SH Spotlight Old 78 RPM records: FATS WALLER/BUNNY BERIGAN, etc. sound so amazing 75 years on...

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    I live in New Jersey & I am less than an hour away from Camden so as soon as I can I will visit that location & then post a picture update. They are awesome pictures Steve & I thank you so much for sharing them. I love listening to the old 78's I come across. I also play the "B" sides too. I've even come across some 78's that are one sided. There's gold in them grooves!!!
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    what was the victor cabinet factory (the building with the nipper windows in the tower) is now condos, thankfully, considering what was going to happen to it up until a few years ago. i believe the victor office building still stands too, and is going to be put to similar use if it hasn't already.

    up until a few years ago the power house with its big victor smokestack still stood on the banks of the delaware, that's since been demolished.

    i remember in the late 60s when they took the nipper stained glass windows out and replaced them with white boards painted with that hideous rca logo (the one that appears on (orange label lps) in red. horrible. those have been replaced with reproductions of the original nipper stained glass.
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    There is a fellow who periodically gives speeches about RCA history in and around Camden. He wrote a long out of print, and now valuable, book on the subject. One of the neat things about attending these are all of the old employees who show up to the talks. One old man started working for Victor in the 20's.

    I'll let everyone here know if there is another event happening.
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    That book sounds like His Master's Voice In America. It's a fantastic book, but as the Amazon asking prices indicate, it's very hard to find, mainly because it was never sold to the public but was privately printed for GE employees. You can probably borrow a copy via interlibrary loan - that's what I did before I finally bit the bullet several years ago and bought my own copy. Completely essential to anyone even slightly interested in the history of radio and sound recording.

    A bit of Googling found this article on author Fred Barnum, who matches the description you give.
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    Yes, that's the book and Author I was thinking of. He seems to offer his presentation once a year or so. I get emails about them when they happen. I'll keep you posted.
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    Reopened. Should never have been closed in the first place.
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    Seconded on that, Steve! A 78 RPM related thread kept permanently open might be a good option, or sticky this one occasionally, .
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    The thing that absolutely KILLS me about this era, is that, after watching the RCA films, a company like the Wisconsin Chair Company, aka Paramount Records, could put out such a crude product that still holds immense fascination today.
    I mean really....the mastering turntable being rotated by a weight pulley mechanism???
    And i still get a kick out of listening to Paramount 78'$. Sometimes listening to a song where the noise is like 85% of the signal, while the performance is struggling to make itself heard is a n incredible experience for me.
    No wonder so many 78 collectors still strive to obtain them......
    And on the other hand we have RCA who refined the process but Steve, my on going question is this.....beyond the hype of scientific precision, how come, to this very day, we have so many records pressed Off Centered??
    The biggest complaint i have because, all things being equal, it should NEVER happen. But it still does...even with $100 premium pressings.
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    Reopened by request..

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