Parasound Halo JC3 phono preamp thoughts?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by dividebytube, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. dividebytube

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    Grand Rapids, MI
    I searched but didn't see if anyone here had any experience with this phono preamplifier, either in the original JC3, latest JC3+, or the budget Jr. version. Since I'm a big John Curl fan, and was interested in his original Vendetta preamp, I've been looking at buying one of these as the first part of my electronics upgrade.

    Can anyone share their thoughts or some comparisons with other gear? I have a friend who loves his EAR 834P and suggests I go that direction but, given the nature of my stereo, I leaning towards a quality solid-state unit.
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  3. dividebytube

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    Grand Rapids, MI
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  4. ggergm

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    Just tried to post the same link and was beaten to the punch. :)

    That's what you want, @dividebytube. It's 20 pages long and turns into a virtual love affair for the JC3 Jr.

    FWIW, an original Parasound JC3 is the piece in my stereo that I am least likely to replace. It is totally satisfying to both use and listen to, and while not perfect, comes close enough.
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    You can search for the term appearing only in the title of a specific forum.

    Sometimes, the search tool on this board is rather limited, so I use google by typing this ; [enter search terms here, without the brackets]

    The above works very well. :)
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    I would look at the Luxman E-250. Built in SUT w/mono switch and cart demagnetizer.
  7. Manimal

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    Southern US
    Huge fan of anything Parasound. Parasound was my first girl. Curl your
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  8. Nephrodoc

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    Budget wise, parasound is hard to beat. I got the JC3 jr a few months ago, out the door it was about $1200. I also considered the EAR, but my dealer quoted around $1800.
    I also auditioned phono’s from musical surroundings and rogue, wound up liking the JC3 jr the best.
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  9. Bananas&blow

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    What in your system makes you think a tube phono preamp is not the way to go? I am part of the reason that thread turned into a Jr. love affair for the record.
  10. dividebytube

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    Grand Rapids, MI
    I'm big into tubes - build my own amps and have had multiple (mostly vintage) pieces. But with my current house I don't have my own listening space, so the stereo gets used by my wife - a lot. And it's usually left on all day. I'm worried - probably unnecessarily so - about tube life in such a situation. In my time I've had amplifier output tubes go south, red plating, and worry about not being around when that happens. So I've been running solid-state for the past three years.
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  11. SandAndGlass

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    But, they were power tubes, weren't they?

    I have left my 6SN7 tube preamp on for years without any issues.

    I turn off my tube phono-preamp because it is a fairly expensive piece and it is currently fitted with costly NOS tubes, including rectification.

    But with phono-preamps having small signal tubes, you are not going to encounter the same problems that you will have with power amplifier which uses large octal socket power tubes, or something similar.

    Something to consider.
  12. Manimal

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    Southern US
    Watched an episode of Mr Carlson’s Lab on YouTube where he repairs a tube amp that was used to sound a church bell. Pretty cool and he said these things were left on for years
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  13. Manimal

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    Southern US
    Guy is a genius
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  14. sully12

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    Novato, CA
    Recently upgraded to JC3+ from Belarri VP130. The biggest sound upgrade yet. It’s been fun going through my vinyl and hearing things that I didn’t hear before. Next step new turntable or the JC2 BP...the fun never ends!
  15. 4011021

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    I'm a big fan of the JC3+.

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