New Pink Floyd vinyl reissues

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ptijerm, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. The Zodiac

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    Say...I note that the old book was touted as 48 pages and this new one is 52. There goes the authenticity, dammit! :D

    This is about the same price they charged 20 years ago so I'm actually pleasantly surprised.
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  2. I'm glad I got PULSE when I did. When it came out originally, I balked at the price. Then it seems like I waited a good long time before finally finding it somewhere for what I thought was a decent price. Maybe, $60-70, I can't remember now. Now, it looks like I waited too long to sell it on ebay for $400. Ah well, maybe I'll listen to it sometime. :D
  3. AZRunner

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    Tampa, FL
  4. AlexC

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    in all its glory, PFRLP17!
  5. Echoes Myron

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  6. Hgavinyl

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    Spartanburg, SC
    Preordered! Can't wait, now if only Gilmour's Live in Gdansk can get reissued!
  7. Mr_Vinyl

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    The Sax cuts may have come from a provenance other than the Guthrie/Plante remasters. I could be wrong, but my ears tell me otherwise.
  8. dtuck90

    dtuck90 Forum Resident

    Can’t wait for this!

    Just Relics left now?
  9. Django216

    Django216 Forum Resident

    As far as the record-reissues go, I think yes.

    But this leaves some empty spaces for new releases...
    "Is There Anybody Out There" never came out on vinyl and I hopefully this will change in the near future.

    A complete Wembely 74 Concert would also be a very nice thing.
  10. Mrpinky

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  11. Django216

    Django216 Forum Resident

    Very cool that they used the original black and white drawing for Relics.
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  12. dtuck90

    dtuck90 Forum Resident

    I wonder if it will be a textured sleeve like the original?
  13. Farthingscat

    Farthingscat Forum Resident

    Fab news, can’t wait!
  14. dkmonroe

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  15. Ordered!!! Can’t wait for these!!
  16. zinan

    zinan Well-Known Member

    Many thanks for information!
    The order is issued! It is a pity that such expensive delivery, but now it is absolutely unimportant - the main thing that 100% this box is!!!
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  17. Smegman

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    Right Here
    No preorder at Amazon UK? Why?????
  18. floyd

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    Spring Green, WI
    Cool on Relics! And Pulse too. I really want to see the live wall the only release never on LP I think.
  19. zinan

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  20. happydeathman

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    Scotland, UK
    Has Relics been confirmed?
  21. marcb

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    DC area
    It’s up for pre-order at Amazon.
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  22. I got an email stating Pulse will be delivered on 18 May, Relics email stated delivery date pending.
  23. Mr_Vinyl

    Mr_Vinyl Forum Resident

    Relics and mono Piper for me. If I don't ever have to buy another album after these, I'll be ok.
  24. Norco74

    Norco74 Forum Resident

    Did you figure out how to get Piper w/o doing the mandatory line up on RSD and get back home empty handed?
  25. Mr_Vinyl

    Mr_Vinyl Forum Resident

    To be honest, I don't believe in line-ups, and won't go to RSD. However, with my wishful thinking, I'm betting there will still be some the day after :sigh:. If not, I'm also optimistic that there will be a ''regular'' reissue of it shortly thereafter. By the way, is it true what they say about non-returns of albums bought on RSD?
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