MOFI, MOFI, where for art thou MOFI ?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Wugged, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Wugged

    Wugged Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Warsaw, Poland
    My pre-order for the MOFI SACD of Richard Thompson's 'Rumor and Sigh' is now about 14 months old :rolleyes:
    We had a 1st birthday party early in December............... :cool:

    Just wondered what the oldest age is of any of the forumite's MOFI pre-orders ? I'm sure some of you can beat 14 months !!!

    P.S. Just spotted title should read 'wherefore' (Gorts can help ?). Not very good considering I'm an English teacher........... :shake:

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  2. Ry Cooder’s Chicken Skin Music SACD was announced over a year ago but I didn’t pre-order. Currently scheduled for March 9th.
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  3. sonofjim

    sonofjim Forum Resident

    They have a long history of delays like this. I’ve had the 45 rpm Dire Straits titles pre-ordered for at least that long. When they finally are done Music Direct will need new credit card information because the one I ordered them with expired long ago.

    Based on my Rumor and Sigh vinyl, you’re SACD should be worth the wait.
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  4. richbdd01

    richbdd01 Forum Resident

    I’ve had Breakfast in America pre-ordered for over a year I think, also Dire Straits titles...
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  5. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

    ?? Doesn't 'wherefore' mean 'why'
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  6. MGSeveral

    MGSeveral Forum Resident

    "Romeo, Romeo, Why art thou Romeo?"
  7. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

    Yeah that monologue is about interrogating why he needs to share a name with something she's supposed to hate (his family)

    Maybe she was just p/o'd that it was taking so long to get a shipping notice
  8. Wugged

    Wugged Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Warsaw, Poland
    True. But the man in the street takes it to mean where, as in the popular ditty :
    Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo ?
    Juliet, Juliet, I am in the toilet....:D
  9. Does it have to be Mofi, I have 3 APO SACD titles on preorder for over 3 years.
  10. MLutthans

    MLutthans That's my spaghetti, Chewbacca! Staff

    Marysville, WA
    Hit the REPORT button.
  11. bmh5879

    bmh5879 Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    Didn't the Billy Joel Greatest Hits take forever?

    I've had the Dire Straits pre-ordered for what feels like 2 years by now. Incredible.
  12. Wugged

    Wugged Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Warsaw, Poland
    The winner !!!!!!
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  13. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident

    I had the Manilow hits album on order for well over 2 years. And it was just cancelled. Why Supertramp is still up I don't know...I have heard they can't get the tapes from Rick Davies. Supposedly he doesn't want anything new put out with Roger on it. Stupid!
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  14. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident

    I don't know how long the Joel took, but it sure was worth the wait! I hate that they announce things far too soon, but at least what they do is typically worth the wait.
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    LEONPROFF Forum Resident

    I remember in the 90’s Mofi being delayed all the time and I have given up worrying about the actual release date. When I hear it is out that is when I pay attention. Has anything gone out of print within a year of release? If it has it was a title I wasn’t interested in.
  16. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident

    The Billy Joel went almost instantly out of stock. I don't think they had anticipated a $89 album going that fast. I think the Simon & Garfunkel will sell out fast too. Limited to 1500 copies I believe. But I think you're right....most of it is around for a while, I just wouldn't take a chance on anything I really wanted.
  17. Dan Steele

    Dan Steele Forum Resident

    Chicago suburbs
    Dire Straits SACDs, at about 16 months preorder right now
  18. KeithH

    KeithH Success With Honor...then and now

    Beaver Stadium
    That’s what the ‘rents named me.
  19. Wugged

    Wugged Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Warsaw, Poland
    True. Good job his dad didn't want to call him Eric. 'Eric and Juliet' just doesn't sound right..... :)
  20. Does anybody remember Chicago? CTA and Chicago eventually saw the light of day but man the wait!
  21. The Manilow does not count as it was axed. The three I ordered two credit card expirations ago are still listed.
    There may be hope one is supposedly out soon.

    Lightnin Hopkins-Goin Away-Hybrid Stereo SACD|Acoustic Sounds
  22. MichaelXX2

    MichaelXX2 Forum Resident

    United States
    There's something really strange going on with MoFi. I hope they're still selling well enough to justify putting out new releases... I want more classical stuff.

    I will say, they'll have to do something absolutely magical to beat the bog standard 80s US Dire Straits CDs.
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  23. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident

    Seems like releases have really slowed down. As a lover of their product I hope all is well. I wonder if they are struggling to get licenses with the vinyl resurgence. The labels may figure they should be releasing this stuff themselves. If so, I wish they would step up the quality!
  24. Lovealego

    Lovealego Forum Resident

    Danville, CA
    Breakfast in America SACD now shipping
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  25. Echoes Myron

    Echoes Myron Forum Resident

    Thanks for the reminder, have to pre-order the S&G and Supertramp vinyl.

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