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Movies that need to be released on DVD.

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Reader, Mar 5, 2003.

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  1. ZIPGUN99

    ZIPGUN99 Active Member

    Eric Braeden was first known as Hans Gudegast...the german dude on The 60's show "The Rat Patrol"! I loved that show!

    Colossus is a good movie. I've only seen it on cable. It was available for rent on 16mm up until the late eighties. Videotapes and DVD's seem to have put the 16mm rental places like twyman films out of business.:cry:
  2. NoTinEar

    NoTinEar Suspended

    Great request..i'll keep spinning the ld till then but it would be nice to have a dvd of it.
  3. Ken_McAlinden

    Ken_McAlinden MichiGort Staff

    Livonia, MI
    For fans of classic MGM animation, there is a bit of a tease on the recent DVD release of "High Society". They included the Tex Avery cinemascope cartoon "Millionaire Droopy" in non-anamorphic letterbox widescreen as a supplement. The dirty little secret of this film is that it was really not directed by Avery per se. It is a remake of Avery's 1949 cartoon "Wags to Riches" where they took Avery's original art and recomposed the images for a cinemascope frame with new backgrounds.

  4. Ken_McAlinden

    Ken_McAlinden MichiGort Staff

    Livonia, MI
    Warner Brothers Home Video did a Chat last week at the Home Theater Forum. They have a ton of catalog stuff in the works for this and next year. The chat can be accessed at this link.

    Here's a (probably incomplete) list of catalog titles they mentioned:
    This Year

    The Mission
    The Right Stuff
    Once Upon A Time In America
    The Great Dictator
    The Gold Rush
    Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves
    Modern Times
    Casablanca 60th Anniversary Edition!
    Memoirs Of An Invisible Man
    National Lampoon's Vacation 20th Anniversary
    Looney Tunes Collector Set(s)
    Treasure Of The Sierra Madre
    Yankee Doodle Dandy
    The Adventures Of Robin Hood
    To Have And Have Not
    High Sierra
    Christmas Story SE (Widescreen)
    Around The World In 80 Days
    Father Of The Bride
    The Courtship Of Eddie's Father
    The In-Laws
    Objective, Burma
    Operation Pacific
    Battle Cry
    Knights Of The Round Table
    Master Of Ballantrae
    Crimson Pirate
    Start The Revolution Without Me
    The Outsiders-Extended Version
    Valley Of The Gwangi
    The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms
    The Black Scorpion
    The Haunting
    House Of Wax
    The Thing From Another World
    What's Up Doc
    The Main Event
    Up The Sandbox
    Prince & The Pauper
    Master Of Ballantrae
    Soylent Green
    The Omega Man
    Wait Until Dark
    Where Eagles Dare
    White Hunter Black Heart
    The Rookie
    Honkytonk Man
    City Heat
    Pink Cadillac
    Xmas Vacation (WS)
    Vegas Vacation (WS)
    The Prince And The Pauper

    Next Year

    Sunshine Boys
    Return Of The Living Dead 2
    It's Alive Trilogy
    Dial M For Murder
    Meet Me In St. Louis
    The Bad Seed
    That's Entertainment
    Hitchcock Collection (Possibly Wrong Man, Suspicion, Stage Fright, Foreign Correspondent along with Dial M...)
    Tom And Jerry Collections
    The Hunger
    Greystoke: Legend Of Tarzan
    RKO Films Including Some Astaire/Rogers & Val Lewton
    Wyatt Earp
    Night At The Opera
    Day At The Races
    Other Marx Brothers
    More Hammer Titles
    Libeled Lady
    Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)

    Indefinite (being worked on but date not set)

    Police Academy Films
    Thin Man Films
    Goodfellas SE
    Mean Streets SE


  5. stereoptic

    stereoptic Anaglyphic GORT Staff

    All I can say is WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!
  6. reechie

    reechie Senior Member

    'Atsa Fine! :righton:
  7. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    Great Expectations! Great list! I'm still hoping for some of Cagney!
  8. Ken_McAlinden

    Ken_McAlinden MichiGort Staff

    Livonia, MI
    Yankee Doodle Dandy is on there, and it sounded like they were looking at more Cagney stuff, too, although they didn't mention titles. I'm personally pretty excited about "One, Two, Three" coming from MGM. It was Cagney's last great lead performance and is one of the two great cold-war comedies. (The other is "Dr. Strangelove". "Ninotchka" would qualify except that it pre-dates the actual cold war. ;))

    Errol Flynn is also finally being released from WB vault captivity. :)

  9. christopher

    christopher Forum Neurotic

    COLOSSUS: THE FORBIN PROJECT was issued on LD in the early 90's. it was released as a two-disc set, double-featured with another movie; i think SILENT RUNNING.

    i'd love to see two of my favorite films issued on DVD:

    in cold blood

    the boston strangler

    some time ago, i e-mailed jon mulvaney (sic) @ criterion collection re: issuing these films. the reply was something along the lines of "we're working on it, but don't hold your breath."

    later, chris
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