Opinions on new Judy Garland film, Judy, with Renée (Renee ) Zellweger

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Lawrence Schulman, Jun 30, 2018.

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    Wow. Judy Davis was so great in the TV mini series that I couldn't imagine anyone else capturing the right spirit, but the trailer looks promising. Renee's got her gestures down and I was pleasantly surprised by the voice. Even though Judy was nowhere near her best at the end of her life, still not easy to come close. Best voice ever.
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    I thought the great, Judy Davis, had portrayed Judy Garland & done an incredible job! But, I wasn't sure; I'd thought, no, maybe I was getting confused w/Lucille Ball - but, that was Frances Fisher; also terrific! (Lucy And Desi - Before The Laughter) - Which is also going to be another bio, redone w/Cate Blanchett playing Lucille Ball. Looks like it will air on Amazon Prime; no date set. (Both Judy Davis & Cate Blanchett=Australian actresses.)
    I do like Renee Zellweger &, from trailer, this looks to be fantastic, too! She's wonderful in the series "What If". (Have watched 3 Episodes, so far.) :):thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    What/If with Renée Zellweger | Official Trailer | Netflix
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    There was a play by Jim Cartwright, The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, that starred a woman by the name of Jane Horrocks.

    It was written around her because of her real life talent for impersonating famous female performers, including Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe and Billie Holliday.

    In 1998, it was made into a movie by the name of Little Voice.

    It has a excellent cast, which includes Jim Broadbent, Brenda Blethyn, Jane Horrocks, Michael Caine and Ewan McGregor.


    Here is a YouTube video clip.

    She does an excellent Judy Garland.

    Looking forward to seeing Renee!
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    Fabulous performance from Judy Davis.
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    I've always seen Anne Hathaway as the one who should do Judy.
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    Never gave it a thought, but I believe that you are correct, she has both the look and the voice for the part.
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    Who will play Toto?
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    She'll ALWAYS be BUBBLE, to me!
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    Renee and Sam Smith sing "Get Happy":

  11. ' Me and My Shadow '---I enjoyed it . It was better than I thought it would be for a tv-movie because they can be really blah sometimes.
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    Renee was just on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. She is really charming. The clip they played really showed her acting abilities. She seems so natural playing Judy. I will be seeing this.
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    Sure my wife will want to see this.
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    But was the Woman who was her "overseer" at MGM that much of a bitch? Did Judy really grab a hamburger and stuff it in her mouth in front of the cameras, or jump into a studio tank during a fake birthday party? And the actress playing young Judy didn't look or sound(or even act)anything like her. My favorite thing in the film was her two "stage door Johnny" Gay fans who Judy winds up making scrambled eggs for. I like Jessie Buckley, who played the title role in WILD ROSE.
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    I will rewatch the Judy davis one she really nailed .
  19. antoniod

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    I mean, they made her MGM years look like one unrelieved hell, and I'm sure they weren't.
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    Renee really is stunning as Judy, and her singing is also top notch!

    The Judy Davis TV movie was another excellent portrayal.

    There can be more than one version of a famous person’s life story...
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    I heard a review/critique on the radio, and I'm looking forward to seeing this
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    I wanna see this..
    just checked IMDb and the reviews looked favorable
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    Behind the scenes, she, along with Mickey Rooney, were just there to be used by him.
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    Saw this on Saturday and Renee was absolutely spectacular. She was really wonderful.

    I also love Judy Davis' portrayal but Renee's performance is truly special.

    Very heartfelt, intimate and nuanced.
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