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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Musical Maxis, Jun 13, 2018.

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    I despise the reboot and I cant understand why in the :cussing: do those morons at the network keep renewing the series for another season when it keeps on getting lower viewer ratings and horrendous reviews. We didn't need a reboot to begin with, right? I thought the original guy they cast in 84 or 85 (Richard Dean Anderson) did a swell job at playing MacGyver.
    Most if not all of those corporate buffoons only know how to do one or two things and thats, either capitalize off old ideas/media or screw things up.
  2. Holerbot6000

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    I never watched the original but I like the reboot specifically because it is so stooooooopid. Pure bubblegum for the mind. I really hope they don't start weighing it down with a lot of relationship crap, as they are wont to do. That's what killed Scorpion, though I'll always be grateful for that shot of Paige in that dress shirt. Still, Stupid TV needs to stay Stooooooopid.
  3. eddiel

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    Description of one ep in Season 1 (I think): "A prodigy is kidnapped in Mac and Bozer's hometown and Mac tries to rescue him with only a set of pliers and a speaker wire"

    How can you not watch that?! :) I haven't watched it in ages though so maybe it has gone downhill with relationship junk.

    I enjoyed Scorpion from time to time too. Not a regular viewer but if I caught it while it was on, I'd stay tuned in. It is pure bubblegum for the mind, good description.
  4. greelywinger

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    Loved the original MacGyver. Hate the reboot.

  5. Chris DeVoe

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    Do Patty and Selma know that he's been rebooted?

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  6. DaleClark

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    Hopefully it was quality, audiophile grade speaker wire.
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  7. Chris DeVoe

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    Oxygen free, at the very least. I've seen some "audiophile" speaker cables I'd be perfectly comfortable using weld girders together.

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