My Local Brick and Motar Target Having Clearance Sale On Vinyl SoCal Apr 2018

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by fmfxray373, Apr 12, 2018.

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    Went to check on the vinyl being sold at my local Target and they are having a clearance sale. They have been selling LPs for about 3 months maybe. I guess they are going to stop soon. Anyway stereo 2012 remaster Beatle LPs (Rubber Soul, Abbey Road, Revolver) are going for around $16.08. These are Optimal pressings (made in Germany sticker on the back).

    Not all of the records have a clearance sticker but those appear to be on sale too.

    I picked up Led Zeppelin III for $17.48. Physical Graffiti for $19.99 (marked at $39.99 no clearance price sticker), Pink Floyd Animals for $20.88 and Wish You Were Here for $23.04.

    I know you can probably get comparable prices on Ebay but of course there is no shipping when you buy at your local Target.

    Bob Dylan Greatest Hits and Foo Fighters latest album are at about $14.50 each. There are a smattering of new releases by Taylor Swift and Timberlake on sale also.

    A warning on the Beatles remasters: I did buy A Hard Day's Night from Target online but it was a Rainbo pressing and not a good one.

    So if the prices are the same online be aware of that.

    I will just say check your local Target if they are having a sale too. Of course not all of them have vinyl.

    An Optimal Abbey Road for $16.08 is always a good deal. I need to go back and check the price for the single Giles Martin 50th Anniversary Sgt.Pepper.
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    Will check into Saturday.

    I looked before and prices were quite high.

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