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Make-a-soundtrack: hypothetical Tarantino Swinging London movie...

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by The Ole' Rocker, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. Mal

    Mal Phorum Physicist

    "Handbags And Gladrags" - Chris Farlowe

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  2. plentyofjamjars67

    plentyofjamjars67 Forum Resident

    absolutely. I could see him using this one (I'm trying to remember if he has included Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich on one of his past soundtracks)

    Love this song- I'd be really impressed if he ever used it.

    Love this song (the version on Sound + Vision), but I've never once heard someone else be kind to it!

    most likely a solid bet. good deduction!

    absolutely. Doesn't even matter they're american, I can see him using this. (I love the album this song is on)
  3. Bender Rodriguez

    Bender Rodriguez RIP Exene, best dog ever. 2005-2016

    You couldn’t put a soundtrack like that together for less than....one million dollars!!

  4. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    Ummm, nobody said anything about snark. So, what's your point, that you can read my avatar...?
    The two libraries eloquently illustrate the differences in the characters of this hypothetical Tarrantino joint: Carnaby Street, vs. stereotypical American, doubtlessly played for comedy.
    Now...go check your blood pressure...
  5. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    No I'm not. You still haven't studied your apostrophes yet...
  6. English Actress , Gillian Hills, would lend an international touch with this one:

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  8. JoeF.

    JoeF. Forum Resident

    New Jersey, USA
    What are you talking about? Many of the choices are The Beatles, The Who, The Kinks, Hendrix, The Stones.....
    In other words, not going to happen---unless half the production budget is securing music rights.
  9. Blame The Machines

    Blame The Machines Forum Resident

    I'll bite. But I'm working on the realistic viewpoint that The Beatles & Rolling Stones will be too costly; & that Dave Clark wants too much money &/or wants a say on where his band's track is placed in the film:

    So trying to get the right balance of hipster eclectic; ironically cheesy; a couple of instrumentals; & the odd obvious gem.

    I'm naming this mock 16 track Tarantino soundtrack to a Revenge gangster film set in 1960s London after the title of one of the tracks "Pay You Back With Interest":

    The Hollies - Pay You Back With Interest
    The Pretty Things - London Town
    David Bowie - Can't Help Thinking About Me
    The Yardbirds - Shapes Of Things
    The Who - La La La Lies
    Cilla Black - It's For You
    Les Fleurs De Lys - Circles
    John's Children - Desdemona
    The Small Faces - Collibosher
    Cliff Richard - Congratulations
    Matt Monro - Walk Away
    The Kinks - I'm Not Like Everybody Else
    Sandie Shaw - Message Understood
    Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive
    PP Arnold - The First Cut Is The Deepest
    Engelbert Humperdinck - Les bicyclettes de Belsize

    Obviously, the pivotal, most gratuitously violent scene of the film takes place during the Cliff Richard track.
  10. Izozeles

    Izozeles Pushing my limits

    He should do a The Harder They Come sequel
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  11. Greenalishi

    Greenalishi Forum Resident

    San Francisco
    Herbie Mann - Hold on I'm Coming

    T Rex - Jewel

    George Benson - White Rabbit

    Linda Rondstat - The Only Daddy That Will Walk The Line

    The Kinks - Sittin on My Sofa

    Ike and Tina Turner - Funkier Than A Mosquitos Tweeter
  12. Greenalishi

    Greenalishi Forum Resident

    San Francisco
    Mickey & The Soul Generation - Iron leg

    Rufus Harley - Malika

    Cannonball Adderley horoscope album any of it perfect for this purpose
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  13. Gotta disagree, LOL

    Blame the Machines post, above presents a good counter.

    I (and others) have posted many other less popular acts than the titans in you post.

    Just read my posts in this thread, alone, and you’ll find:


    The Strangeloves

    The Yardbirds

    The Hollies

    Ian Whitcomb

    The Searchers

    The Animals


    Gillian Welch
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  14. LeBon Bush

    LeBon Bush Hound of Love

    Funnily enough, I watched the film last week and thought how the general vibe shared some similarities with QT's movies. I could see him pull that off, yes.
  15. YardByrd

    YardByrd rock n roll citizen in a hip hop world

    Recorded in summer of '67 (released '68) with McCartney producing his brother, Jimi Hendrix on guitar and ex-Yardbird Paul Samwell-Smith on bass...

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  16. YardByrd

    YardByrd rock n roll citizen in a hip hop world

    So Much In Love - McGough & McGear
    Happenings Ten Years Time Ago - Yardbirds
    My Friend Jack - The Smoke
    Friday on My Mind - the Easybeats
    Night of the Long Grass - Troggs
    I Can Hear the Grass Grow - the Move
    Shadows & Reflections - the Action
    Waltz for Lumumba - Spencer Davis Group
    Disguises - the Who
    Madman Running Through the Fields - Dantalian's Chariot
    Beck's Bolero - Jeff Beck Group
    When I Was Young - Eric Burdon and the Animals
    Candy and a Currant Bun - Pink Floyd
    Talking About the Good Times - Pretty Things
    Through My Eyes - the Creation
    That Man - Small Faces
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  17. dance_hall_keeper

    dance_hall_keeper Forum Resident

    Hmmm... could that be pulled off with London as the setting?
    If anyone could, it''s him.
    But would he want to?
  18. btltez

    btltez Forum Resident

    He also said he never even listened to the whole album. Love Ray 4 Ever.
  19. The Move

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  20. Gotta have this.....

    Itchycoo Park

  21. Another move,


    DEAN OF ROCK Forum Resident

    Hoover, AL
    Thunderball - Tom Jones
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  23. Almost Simon

    Almost Simon Forum Resident

  24. Almost Simon

    Almost Simon Forum Resident

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