Moody Blues - What is the best of the "best ofs"

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Trashman, Dec 5, 2017.

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    One good thing about em Ben, most can be had for cheap. I've got two en-route, but i'm a sucker for variations :laugh:
  2. Ben Adams

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    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    Me too, and the variations on This Is were assembled with a lot of thought by everyone involved. They wanted it to flow like the ultimate MB album, and it does.
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  3. Trashman

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    Readings the posts again, I'm a little concerned about the cross-fading on "This Is...", just because I tend to cherry pick songs for my own compilations or playlists. I don't want to listen to a certain track and have the track abruptly end in the middle of a cross-fade.

    I think I will still track down "This Is..." in LP format for the experience of hearing the songs all together. But that means I'm still looking for a CD compilation without cross-fades, so I can cherry pick songs for digital playlists. Does a suitable "best of" have these songs without cross-fades? Or do I track down the OOP "Singles" collection for these songs in a standalone edits?
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  4. Dylancat

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    Don't worry about the cross fades.
    Believe me, it's not a big deal.
    Get "This Is".
    It's not expensive and it will make you happy.
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  5. SJB

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    Gold has no crossfades, and it's the only comp I know that has "Lovely to See You" with a clean intro. On the (Dutch?) Singles + Collection, that song seems to be ripped from CD, beginning abruptly with the dying final note of the preceding track. I just wish it had the single version of "Question" instead of the busier, overdubbed album version.

    The crossfades on This Is the Moody Blues make it feel more like an album by the band, rather than a compilation. It certainly isn't a "greatest hits" collection; more of a highlight reel.
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  6. RicZ

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    The Netherlands
    I don't have it but that "the Playlist +" compiliation seems like a nice set.
    It gives you a better selection from the "Every Good Boy Deserves.." album, it has " You Can Never Go Home" on it, one of my favourite songs,
    then instead of just "The Story In Your Eyes".
    The only song from EGBDF includded on "Gold".
    It has a few more songs from the classic 7 albums included and less fom the later era.
    So you still have a complete overview, but more emphasise on the first 7 albums.
    But at 3 discs you only have a few songs more compared to the 2 disc "Gold".

    , together with the excelent but short "Voices in the Sky" compilation, are the only ones that I can think off where you don't have to worry about cross fading, edits and early fades etc.
    It's a problem with most of the Moody Blues compilation albums, where songs are just lifted from their respective albums, with still parts of other songs audible.
    At least "This is The Moody Blues" it is done really nicely,
    and as said by others it feels like a real Moody blues album with a nice flow.

    I had Singles + at one point but sold it.
    While I don't mind the mark 1 material, I think too much has been included here.
    But still a nice selection from that part of their history, if that is what you want on your Moody Blues compilation.
    "Boulevard De La Madeleine" is a nice song.
    I also don't have a need for the so called single version of "Your Wildest Dreams" which just has the intro lopped off.
    Other then the mark 1 material, it's again not so different from the selection included on Gold or Anthology.
    But it also gives you early songs like "Cities" and "Fly Me High" and from what I remember it had nice sound.
    So a nice overview of their complete carreer.

    I also had the dutch "Greatest Hits and More" compiliation at one point.
    For me it was essential for sometime because it included their cover of "This Is The Moment".
    Which was dificult to find at the time.
    it's on the 5 disc "Time Traveler" set but I have it elsewhere now.
    As you're mostly fan of the classic 7 material I don't think getting that song is a priority though.
    Again similar in content as "Gold and "Antholgy" with some weird things going on.
    "Have You Heard" is the only song from "On The Threshold of A Dream". sandwitched between "The Actor" and "Eyes of A Child".
    Though the compilation is in chronological order "Forever Autumn" turns up only after the "Sur La mer" album in here.

    In short,
    Get "This is The Moody Blues" if you only want the 1967 - 1972 material.
    Get "Gold" for a more complete overview, or if "Go Now" must be included get "Anthology"
    If you want to dig deeper get the "Time Traveller" set.
    Or perhaps "Playlist +" but I don't know how that sounds and if the songs are lifted straight from their albums.
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  7. john lennonist

    john lennonist There ONCE was a NOTE, PURE and EASY...

    Yes :laugh:

    On The Threshold of a Dream is by far their best album IMo.

  8. Well it is in my top 3, but I think their following albums is their greatest.
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  9. applebonkerz

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    I think Lost Chord is overall best, then Threshold. Children would have a tough fight even getting to top 5 of the 7 for me.

    But I agree with the heavy praise of "This is" in the thread.
  10. Daryl M

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    London, Ontario
    I have several Moodies comps and `Gold' is my favourite.......
  11. john lennonist

    john lennonist There ONCE was a NOTE, PURE and EASY...

    For me it's:

    1- Threshold

    2- Sojourn

    3- Days of Future

    I find a big dropoff after those three, but I'm not truly a Moodies aficionado (i.e. most of you on the thread have probably listened to a lot more Moodies than I), so...

    I will also say that I find nice pressings of their LPs sound fantastic (except for the song "Go Now") -- I'd go the vinyl route over any CDs if Sound Quality is a high priority.

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  12. JamesD1957

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    Get "This Is" for something closer to an actual album experience. Great songs, and has a flow similar to a "core 7" album. Add "Gold" for the missing hits. Yes there will be some repetition, but with these two you'll have all you need until you decide you have to have all of the studio albums.
  13. gojikranz

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    you can just go whole hog and get the super deluxe timeless flight boxset. first 5 discs presumably offer the most comprehensive compilation out there

    being a bit sarcastic though guess if you have the bread not a bad way to start. always thought it was weird to have what basically amounts to a 5 disc compilation in a set aimed at people who most likely own all the albums.
  14. Overall, This is the Moody Blues is the best choice if you love the classic period from 1967-1972. It also sounds the best specially on vinyl.
  15. Ben Adams

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    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    Get This Is on vinyl and Gold on CD. This Is should be inexpensive on wax- their used albums haven’t yet succumbed to price rises.
  16. bhazen

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    Newcastle, WA
    Good advice. This Is ... on CD, sounds bright and grainy. :( Too bad, 'cos it is a great sampler for the '67-'72 period.

    I know I'm a minority of one on this, so go ahead tell me I'm a loony. :)
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  17. beccabear67

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    Victoria, Canada
    I had the This Is The Moody Blues 2 lp set for a long time so to me it's the go to 'best of', but also I had this 'best of' from the original line-up...
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  18. SJB

    SJB Beloved Parasitic Nuisance

    There are billions of compilations featuring just the Laine/Warwick aterial, much of it of the cheap cash-in variety. The Esoteric double CD is missing a couple of obscurity especially but is largely definitive.
  19. NumberEight

    NumberEight Came too late and stayed too long

    This excellent 1976 German compilation attempted to include all of the pre- Nights In White Satin recordings:

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  20. NumberEight

    NumberEight Came too late and stayed too long


    They almost succeeded. Spot the missing track!

    (Technically, there are two, but one was probably pretty obscure back in 1976)
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  21. This Is The Moody Blues is the best overview of the classic 7 albums period.
  22. Carlox

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    Porto, Portugal
    + 1 :)
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  23. Meh. It was the first overview done well, but Time Traveller has a better selection and sounds fine. It also doesn't include remixes which I rate as a positive, not a negative.
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  24. RicZ

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    The Netherlands
    Not really a compilation but a budget release of the Magnificent Moodies album in stereo.
    I have it together with another abum in that series, named "Boulevard De La Madeliene".
    It gathers together other songs from that period, together with the early singles with Justin Hayward and John Lodge in the band.

    The Moody Blues - Boulevard De La Madeleine
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  25. beccabear67

    beccabear67 Musical Omnivore

    Victoria, Canada
    It's just what I happened to have access to but it had a certain cool factor being on the Euro-Decca label. If only my Dad had brought back more cool stuff and maybe fewer hits lps with some Benny Hill type lady on the cover or the Radio Veronica ship.
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