2015.

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  1. Michael McGuire

    Michael McGuire Active Member Thread Starter


    So I've read on this ng many times about how Los Angles and London were the *best* cities to find great records. Never been to London, but can someone give me suggestions on great stores, flea markets etc to find vinyl records in London?
    I'm trying to find very good condition vinyl which are well loved as sounding great by this forum. Rock, blues, african, reggie, and jazz.

  2. jimod99

    jimod99 Daddy or chips?

    Vienna, Austria

  3. StevenC

    StevenC SUEDE > Both Oasis AND Blur.

    Berwick Street is similar to Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, CA. Similar environment, Sister Ray is the place to go.
    Also in London, you have the Rough Trade shops and Banquet Records.

    There used to be a record and CD selection at Electric Ballroom on Saturdays in Camden Town, but it was more than a Decade since I went last so I'm not sure it still exists.

    If you love British indie music like Suede, Bloc Party, Manics, etc. that didn't ever really sell here in the U.S., or original releases on the British labels like Rough Trade, Food, etc., these are great shops. Found a rare "Education In Reverse" LP by Morrissey in gem mint shape at Rough Trade, for those who know or care, that was a very rare, official but recalled version of "Viva Hate" that I believe only hit shelves in Australia/New Zealand. Seems like you're hoping for great finds like this versus the 2014 Re-issue of "Led Zep III".

    I still prefer Amoeba though. Amoeba Hollywood is the best overall. The thing is, Amoeba is so popular than unless you go in often, you will miss out on stuff. If there's a used Vinyl gem in great shape, it will fly off the shelves... too much traffic as it's so popular. You have to go often. The San Fran store is actually better for used vinyl. Used 7" 45s and albums. If you end up in LA, also check out Origami. Origami is great for that new indie release on limited colored vinyl, etc. that Amoeba either sold out of or never got...

    If people tell you Amoeba is overrated, it just means they went in after someone bought up all the vinyl gem items.
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  4. Dhreview16

    Dhreview16 Forum Resident

    London UK

    See the previous threads.

    There is a well regarded record fair at Spitalfields market on the second Saturday every month.

    When you come over it is worth just googling record fairs London and see what comes up. Some are regular, others ad hoc.

    There was a very big one at Olympia a couple of weeks back, for example.

    Just on reading various threads, I get the impression cities like New York have more of what you call bargain bins.

    Places like Sister Ray here are good but they aren't always cheap.

    Good luck.
  5. StevenC

    StevenC SUEDE > Both Oasis AND Blur.

    New York is actually not great for record shops. Sure they opened a Rough Trade there, but the ones in the West Village are mediocre at best... Los Angeles is far, far better... even Austin, Texas is better than New York.
  6. Monosterio

    Monosterio Forum Resident

    South Florida
    See if you can find me a copy of the Joan Jett Great Hits CD in near-mint condition or better. Here's what it looks like:


    Oh, and don't pay more than $35 for it. Thanks!
  7. parkgrover

    parkgrover Forum Resident

    Record and Tape Exchange in Berwick street has closed this week - a real shame. Used to love looking through all the stuff in the bargain basement. I wonder how long Sister Ray will survive now - already downsized.
  8. StevenC

    StevenC SUEDE > Both Oasis AND Blur.

    Meanwhile, Amoeba Hollywood is always packed. Weekdays, weekends, doesn't matter.
  9. Kristeva

    Kristeva Forum Resident

    I thought the Spitalfields Market Fair is every other Friday, although I haven't been for a while. Well worth the OP going though.

    Flashback in Islington (Angel Tube / Northern line) can be good. Not quite as expensive as Sister Ray and Reckless in Berwick Street. There's also a R&B/Soul/Dance/Jazz shop just off Berwick Street - can't think of the name.
  10. kwadguy

    kwadguy Senior Member

    Cambridge, MA
    I didn't know that record stores were now popping up that are focused on only one label, but I guess I would look for the original mix of Days of Future Passed, the original issue Stones albums, and maybe Keef Hartley or Frigid Pink.
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