New Pink Floyd vinyl reissues

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ptijerm, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. Raving Russell

    Raving Russell Forum Resident

    This all looks very dodgy to me. I can't see anything on the British Amazon site relating to Floyd vinyl reissues. My hopes dashed again....
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  2. RHCD

    RHCD Forum Resident

    You'd think they'd be jumping on the let's do it right AAA like the Beatles mono bandwagon. Shame
  3. Raving Russell

    Raving Russell Forum Resident

    Not a bad thing to have to resort to and the puns are fun.
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  4. peter

    peter Senior Member

    So true, but I have found that my early, purchased within a few days of release, US pressing to be quite good - and this from someone who is no fan of post 1970 U.S. Columbia vinyl.
  5. peter

    peter Senior Member

    I regret passing one up a few years ago at Amoeba. Well done.
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  6. ptijerm

    ptijerm Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Unfortunately, Amazon UK removed the listings not long after discussion began on this thread a couple of weeks back.

    I don't think there were ever any listings for these releases on the US and Canadian Amazon sites. Other Amazon sites (Italy, Spain, France, Germany) still have a number of the listings active, however.
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  7. His LP will sound better than a copy you order. :tiphat:
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  8. I worked in the record biz through much of the 70s. Columbia vinyl was actually really good. Up there with Warner Bros. The two best.
  9. ubiknik

    ubiknik Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL USA
    Every copy of Animals or WYWH on U.S. Columbia '70s pressings sound fine that I've heard, I listened to an original U.S. Animals recently that sounded fantastic.
  10. mikemoon

    mikemoon Forum Resident

    Atlanta, GA
    I have US and UK Animals on vinyl and the UK is in a whole new world. Took what sounded ok to good, to one of my favorite lps to play.
  11. Millington

    Millington Forum Resident

    The funs in the pun
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  12. Preston

    Preston Forum Resident

    KCMO Metro USA
    Mikemoon - is the U.K. pressing noisy? I had a lackluster U.S. pressing and sold it (decades ago) when I got a Japanese pressing, which was much better. I wonder how the JPN compares to the UK?
  13. mikemoon

    mikemoon Forum Resident

    Atlanta, GA
    The UK is pretty quiet, my US copy is pretty noisy but looks clean. I don't have the JPN but I have a UK and JPN for Meddle.
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  14. Raving Russell

    Raving Russell Forum Resident

    Agree, the UK First Pressing of Animals is good. I do like the 2011 remaster CD though.
  15. AWESOM-O

    AWESOM-O Forum Resident

    Usually they mean "upgraded shipping speed". But a very small but persistent part of me hopes they mean content...
  16. Vinyl Addict

    Vinyl Addict Forum Resident

    My original US Animals is super noisy, though visually it is most definitely NM.
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  17. peter

    peter Senior Member

    I need to do an a/b.

    I think, in retrospect, it was very, very hard to top the 3 album run of Meddle/Dark Side/WYWH. Animals is right there with those 3, maybe not quite an equal, but so close, and only a little "behind" but only because of what preceded them.
  18. jon9091

    jon9091 Master Of Reality

    The U.K. pressing is far superior to the JPN pressing IMO. I sold my JPN copy, but kept my UK and US copies. The UK is really the way to hear this.
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  19. Farthingscat

    Farthingscat Forum Resident

    We so need these released "properly" I was hoping for a box set not some half hearted one at a time under the radar release. Here's hoping.....
  20. culabula

    culabula Unread author.

    Belfast, Ireland
    As I have recounted elsewhere I have a French day of issue original of 'Animals' which I continue to prefer to a recently-acquired early UK pressing -maybe just out of affection. Great-sounding record, whatever the reason.
  21. Incompletist

    Dito on Roll another.

    I certainly don't want anything over-bloated or a huge piece of real estate to keep it in.

    A concern is which mix of Vegetable Man will we get. I'm hoping for the earlier Jenner version or a new sympathetic 'period'-sounding mix.
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  22. quicksrt

    quicksrt Senior Member

    City of Angels
    You mean to tell me that Vegetable Man could get released and that there is a chance folks would still bitch that it is the wrong mix?

    Oh dear.
  23. Incompletist

    If you would be happy with 80s reverb added to Vegetable Man then that's fine. I'm expressing a hope for the best, not bitching. And it's not as if we haven't heard it already.

    Why don't you pre-emptively complain about people discussing various analogue and mono desires and the shape and size of boxes, too?
  24. quicksrt

    quicksrt Senior Member

    City of Angels
    What 80s reverb are you talking about - an 80s mix I did not hear I guess.
  25. Sytze

    Sytze Forum Resident

    I think Malcolm Jones did remixes of Vegetable Man and Scream Thy Last Scream for inclusion on the Opel album (they weren't included in the end of course).

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