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  1. MYKE

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    I was jonesing for a copy of the MFSL 2 X 45 rpm of Pearl, when I came across their store, which I've never seen before . In doing a search for possibly another thread, I didn't find one, but rather, references to forum members who have gone to MD's "Saturday store," which is referenced in their bio :

    " Music Direct Vintage is a music warehouse based in Chicago that mainly sells online. We are not a traditional retail outlet but we usually have a few thousand items available for perusal on weekdays between 10am and 5pm at our location on the Northside of Chicago. We usually put out new records every Saturday morning but we are closed some Saturdays and always on Sunday.
    All our stock is second-hand. We have been been selling used vinyl over the internet since 2015.
    Our parent company is Music Direct, the audiophile mail-order company specializing in high-end gear and new music. releases in all formats. "

    They graded my Pearl as :

    Media Condition: Very Good (VG)
    Sleeve Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+)
    #001510. Corner wear. Bottom right corner is dented. LP has some light marks.

    They play graded it for me Tuesday morning, then shipped it around noon. Priority at my request. 50 hours from placing the order, I'm upstairs listening to 4 sides of barely any surface noise, and not a single skip. I have exactly what I had hoped to hear for myself, and at a price that was $20.00 cheaper for jacket damage so miniscule, I can't imagine it bothering anyone.
    I'll be checking what they add to the inventory often. I'd better face that right now.

    Buy Vinyl Records and CDs from MusicDirectVintage at Discogs Marketplace
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  2. MYKE

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    Anyone else aware of, or done business with these guys ?
  3. tyinkc

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    If they are associated with Music Direct, and it seems they are they should be fine. Music Direct has a stellar reputation.
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  4. MYKE

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    That's my point exactly. Same everything, lower price for a ding on a jacket !!!
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  5. James1972

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    thanks for the heads up. I'll be checking it out!
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  6. Dennis Metz

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    The record is rated as VG. Hardly what I would consider minor
  7. MYKE

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    It's called conservative grading. I posted :

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  8. lennonfan1

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    Is the 45 an improvement worthy of the investment?
  9. MYKE

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    9 times out of 10.
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  11. hvbias

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    I like that they mention in the description their NM graded art for a CD has a punch hole through the barcode instead of buying a NM grade and later finding out it has a punch hole.
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  12. MYKE

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