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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Greg Smith, Jan 10, 2016.

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    Good to see this album is getting a vinyl reissue for RSD in April. But it looks quite limited - no UK or Canada listing. Hopefully it will find its way onto the general market later. It's not Nilsson's best album by any means but it's an important historical time piece, the results of Nilsson's somewhat chaotic recording sessions with John Lennon in LA during the 'Lost Weekend'.
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    There is a wistful melancholy on ***** Cats that is unique in Nilsson's catalog. Lennon was still in a similar vein on Walls & Bridges. I see them both as a kind of double album that has a particular mood I really enjoy.

    Harry's vocal chord disaster is really sad. But when I hear Old Forgotten Soldier, I don't want it any other way than how he delivered it.
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    Yes.. Wistful indeed...released in August 74....sounds so much like a late summer lp...Mucho Mungo reminds me of looking up at the sun blurred through multicolored dying leaves...
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    ...Wow!...Now that was poetic...Nicely done!
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    I would include Ringo's Goodnight Vienna LP for a 1974 wistful melancholy trilogy. At least two tracks with Lennon, two tracks with Harry, plus the definitive version of Harry's Easy For Me.
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    During this period we came within a few hours and a missing left handed bass of a potential Lennon McCartney Starr and Harry??? session.
  7. RoryMcBride

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    I love this record. It sounds so sad and desperate at times.
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    Keith Moon's assistant Dougal Butler wrote that Moon bought a new drum kit for these sessions. At the end of "Rock Around The Clock," which featured Moon, Ringo and Jim Keltner on drums, Moon smashed all three drum kits. It is not audible on the record.
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    Didn't Harry supposedly re-do some of his vocals for the quad mix? I think I've heard the quad but don't remember noticing a huge difference on the vocals.
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    I don't know if he re-did any vocals, but there certainly are different vocals between the quad and the stereo.

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