"Lounge Music: Moog Moods" cheap various artists CD comp. with some rare early 70s Moog tracks...

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    Heads up for Moog music fans who are not aware of this CD compilation. I bought this a couple years ago for a good price but there are a few copies on Amazon marketplace that are very cheap used and new/sealed and less than what I paid for my copy. Rare tracks on this CD from Anarchic System, Bob Callaghan and Blue Marvin. If you like this kind of Moog music with some piano, strings and drums added to the mix then you will enjoy this CD. Below is the track listing from junodownload.com with some great long sound samples of the tracks but the link below that is from Amazon marketplace for the actual CD. Some tracks are mastered from clean vinyl but still sound great. The artwork/package for the CD looks low budget but the music makes up for it::)

    Buy Various: Lounge Music: Moog Moods at Juno Download



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