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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Vagante, Jul 5, 2022.

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    I know that music direct owns mobile Fidelity but I was wondering which company do you prefer purchasing records (Master recording) and why.
    I’ve ordered several things from music direct in the past and quite honestly when I talk to them on the phone it wasn’t the greatest customer service experience. On the other hand I just ordered from mobile Fidelity and they don’t even have a telephone number to call. In addition my order took about three or four days to get shipped from their facility. for some reason I thought ordering from the source would be faster and possibly more pleasant. Prices appear to be the same. I have not factored in shipping and if there is a difference.
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    Count your blessings. It took MoFi eleven days to send my shipping notice for Workingman's Dead but as far as I can tell, Music Direct didn't even get an allotment this time around.

    And my dealings with MD were also less than great on a piece of audio equipment I purchased from them and another I was considering.
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  3. Michael Renwick

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    They are one in the same, when you talk to MoFi your talking to MD. I’ve noticed you get the records first by ordering through MoFi and maybe it’s coincidence, but I ended up with lower numbers ( this means nothing though). I prefer MD for the free shipping but it isn’t that much cheaper.

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