"Lost" 1979 BBC radio interview with George Harrison and Michael Jackson to be broadcast...

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Sound of the Suburbs, Feb 7, 2019.

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    The BBC have come up with the goods again. This time they have unearthed a previously wiped 1979 radio show in which George and Michael review new releases and talk about their own careers. There's a short excerpt from it in the link below in which Michael asks George about the Beatles' songwriting:

    Rare Michael Jackson interview restored

    Should be worth a listen...
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  2. Jack White

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  3. bobcat

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    London, UK
    At one point, Jackson turns to the former Beatle and says: "Let me ask you a question, did you guys always write your own stuff from the beginning?"

    The guitarist replies: "Well, John and Paul wrote right from before we ever made a record."

    Jackson seems taken aback, asking: "How did you manage that?"

    "I don't know," drawls Harrison. "They were clever little fellows."

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  4. bobcat

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    London, UK
    By the way, Michael is the one with the squeaky voice...
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  5. DTK

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    Easy to spot the dark hoarse?
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  6. Chemguy

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    33 1/3 times out of 100!
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  7. aphexj

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    Spot the looney, indeed
  8. blutiga

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    Wow!!! Had no idea this ever took place. Cool.
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  9. xilef regnu

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    MJ: "I really like that "Something" song, I'd love to own the rights."
    GH: "Er...um...yup, you got me, John and Paul wrote it, I was just pulling your leg."
  10. postscripum

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    An awful lot of filler in this documentary, but the actual clips were very interesting. Well worth a listen.
  11. waldo

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    not wiped. I've had the whole thing for years, albeit in poor quality.

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  12. Peace N. Love

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    ...and the pith helmet.
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  13. lavalamp3

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    I recorded it at the time. The BBC may have lost it but I didn't and I still have it in good quality... I remember they played new records by the likes of Van Morrison, Nicolette Larson and Stevie Wonder.
  14. postscripum

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    It WAS wiped. Off-air copies are another matter.
  15. postscripum

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    George was obviously still rattled by the My Sweet Lord court case. He can't resist deconstructing the Dave Edmunds single and suggesting what it's based on.

    The reaction to Manfred Mann's Earth Band's version of 'You Angel You' was funny: Jackson just goes, 'Er, can you ask George while I try to think?' Then George curtly says - entirely predictably - that he prefers the original. Then Jackson, after much agonising for a diplomatic answer, declares that he certainly wouldn't sleep on it!

    The additional snippet of Mick Jagger's reaction to Status Quo's 'What You're Proposing' is amusing on several levels: 'It just went on and on and on'! You don't say, Mick!
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  16. MarcS

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    I love George's reference to "the Producers" when he mentions Rio.
  17. Timmy84

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    *GASP* He does? :yikes::D
  18. Timmy84

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    North Carolina
    Who knew the guy who wore that helmet would inspire the name "Wac-..."

    Uh yeah, not going there. :)
  19. GubGub

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    Looking forward to hearing the documentary. It is a shame it is not possible to listen to the entire original show.

    David Jensen, the show's original presenter, was on UK television at the weekend in an entirely different context. He didn't look too well. I understand he has Parkinsons Disease. Shame. I always liked him and remember going to see him at a Radio 1 Roadshow in Crawley in about 1980.
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