Obi-Wan Kenobi, May 25 on Disney Plus

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    Yeah, I do agree - how did that Star Destroyer not get them a bit more easily?! At least it didn't have that ridiculous 'chasing them until they ran out of petrol' nonsense that surfaced in Episode 8.
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    Overall, it was okay. The little girl irritated me but it is a Disney product.
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  3. My sentiments exactly! Lots of flaws, but none effected my enjoyment of these pulp series. I don't take them too serious and just sit back and enjoy them for what they are -not what they could have been.
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  4. Curveboy

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    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    or, the best thing to happen to Star Wars since Rogue One.
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  5. SRC

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    Yeah, while I don't think the execution was spot on everywhere in this series, I did appreciate that line, something rather satisfying about it.

    Wonderful geek stuff here but I'm sure Kenobi will always feel some guilt about Anakin, and certainly feels the loss of his friend (and so many other friends, oh and the loss of democracy in the galaxy, the overall failure of the Jedi...) But having Vader claim that he killed Anakin himself ends up rightly absolving Kenobi of some of his guilt - and after all, everybody in this saga is suffering from the hand of destiny to some degree anyway, and the downfall of everything was kind of all the Jedis' fault for not seeing it coming. There's still a line in Return of the Jedi ("I thought I could train him as well as Yoda...I was wrong...") that suggests Kenobi takes on the blame. But I like the idea that after the events of this series, he has healed a bit, which explains why he's got his Force back and he's chilling with Ghost Qui-gon and so on. Again I'm not sure if it was spot on, but I think the events of this series, particularly that last episode, better set up the Kenobi we see in the original film, a wiser more meditative Jedi again who has an appropriate level of detachment again. It also helps explain his original lines like "he's more machine than man" and his original trilogy attitude that Anakin no longer exists and that Vader must simply be defeated.
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  6. SamS

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    I didn't like it either. They probably should have killed her off after her 'redemption' situation concluded.
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  7. SamS

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    I said I wouldn't pick nits, but I have two kids around the same age as they say Leia is (10 years), and she seemed more like an 8 year old to me.

    Quick look on Wiki and I guess she/Vivien Lyra Blair was 9 at the time of filming.
  8. Purple Jim

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    Which is the problem.
  9. Ivand

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    I loved the series. I’d only change the scene where Kenobi sees Qui-Gon Jinn. I was expecting a more emotional/uplifting encounter as opposed to a casual one. After a all, you’re seeing someone special in your life who’s back from death.
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  10. BeatleJWOL

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    I think the only issue with that is that Obi-Wan has communed with Qui-Gon before:

    So it's not a new experience as much as a reunion after a period of PTSD and depression.
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  11. wolfyboy3

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    The finale was great only thing was I got the idea from the movies the most interesting thing to happen to Luke before becoming a Jedi was seeing space battles, real or imaginary, through his binoculars. Being chased by an Inquisitor seems a stretch. And I never got the idea he had met Old Ben before. I guess that's two things and I could probably go on but won't. Overall the series was good give or take.
  12. My 16-year-old and I both loved the Episode VI conclusion. Really enjoyed this series.
  13. BeatleJWOL

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    I got the opposite impression; this series explains how he knows who Old Ben was, to be able to talk about him enough for his uncle to dismiss Obi-Wan as "a crazy old man".
  14. Dr. J.

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    Seriously, this is just a question: what holes were there until this series filled them? I mean, we got the epic battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin in Episode III, right? What did this latest battle accomplish that is not there in Revenge of the Sith?

    For me, there are two things we were told in the films about this period in Obi-Wan's life: 1) that he had more training to do to learn how to commune with Qui-Gon Jinn (Episode III) and 2) that he was "crusading" ("Your uncle didn't want you to follow me on some damn-fool, idealistic crusade") (Episode IV). The series didn't deliver on either of these promises, because I would not consider finding Leia as "some damn-fool, idealistic crusade," and bumping into Qui-Gon on the desert road does not qualify as communing.
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  15. Rick Bartlett

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    I thought it was all Terrific!
    Sign me up for another series.
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  16. SamS

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    I realize not everyone will consider these "gaping holes", more like filling in pieces of the puzzle. With this series, we learned:
    • Why did Owen have animosity for Obi-Wan in Ep IV?
    • How did Vader get that deep head scar we see in Ep VI?
    • Was Obi-Wan really in 'hermit mode' the entire time on Tatooine between Ep III and IV?
    • Were there any other Jedis or youngling survivors after Ep III? (I'm talking about movie 'canon', I can't keep track of the animated stuff)
    • How did Leia get her spunky attitude and "non-princess" behavior traits?
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    I liked it too. I'm not a Star Wars scholar so I don't know a thing about the plot holes but I thought the series was entertaining.
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  18. Rick Bartlett

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    Same here! and I'm going to keep it that way.
    I can thoroughly enjoy it on that level without 'nitpicking' the storyline to pieces and overthink it.
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  19. Mistermono

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    I thought the exchange of dialogue between Obi Wan and Vader/Anakin (“I’m sorry”, “I’m what remains” etc.) carried more emotional heft than their exchanges at the end of Revenge of the Sith.
  20. Leviethan

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    I was just thrilled to see Vader get his ass thoroughly kicked and gave his face exposed under the mask. I mean yeah, we saw him maskless at the end of ROTJ, but it was pretty anticlimactic. And the actor didn’t ever feel right to me. He was just an old guy. I think that scene in Kenobi defines Vader. Powerful and terrifying on the surface, but broken, weak and self-pitying shell of a man underneath.

    I agree that Episode IV sticks out like a sore thumb against every other Star Wars entity as far as story goes. Anakin and Vader were still two distinct people up until the second or third draft of Episode V. George Lucas did have a lot of the backstory already (ie senator Palpatine, the Sith). But he cut a lot of that from the shooting script of Episode IV, so it feels detached from everything else.
  21. Dr. J.

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    Here are my answers with the least amount of sarcasm I can muster :
    • Why did Owen have animosity for Obi-Wan in Ep IV?
      • Because he bought a toy spaceship for Luke, apparently.
    • How did Vader get that deep head scar we see in Ep VI?
    • Was Obi-Wan really in 'hermit mode' the entire time on Tatooine between Ep III and IV?
      • No, he often went on damn-fool idealistic crusades.
    • Were there any other Jedis or youngling survivors after Ep III? (I'm talking about movie 'canon', I can't keep track of the animated stuff)
      • Yes, because Rebels showed us some of them, which is canon.
    • How did Leia get her spunky attitude and "non-princess" behavior traits?
      • She is a Disney princess like Elsa and Rey who comes ready-made with powers.
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  22. Dr. J.

    Dr. J. Music is in my soul

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    Yes, I agree that was the best part of the series. And then Obi-Wan walks away, again, because it shows he still has faith in the prophecy and hope that Anakin will bring balance to the force.
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  23. tommy-thewho

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    Loved the series. So much better than Boba Fett.
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  24. MikeJedi

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    Loved it and i actually thought Boba Fett was a fun show. ! I think some peeps take some of this stuff way too serious. They are meant to be entertaining and they certainly have done it ! I do not think either needs a second season. What They did , is just right on these — especially Obi Wan.
    I have a feeling we will see more of Boba in The Mandorlian which is an amazing show. !

    also I am glad we got Kenobi as a TV show rather than a movie. Much better character development/story and time to do that .. rather than stuff it all into a 2 hour film :)
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  25. Nephrodoc

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    Just finished the series and thought it was fantastic. I’m just a casual Star Wars fan, and it was very enjoyable to watch.
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