Musicians who desperately need a comprehensive box set

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Crestfallen, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. You could do a whole box of BBC sessions.
    She seems allergic to retrospectives unfortunately.
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  2. Traffic
    Of course Island already did a lot of work on this before Steve shot it down.
  3. Our big hope of getting these is for the 40th anniversary of the band forming.In the early stages of the Monster box publicity they said there was some big things coming for that anniversary.Given that they haven’t included any of this stuff on the album reissues-except for the incidental inclusion of the 40 Watt show on the Automatic box-they surely are going to do something with it.
  4. DesertHermit

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    Central Australia
    Pat Benatar
    Cyndi Lauper
    Maria McKee and Lone Justice
    The Motels
  5. TheSeldomSeenKid

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    Hard to believe that U2 has not been mentioned yet for a Box Set covering their career, as they must be one of the Biggest Music Artists yet to have had one done.

    And only one mention here so far for Peter Gabriel?

    I would also add The Cars, The Pixies, Radiohead, James and the Afghan Whigs.
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  6. sound chaser

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    North East UK.
    I think a reissue at a more attainable price would be most welcome :).
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  7. All Down The Line

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    Jeff Beck

    Beckology was 28 years ago in 1991 and only partially satisfactory with its selections.

    Let's have a 4cd set with the first two covering Beckology's 63'-89' though with new unreleased rarities and no track duplication of the earlier set.

    The last two disc's can cover 1992-2019 with staples and rarities the order of the day.

    If one wants live Beck we could go to a 5th disc ala Free with their Songs Of Yesterday Box!
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  8. octophone

    octophone fit and working again

    Pixies did that "Minotaur" box set of the albums - it was planned to be their entire studio works but Frank Black nixed that idea. James did "The Gathering Sound" which was a bit of a disaster given how long it took to come out (the group nicknamed it "The Gathering Dust) and how half-hearted the eventual release was by Phonogram; small run, group had left the label by that time, no promotion.
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  10. Michel_LeGrisbi

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  11. Chris Schoen

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    Elvin Bishop
    J.J. Cale
  12. Crestfallen

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    Huh, I didn't realize that Minotaur wasn't a complete Pixies box. Haven't picked that one up. What's missing from it?
  13. formu_la

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    Toronto, Canada
  14. DTK

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    John Cale. Like 10 cds to cover all his work. 4 discs rock, 2 discs avant garde/ classical, 2 discs live, 2 discs collaborations.
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  15. DTK

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    It seems to only collect Come On Pilgrim, Surfer Rosa, Doolittle, Bossanova and Tromple Le Monde. Hence no b-sides or tracks from The Purple Tape that aren't on Pilgrim, none of their contributions to various artists albums, no BBC material etc..
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  16. Haggis Wampovich

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    Lenny Kravitz
  17. zither

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    Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers. The CD's are mostly OOP now so getting quite pricey.
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  18. octophone

    octophone fit and working again

    That's exactly right - it's the 5 original albums and nothing else. In fairness, their basic catalogue is small and easily obtained although it continues to bewilder me that there's never been a release of the full "Purple Tape".
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  19. octophone

    octophone fit and working again

    Oh please no. It would something paltry like a double CD and a 7" but it would be an edition of 93 and cost £393 because the covers would be made of Tibet's dead skin cells or something. Subedition of 9 that Steven Stapleton has spat on.

    Otherwise; I think there have been a few too many collections, live albums and limited editions to make something like this doable. It's the same with Nurse With Wound, where do you start and how to do you deal with so many NWW albums have side-long tracks?
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  20. Rfreeman

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    Wow we have a lot of active Ringo Starr threads at the moment - no box at all to date.
  21. blastfurniss

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    Marion, OH, USA
    The Tragically Hip (I'd even settle for a comprehensive live collection)
    Neil Finn/Crowded House (although the CH catalog was recently released in deluxe editions with outtakes, demos, etc)
    James McMurtry
    Warren Zevon
    Material Issue (all four official releases plus all the B sides, CD singles and live cuts)

    Sadly I doubt there would be much demand for any of these.
  22. BackScratcher

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    Van Morrison is my top pick, but a comprehensive set would have to be about 50 discs.
  23. Paul J

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    Ry Cooder
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  24. yes.
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  25. DJ LX

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    Yeah, there's a killer Jeff Beck box set begging to be made. Licensing might be tricky, but I'd add an additional disc featuring Beck's guest appearances/work as a sideman.
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