Music Matters Definitive Blue Note 45 RPM and 33 & 1/3 RPM vinyl series (pt7)

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    Miles seemed to think he did:

    "With Art on drums you couldn't be ****ing around; you had to get on up and play."

    "[Walkin'] was a mother****er, man, with Horace laying down that funky piano of his and Art playing them bad rhythms behind us on the drums. It was something else."

    But see, "In the summer of 1954 I went into the studio again for Prestige, this time with Sonny, Horace, Percy, and Klook [Kenny Clarke] on drums. I had decided that for the sound I wanted at the time, Klook gave me that dimension over Art Blakey; he was more subtle than Art. I don't mean to say that he was a better drummer than Art, but that his style of playing was what I wanted at that time."
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    I really want to give you an answer! But my order won't be here until Thursday or so, next week.
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    I would choose mono for Blues Walk because it was recorded simultaneously to full-track and to two-track tape during RVG's so-called "experimental stereo" period--with only the piano in the phantom center channel on the stereo tape and the bass to the right with the drums, the horns on the left. See Blue Note Records: A Collector’s Guide to Mono & Stereo and How They Heard It – Blue Note Records and the Transition from Mono to Stereo
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    The congas are in the left channel with the sax so you get a pretty good soundstage. It is probably better in mono but this isn’t an annoying listen in stereo.
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    not trying to get everyone all riled up, but not insured, single lp, and the single lp shipper looks standard to me (like an Amazon lp shipper/ rip open type)...Just sayin..$9.95
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    People, don't buy these if they bother you so much.
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    Yes! Seriously, it’s ok if you are so offended by these “vinyls” that you don’t want to purchase them. I assure you, MM is ok.
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    Philly Joe was in the loo.
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    Blakey was a brilliant musician, drummer and bandleader. That shouldn't even be in dispute. He was also one of the great masters of polyrhythms, and that is no small feat of accomplishment: it requires great musicianship.
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    Imagine how many people would be put off of this thread if it were titled “Listening to Jazz and Conversation about micro-economics”
  11. Josquin des Prez

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    Yeah, but wouldn't it devolve to posting just pictures of album covers and nothing else?
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    I’ve only been posting there for a month or so, but have lurked there for quite a while longer... there seems to be very little posting of just album covers. I do wish there were more album covers in this particular thread though.
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    I’m averse to conflict.
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    Seriously! I started reading this thread for some reason and it seems to waffle between people either feeling butt hurt that Music Matters charges so much for this and that or feeling butt hurt that the others are feeling butt hurt about Music Matters charging so much. Some album covers would be a welcome addition.
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    If you purchase lps in lots of four, free shipping. If you hate paying shipping, do that. That is what I did.

    These records are not Blue Note 75th Anniversary releases. We all know what that $20 a pop got you. You were actually better off in most cases buying from Discogs or eBay a VG++ or NM- release of the same 75th record. It was a better pressing.

    Music Matters has taken the care and time to put together a super premium product. Top drawer, high class, the best from master tape with unparalleled covers. This is a labor of love. If you have a super system, every penny you spend on these records is worth it, including paying for the best shipping container made for records. Why are we quibbling about a few extra bucks here to have it delivered safely to our homes? For this product that is the price of entry. And when these releases get scarce, $100 a pop, and it will be cheap, an outright steal, compared to a mint original issue of most of these.

    But hey, I get it, Amazon Prime has screwed up our world.
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    If you're looking for MM quality pressings with a cheaper price point/shipping, you can pre-order both the Tone Poet LP's off Amazon right now for about the price of one SRX pressing shipped.

    These pressings check most of the same boxes - AAA, 180g, gatefold, RTI, Kevin Gray/Joe Harley.
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  18. Admerr

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    Looks like Direct Audio still has stock. Really good group of guys run that shop. I always buy from them at my local record shows.

    Kenny Dorham - Quiet Kenny Numbered Limited Edition 200g LP (Stereo)
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    Kind of missing the point.
  20. AnalogJ

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    Okay, but to be historically fair and accurate, MM has both arbitrarily raised the price of individual records AND raised the threshold for free shipping. And that there's no competition, if you want their product, you have to agree to their shifting terms. They have a complete monopoly on the product. Some of us remember when Ma Bell was the only available game in town. You paid through the nose for every little call and service, and after the sale customer service was as bad or worse than it is now.
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  21. Admerr

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    This is the part that’s disheartening as a loyal customer. Ive ordered multiple times in the past where the shipping was free and the threshold was 50% less than the current offering.

    The only way they can truly justify the new $200 minimum is with even better shipping materials than before and a better carrier. I can only speak to the latter as I know they’re still using USPS.

    It’s still funny to me that they’re shipping such a premium product through media mail in the first place.
  22. AGimS

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    My shipping cost is $52.80 ! That’s for 4 MM records from the new series. Looking forward to add some new titles to my AP/MM Blue Note collection!
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    Audible scratch through the entire title track of my Adam's Apple SRX.... :realmad:

  24. KOWHeigel

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    That sucks. Scratch is pretty obvious just from the picture. Hopefully you have no problem getting a replacement disc.
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    C'mon Jeff, that's revisionist and poorly focused.. I worked for the Bell System then and they had the highest quality products (communications and equipment) in the world at the lowest prices and they still had the obligation to wire in rural areas without direct compensation. Plus, "researchers working at Bell Labs are credited with the development [and sometimes invention] of radio astronomy, the transistor, the laser, the charge-coupled device (CCD), information theory, the Unix operating system, and the programming languages C, C++, and S. Nine Nobel Prizes have been awarded for work completed at Bell Laboratories." [further geek note: UNIX lives on as Linux, which (last time I looked at the details) in various forms and contexts runs more cell phones, public clouds, and web servers than any other operating system.]

    I'm confident that Bell provided more value to society than measured by their phone billing rates, just as Music Matters' products have provided more value to jazz music lovers than measured by their shipping charges.

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