most insane record store experience I've ever had today

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by statcat, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. quicksilverbudie

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    Sounds like a guy in his mothers basement NOT a record store!... BTW I have experienced the same thing back wife was more pissed than I was....records at the front counter (new arrivals) no prices....if you showed some interest you were told that they would call you back in a few days to tell you what the price was...go figure! So that means you have to go back, why put it out in the first place! greedy...

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  2. statcat

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    New Jersey
    Yes it pretty much felt like I walked into someone's house and he was doing me a favor by showing me his collection...

    I should note when he went online to make up those huge prices he didn't even inspect the condition of the records :sigh: I told him "I'd have to think about it" not to cause some scene because he seemed pretty out there. He told me they probably will be sold and won't be there much longer because of how highly desirable they are... :laugh:
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  3. One_L

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    Being a Record Collector, I know that store. The owner has no problem berating you and he'll question your knowledge about anything. He asked me what I was looking for, I told him I'm just browsing and he almost threw me out of the store. Being totally stunned by his aggressive questioning and his ability to try and beat you to a pulp with words. I stood up to him, challenged him as well, and after about 30 minutes of back and forth dialog (my girlfriend thought I was going to tell him to **** off and leave) I came to a place where I earned his respect. Looking back, I actually liked the challenge and will return, but to the uninitiated, this guy is your worst nightmare.
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  4. Sluggs

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    OP has got to be talking about Vegas, especially the $5 pile. He does have some rare stuff that is hard to find. His prices are very high. You can always leave!
    People do buy from him, and I have. He is a tough haggler and will let you walk.
    Sometimes you are paying just for the "fun" of dealing with this guy.
    Go, play, bid, and leave if you want.
    Definitely a great place to browse.
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  5. recstar24

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    One time I entered a record store and the owner was sitting in a chair sorting some records with his shirt off. He was elderly maybe in his 70’s and it was not a pleasant site.
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    This old thread really doesn't need to be revived as it pretty much ran its course, but those of you who like reading these posts so far will enjoy this one as well: Record Store Horror Stories

    FWIW, stores were named in that thread and there were no problems. Plus, this current one is under marketplace discussions, and that board isn't even visible to non-members, IIRC.

    I'm a horrible person and listening to your trauma fills me with glee! Ahahaha!!!
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  7. Strat-Mangler

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    You were treated like crap and wasted 30 min trading barbs with a guy... over records? You have way more time than I ever will. Life's too short for this nonsense. If your girlfriend stuck around for this verbal wet towel fight, she's a saint.
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    I think dropping “today” from thread title is a sensible step...
  9. lambfan68

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    Putting stock on the floor is just admitting that you'll never sell it.
  10. Lord Hawthorne

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    Portland, Oregon
    What was unpleasant with that site? Bad neighborhood?
  11. recstar24

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    Glen Ellyn, IL
    Sorry, site should be “sight” - last thing I’m wanting to look at in a record store is a shirtless elderly man.
  12. Lord Hawthorne

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    Portland, Oregon
    Elderly lady OK?
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