Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has been cutting vinyl from digital since a long, long time ago...

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Ben Adams, Jul 14, 2022.

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    That’s how this whole thing started. The Jackson family put out a press release, the one Fremer referenced, talking about Bernie doing the 40th, in it they also mentioned MoFi doing the 40k one steps.
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    This thread is #1 in my heart
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    Interesting. AZ Mike said they were going to do that, but after the initial updates, I thought MoFi was going to stop, or at least not rush to get the rest done.
    Thanks for doing that, @bmusic !
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    If you are in MoFi's shoes and have seen the crazy inflation in the secondary market that has occurred with almost all of their 'One Step' releases over the years, and most particularly with 'Abraxas', what do you do?
    ( Since you know that you have been hiding a very important part of the puzzle, that is the fact that you can replicate any of the releases ad infinitum--including 'Abraxas', any time and at will! ( as I postulated earlier, are there numerous duplicates of 'Abraxas' out there with only Mofi's knowledge??)) Do you now surreptitiously orchestrate a release of this information hoping for a soft landing ( one that hopefully you can control), or do you continue with the ruse and hope that it never gets discovered!
    Remembering that you basically shot yourself in the foot with the 'suspicious' release of a 40K pressing of 'Thriller'!!--
    (which you did by mistake, as the greed factor got to Jim Davis even more than usual:drool:) Tough decisions to make....:shh::doh:
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  5. Sex Lies And Master Tapes

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    :love: :D
  6. Sex Lies And Master Tapes

    Sex Lies And Master Tapes Gaulois réfractaire

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    AZ Mike ? who is he ? another Mike ?
  7. He gets his audiophile dig in @ 7:20. :laugh:
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  8. Bill Hart

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    The original guy who broke the story. In Groove Mike.
  9. Beach House

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    Here is where they currently have information on past releases so maybe by the end of the year we will see an update as to source.

  10. Big Blue

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    Both are, indeed, excellent. I own four Big Pink reissues (no original, sadly), and the MFSL LP is my favorite to spin. You won’t be disappointed with the self-titled.
  11. MielR


    Georgia, USA
    They don't even mention the Silver label in the archive...
  12. Rose River Bear

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    40,000 pressings for the 40th Anniversary...MOFI should complete the theme by making the price $40. :D
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    Now for some straight up dork...a self penned song dedicated to this wonderful beautiful passionate filled all my audiophile brethren...wrote a song about it, wanna hear it..hih'it goes..

    The Mofi Blues (The Ballad Of The Three Mikes)

    Well some surprising news came out just the other day
    I couldnt believe my eyes when they took my analogue away
    A company I trusted for years and years
    Turned my triple A dreams into digititus tears

    Now Im sad about my 45 rpm's
    Those Mofi blues have me bawlin again
    You didnt tell the truth and you hid your source
    Now get ready Mofi men for the big divorce!

    Many people say it dont matter Bob
    The sound is the same now please dont sob
    But they dont get it and never will
    I aint listenin' to liars, I aint footin their bill

    Now Im sad about my One Steps that much is true
    One twenty five dsd records just aint cool
    You thought youd get away with vague information?
    Well, guess what Jim I just cut your vacation!

    Im cancelin my orders left and right
    Anyone want to question me, get ready to fight
    You unethical digi-lover you
    I aint no Mofi lovin' fool

    Now Im singin those Mofi lp blues
    To audiophiles and all those mastering crews
    If you're gonna engineer some dsd
    Your best bet is to inform me!

    Yeah Im singin those Mofi blues
    Its comin across the forums and even youtube
    Critical listeners and fans that bought the lie
    We are kissin our audiophile records goodbye!

    Well three Mikes are now in the mix
    A bearded guy, a german , and vinyl freak takin their licks
    They tried to tell us all that our records were good
    Until the bearded bald guy ran to the Mofi hood

    Now Im singin these Mofi blues
    My audiophile anger grew and grew
    So lets join together all you music fans
    And stick a triple A digit right up the man!

    Yeah Im singin those Mofi blues!

    (shout it with me Mike! ....errr Mikes...? whatever)

    Yeah Im singin these Mofi blues!

    (lets not fight about it!)

    Yeah Im singin these Mofi blues!

    (come on cd guys join the chorus too!)

    Im singin these Moooooooofiiiiiiiiii Bluuuuuuuues!
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  14. CBackley

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    The German is also bearded. Just sayin…
  15. bmusic

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    Of course -- I hope everyone in this thread keeps up the pressure on them. They need constant e-mails and phone calls or this will never get done.
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  16. mpayan

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    Ooo we have a credit issue..copywrite!

    Word added :D
  17. Beach House

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    They removed the 45 of
    Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs
    Even though it is still awaiting repress on MD
  18. Sex Lies And Master Tapes

    Sex Lies And Master Tapes Gaulois réfractaire

    Nantes, France
  19. Jam757

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    Sung by Bob Dylan, perfect!
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  20. mpayan

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    Now Im singin it with emphasis on "creeeeews" "neeeeews" "bluuuuuuues"

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    Good, let's beat the other 30 Beatles threads
  22. You've answered your own question.
    The claim is superior,so their pressing is the best of the bunch,thats the claim and the answer to the question.
    Though,is the claim correct and verified?
    Thats the true question.
  23. I have the Big Pink MoFi. It's the only vinyl version I've heard. It's just okay for me. It doesn't blow me away. It seems to be biased towards the low end. I would say the same thing about my RL Brown Album but also, that thing just thumps in a different way.
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  24. Bill Hart

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    "The Ballad of The Three Mikes" is what kills me! :)
  25. Tullman

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    You can add James Taylor's Greatest hits to this type of listing

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