New warnings on China-made electronic devices

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by ghost rider, Mar 11, 2018.

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    I'm allergic to peanuts, so I'd appreciate a warning on any component made in a factory that also processes them. Hey it's China, who knows?
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    Yipe! Sorry to dredge up a bad memory.
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    They should come with a warning. :hide:;)
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    Safety first!
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    This one seemed legit enough that I never wanted to find out otherwise.

    "Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be prosecuted."
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    I bought a tripod ball head from a California maker (Reallyrightstuff) and the box had a chemical warning on it. My wife saw it and freaked out because the box is in the storage closet next to the kitchen. I opened the box and showed it to her. There was nothing in it other than the ball head and styrofoam packing. To make her happy I threw out the box.

    When the government has become so overzealous with the warnings people become immune to them and no longer take them seriously which negates any do gooder's intent in the first place and instead become a cover your ass tool in case something does happens and the inevitable law suit.
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  8. Reamonnt


    I bought a pair of headphones from and when they arrived that warning was on them. I was in California once and remembered those warnings on lots of stuff so I just ignored it. Its probably not there for nothing though but ive plenty enough to worry about already!!
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    Thanks for all the comments a lot of interesting perspectives. More than likely there is nothing to worry about unless down the road they decide electronic gear is the new asbestos. After all they used asbestos for thousands of years before they figured out that it will kill you. Life without audio gear would be pretty bleak!
  10. Basically, anything that has plastic in it will get a Prop 65 warning. It’s a classic example of a regulation so broad that it is meaningless.
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    Well of course not! California is the very definition of well reasoned rationality.
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    Is tube gear more cancerous than solid state, or the other way around? Does it stop being cancerous outside of California?
  13. Dillydipper

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    At your peril.

    We import goods from all over the world. Our biggest benefit here, is usually the price.

    The ability to offer goods possible to sell at that price, often involves lesser-advanced workers willing to work in toxic conditions for the privalege of having a job. Factory and manufacturing designers willing to expose the workers to toxic conditions for the privalege of getting your plant built. Management and government come together to conciously ignore health standards developed in this country through time-tested observations and study of the effects of human beings exposed to these conditions, because it gets in the way of the privalege of profiting from the act of buiding a toxic environment so innocent and desparate people can harm themselves because it's the only way in the area to bring their families what they need to survive, risking the honesty of Management and Government the worker, and even the products themselves, all for the privalage of getting their goods onto a shelf in a Wal-Mart. And Mr. Wal-Mart will put the products on the shelves, even if it means he has to post some "bulls**t" warning, advising you not to even buy the product, to satisfy a legel requirement citizens worked hard and long for just for the privelege of having a safer world to grow their kids up in. So Mr. Wal-Mart can have the money for which his business practices have wiped out the local economy, so the downsized families have even more of a motivation to shop for cheaper, imported a Wal-Mart.

    Now if those in charge don't even respect the people they know firsthand and see every day, who make their own instruments of can you trust they have any respect for you?

    You, who have learned through study and awareness and your public education system that, yes, there are things than can kill you, and yes, there are places in the world whose concern for this are far outpaced by their greed, and their products carry enough of the danger to the point where people work hard and long to get regulations so, if they can't get the products off the shelves to keep you safe, at least they can make it mandatory to warn you about it...

    You, who want the thing on the shelf because it solves a need for you, but may encounter the label and wonder how serious it could be, but then people all around you are buying these things off the shelf, which you see are stocked full with these, because other people have no regard for the danger of owning the thing you need, and so you decide by that logic that, not only is the thing safe for you to buy, and so you decide by that logic that, the warnings don't mean anything...

    So, instead of taking the warning seriously, it's enough of a common occurrence in your life that it becomes something worth talking about with others, and now worthy of ridicule and making fun of...these warnings that people worked long and hard to get close enough to the products they can't get off the shelves but at least they got a mandatory warning posted to try and keep their own children safe. So, for the sake of ridiculing other people's work when they were trying so hard to warn you about a clear and ...present danger that you would rather ignore because you want the product anyway...

    ...the more complete version of your comment, Michael, is, "Something more to your peril."
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  14. Dillydipper

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    Unless you can save 30 cents on it.

    At that point, you have just renegotiated the rate of what your life is worth.
  15. Here are the facts. The American Cancer Society reports

    1. Cancer death rates continue steady decline: The cancer death rate for both men and women in the United States has been trending downward over the past two decades. In men, the cancer death rate has dropped 1.8% per year over the last 10 years of available data. And in women, the death rate has dropped 1.4% per year during the same time period. Declines in death rates for female breast cancer, prostate, colorectal, and lung cancers are driving the overall decline in the cancer death rates in men and women.

    4 Essential Cancer Charts for 2016

    If cheap Chinese goods were truly hazardous, these trends would be all reversed. The California warnings on products are largely the result of a government bureaucracy run amok pandering to the state's environmentalists.
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  17. Here is the Prop 65 list. Note that the list contains such common things as alcoholic beverages, aloe vera, aspirin, coconut oil, diesel engine exhaust, Flonase, gallium arsenide (contained in diodes, transistors including FET’s and JFET’s, and microprocessors), gasoline engine exhaust, glass wool fibers (ordinary fiberglass), leather dust, marijuana (remember, it is legal under California state law), neomycin sulfate (antibacterial cream), nickel compounds, nitrous oxide (used in whipped cream containers and at the dentist), oral contraceptives, progesterone, retinol (Vitamin A), salted fish, mineral oil, styrene (naturally occurs in cinnamon, coffee, and peanuts, and is used to manufacture common consumer plastics), testosterone, unleaded gasoline, and wood dust.
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  18. It certainly didn’t achieve its aims, considering most people ignore Prop 65 warnings because they are on basically every modern piece of technology.
  19. Michael

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    OK, that was a fine read.
  20. ghost rider

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    Well said it is my belief that there is some truth to these warnings but what is the real exposure risk if any.
  21. G E

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    Potent stuff. Glad I don't dilute my scotch with this stuff.
  22. Dillydipper

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    You could always track down those people who were motivated enough to fight lobbyists and merchandisers until their cases became so obvious and compelling that nobody could make enough of a viable case against their claims, that the lawmakers decided they had to do something...but instead they compromised and now there's a little warning label...right next to the price sticker that's 20 times its' size. Start by Googling the specific cause of danger, along with the product.

    Working backwards from noticing how things are, to figuring out how they got this way, is a great way to learn who's in your corner, and who isn't. :) I got my start early, by learning a little about that mean old man who made the Corvair go away, forced airlines to give passengers rights (that they've been trying to quietly roll back ever since), started an organization about people with a Common Cause, and a magazine about what companies do when you'e not able to keep tabs on them yourself, called Multinational Monitor. And then became a legend in the consumer advocacy arena. Yeahhh, that must have been one baaaad man, for getting all those paid shills to speak so nastily of him, and even blaming an election on him. ;)
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    Like most things follow the money.
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    I was born and raised in California, lived there for 35 years. I now live in Nevada and when asked, Where ya from? I tell them "I am a refugee from the "The Peoples Republic of California". The government in that state is regulation crazy and that's part of the reason we're buy stuff from off shore.

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