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    I cannot believe 2 weeks in that there has yet to be a Thread created to discuss the New AMC Series, NOS4A2 based on the Book with the same Title by Joe Hill(Son of Stephen King, but using a different Last Name to obviously not have his own Books be compared to his Dad, but establish his own identity, which was not kept a secret too long after he first started creating his own Books/Stories, and he looks a lot like his Dad).

    I usually do not start Threads, but interested to see who else on the SHF is watching this New TV Series and get Takes on it by anyone wanting to comment, as the first Season plays out this Summer.

    I had bought the Book when it came out, but had not gotten around to reading it yet. I love the first 2 Episodes that were shown so far on AMC. The Story has me interested, although sure seems like Joe has sampled a lot of ideas from his Dad's prior Books(I am basing that thought on the TV Series so far, as assume it follows the Book closely in the Plot, and not just the idea of Children in Danger, Vampire Children-like Salem's Lot, but also a nod to 'IT' when there was a Map in a scene of the First Episode that showed 'Pennywise Circus' on it, as one of the locations).

    Anyways, anyone else here love a Good American Supernatural, Horror Drama and watching NOS4A2? Any thoughts on the Actors? Any thoughts on having seen parts of Christmasland so far(Pretty Creepy with the Frozen Graveyard of Children)?

    Below is the Trailer:

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    To followup on my Initial Post to start this Thread yesterday, I checked out a few reviews for 'NOS4A2' online and a few(Hollywood Reporter and TVGuide) where the Reviewers have seen the first 4-6 Episodes, have been Negative overall(outside of the Actress, Ashleigh Cummings, who plays Vic McQueen).

    Apparently, there is not a lot going on over at least the first 6 Episodes as the 10 Episodes 1st Season only covers about the first 1/3 of the Book. Have not checked out Ratings, but if this Show does not get much interest, doubt it will survive for a 2nd Season, although following 'Fear TWD' should have provided a strong lead in Audience to at least check it out.

    Sounds like the Charlie Manx Character is just creepy rather than scary, and there are not a lot of scares over the first 6 Episodes. Also several Scenes that are hard to explain to a Non Viewer, as hard to make sense of them. Being made for AMC, I had high hopes for this show, but does not look good. I will stick with it though for at least this 1st Season.

    Looks like Joe Hill has copied another formula by his Dad with using Kids with Mental Powers(like in The Shining and Carrie among other Books written by Stephen King). Apparently, the Book had Great Reviews, but this Series is not being well developed from the Book apparently. Also, the Series used a Well Respected Director, Kari Skogland(The Handmaid's Tale) only for the 1st 2 Episodes, so wonder if that is why those who have seen the next 4 Episodes, have been disappointing(according to the Reviewers who have seen it), but not sure if any Average or Below Average Reviews are due to the different Directors(6 for the 10 Episodes) or the Writing(translating the Book to the Screen).

    Would have likely been a disaster to cover the 'NOS4A2' Book in just a 2 Hours Movie though, like happened to most of his Dad's Books when developed as Screenplays for the Movies(exceptions like '1408' which was a Short Story, 'The Shawshank Redemption' which was not a Full Novel, and 'Misery' & 'Carrie', which were Great Movies and maybe a few other King Books).

    Apparently, a few other Joe Hill Books are in production to be made for the screen for Netflix, although the first screen adaptation attempt for his Book 'Horns' in 2014 did not go well.
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    I have seen the teasers for it but just haven't had time to check it out. So many shows, so little time.
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    I’ve been trying it under my breath in British, standard US and New England accents and I think the title would work better if the last letter were an R.
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    I heard about this and was looking forward to it, didn't realize it was airing already. Sorry to hear it's not that good, I'll still be checking it out to make up my own mind, Still, seems a shame to waste what I think is a terrific name for a horror show! Not quite sure what a previous poster was referring to with the changing of the spelling. NOS482 = Nosferatu

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    I thought political discussion/figures weren't allowed on this site! :D
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    Just finished, pretty creepy!
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    I'm inspired now to read the novel.

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