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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by the pope ondine, May 5, 2020.

  1. the pope ondine

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    Lou Reed Album by Album Thread? has it been done? Any interest? we could start with VU and continue on thru....? what say you SHF members?
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  2. I’d be interested.
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  3. TeddyB

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  4. idleracer

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    :kilroy: There's never been a whole lot of discussion about the first one.

  5. antonkk

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    The first one is my favorite.
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  6. the pope ondine

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    cool, we can try to rev it up tomorrow if everyones game (and its not been done?), skip vu and jump into his first?
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  7. gjp163

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    I was just thinking about Lou while listening to NEU! and how I can hear the influence in them from the Velvet Underground (notably Moe Tucker’s insistent drum beat & Lou’s rhythm guitar). So I think VU helped influence Krautrock !

    Anyway, it’s a massive task Pope Ondine but I’ll come along for the ride. I’m not obsessive with needing & owning everything however could do with a refresh of Lou & VU as they have dropped off my radar back in the 90’s.

    Who cares if it’s been done before, Walk On The Wild Side.
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  8. Anno

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    Starting this?
    Perfect day...
  9. SammyJoe

    SammyJoe Up The Irons!

    Interested in this, following and adding comments for sure.
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  10. Snoddywilko

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    United Kingdom
    I’d be up for a Lou solo thread. Not sure I could commit to a V.U thread as I’d want to say too much and I’ve just started a John Lennon Song by song, album by album thread. :)
  11. LoveYourLife

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    London, UK
    Expecting heated debates starting very soon...
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  12. mr.datsun

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    Nice idea, but I'd balk at the VU albums being lumped together under his solo career. I think a solo Lou thread would be better and clearer.

    Edit. Ah yes, just saw your follow-up comment about skipping vu.
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  13. mr.datsun

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    I wonder whether we can avoid the usual 'how dare he do VU songs on his solo albums' take on things?
  14. aphexj

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    Live albums, too? I have everything in the RCA/Arista years box set and the Sire albums too. So I think I'm good (up to the indie/experimental albums later on like Issue Three, Creation of the Universe, Hudson River and.... uh.... Lulu?)
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  15. malco49

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    ready to rock over this way!
  16. Bought his debut solo album on release and thought it was great. But then I started reading all these reviews about how bad it sounded.
    Sounded fine to me !
    " I was talking to Chuck in his Genghis Khan suit and his wizard hat..."
  17. DTK

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    I'm game but let's keep VU out of it please.
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  18. antonkk

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    Lou's debut was one of the several records I loved all my life not knowing that they are supposed to suck.
  19. C6H12O6

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    My lab
    DO IT.

    He had a wildly uneven solo career, but that would make it all the more interesting.
  20. the pope ondine

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    yeah I think that's well trodden territory
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  21. Great idea! Much...MUCH lesser artists have had an album x album thread.
  22. the pope ondine

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    ok first on the agenda, after splitting VU and hanging out at his folks house, working for his dad, lou releases his first album, Lou Reed in april of 1972 (always thought it was 1971...)

    Lou Reed is the debut solo studio album by American musician Lou Reed, released in April 1972 by RCA Records, two years after he left the Velvet Underground. It was produced by Richard Robinson and Reed and features London session musicians as Reed's backing band, two of whom, Rick Wakeman and Steve Howe, were from the British progressive rock band Yes. Wakeman recalled that during the recording sessions, "the lights had to be out so nobody could see."[4] The album was recorded in Morgan Studios, London, between December 1971 and January 1972.

    Lou Reed comprises eight new recordings of then-unreleased Velvet Underground songs, plus two new songs, "Going Down" and "Berlin" (the latter was re-recorded by Reed as the title track for his 1973 album Berlin).

    With increasing interest in the Velvet Underground, Reed's debut album was highly anticipated, but the result was a commercial and relative critical disappointment, peaking at only No. 189 on the Billboard 200.
    Side one
    1. "I Can't Stand It" – 2:37
    2. "Going Down" – 2:57
    3. "Walk and Talk It" – 3:40
    4. "Lisa Says" – 5:34
    5. "Berlin" – 5:16
    Side two
    1. "I Love You" – 2:21
    2. "Wild Child" – 4:41
    3. "Love Makes You Feel" – 3:13
    4. "Ride into the Sun" (Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Maureen Tucker) – 3:16
    5. "Ocean" – 5:06


    took me a while to track this down as a kid, long out of print in the mid 80's, the sound is muffled (long story that someone probably knows more about, recorded with dolby but mastered without it?) This is has the be one of the happiest Lou Reed album....(2 love songs!) I'm a fan. I think the songs are great and Lou voice sounds fantastic, singing from the heart, the time off from the road must've done him some good. The band's tight and loaded (no pun) . Maybe if we had no knowledge of the early versions of some of these songs, the album might rank higher in some peoples minds? But on its own? sound issues aside, it's pretty damn good...

    opinions? favorite songs? smash or trash?
  23. the pope ondine

    the pope ondine Forum Resident Thread Starter


    the guitar here is fantastic and lou is at his crooning best (a critic called this his Edith Piaf phase at one point lol)
  24. the pope ondine

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    lou reed or... Doobie Brothers? he was really smitten at this point.
  25. dmiller458

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    When is one of the Steves gonna remix/remaster the entire Academy Of Music show?

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