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Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson 1984 Cancelled Single : " The Man "

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by etcetera, Jun 17, 2013.

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  1. etcetera

    etcetera Forum Resident Thread Starter

    In Feb 1984, Parlophone and CBS were ready to issue a third single & maxi single from PIPES OF PEACE McCartney Album

    Single : The Man / Blackpool ( Unreleased track
    Maxi Single : The Man ( Long Version / The Man ( Instrumental )

    The single was cancelled at the last minute as the Linda McCartney Maxi single Love's Full Glory + 2 tracks

    Here is the US Acetate for the Maxi single, sold on ebay , some years ago to a french Michael Jackson fan
    Is there anybody here who has the long version & the instrumental ? And Blackpool ? ( we can dream sometimes )

    Thanks for the help

    Etcetera ( McCartney Wings on facebook , the page for WINGS Fans )

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  2. ampmods

    ampmods Forum Resident

    Boston, MA, USA
    Was Love's Full Glory released back then? That's such a great song.
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  3. Calico

    Calico Forum Resident

    I knew about "The Man"/"Blackpool" but I didn't know that "Love's Full Glory" (presumably the later version, produced by Tony Visconti) was to be issued as a single as well...
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  4. BeatleStair

    BeatleStair Forum Resident

    Fort Wayne, IN
    Too bad, I always liked this song. I like it WAY better than "The Girl is Mine"!
  5. etcetera

    etcetera Forum Resident Thread Starter

    A Side : Love's Full Glory / Oriental Nighfish
    B Side : When I Was in Paris

    Sol;d on ebay too in 2011

    Here is the pix

    1984 was a good year for Macca cancellation : A third single was cancelled late 1984 : Long & Winding Road / Ballroom Dancing , from Give my Regards Soundtrack
    It was too the end of 20 years of kingdom of the Mac on the charts

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  6. etcetera

    etcetera Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I'm sure " The Man " with a great video ( like the great one for Say Say Say ), would be a top 10 on the 2 sides of the Atlantic

    Just a last info : the refrain on " The Man " is a duet between Michael & ...............Linda ( not Paul ), at the demand of Jacko who loved Linda's voice as backing vocals. So hear the song, Linda & Michael on the refrain
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  7. ampmods

    ampmods Forum Resident

    Boston, MA, USA
    What is "When I Was in Paris?" Is that "Wild Prarie?"
  8. etcetera

    etcetera Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Probably yes, with Paul's intro, but was it remixed ??????? Is there anybody here who have or bought the record and give more infos too ?

  9. etcetera

    etcetera Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Sorry " Wanderlust / Ballroom Dancing "
  10. mr.h.atom

    mr.h.atom New Member

    The remixed intro on "Wide Prairie" was used on the Oobu Joobu series as well.
  11. theMess

    theMess Forum Resident

    Kent, UK
    Now that should have been a single. Wanderlust is arguably the greatest ballad that he has written since Maybe I'm Amazed and it should have been a hit.
  12. MiracleAndWonder

    MiracleAndWonder Well-Known Member

    Louisville, KY
    I can kinda see why it was canceled, two hit singles with MJ was enough, it would've looked like Paul was riding the Thriller wave to get hits. Plus, Say Say Say was much better than The Man so the better collab was a single... (yet in the previous album when he had two songs with Stevie Wonder... I much preferred the funky What's That You're Doing to Ebony And Ivory).
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  13. andy75

    andy75 Forum Resident

    The Man is a stronger song than Say, Say, Say IMO. But I do love all three duets they recorded.
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  14. RoyalScam

    RoyalScam Luckless Pedestrian

    Yes to point one...and HELL YES to point two.
  15. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

    Hollywood, USA
    I think "The Man" was a dynamite song, and I was floored that they never released it as a single. I think it was just out of concern from Michael's people that the singer was getting "over-extended" on the charts and that record buyers might feel burned out. Note that Jackson and McCartney were both on Columbia/Epic Records at the time in America, and Walter Yetnikoff had a lot of say in how his label was being run.
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  16. 905

    905 Forum Resident

    St. Louis
    Yes, Wanderlust is in my top ten Macca songs. It's amazing how it's just a regular album track.
  17. theMess

    theMess Forum Resident

    Kent, UK
    I cannot believe how underrated or unknown it is amongst the general public. In my opinion it is one of the greatest songs that he has written, a true classic.
  18. CrashU

    CrashU Forum Resident

    I like Say Say Say and I like this song too.
    ridiculous dialogue ruined The Girl Is Mine ... the melody is quite good.
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  19. MekkaGodzilla

    MekkaGodzilla Forum Resident

    Westerville, Ohio
    IMHO the "Broadstreet" version of "Wanderlust" smokes the "Tug of War" version.
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  20. fifth beatle99

    fifth beatle99 Well-Known Member

    Eugene Oregon
    The most interesting thing, to me is that a studio version of "Blackpool" was available as a B side in 1984. That I would like to hear.

    I think Pipes of Peace and Say Say Say were the two obvious choices for singles. I can see with Jacksons popularity why it would be
    tempting to lift one more single (The Man) from the same well. I seem to recall some friends at Polygram in Germany telling me that
    "The Man" was a hit in parts of Europe is that right ?

    I Kind of like "through our love" as an underdog ballad single. Good song. But against the grain of U2 or Clash or whatever was happening.

    Has anybody got any info on the studio version of Blackpool they were considering. I'd love to hear that. The title kind of conjures images of pre
    beatles days when they might have gone on holiday. At least in my mind.
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  21. DrAftershave

    DrAftershave A Wizard, A True Star

    Los Angeles, CA
    I love the song and grew up with it, but even to this day, it doesn't feel commercial enough to be a single. Don't get me wrong, it's a killer song but it just feels/sounds like a solid album track.
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  22. theMess

    theMess Forum Resident

    Kent, UK
    I would also like to know whether 'the Man' was a hit in Europe, I think that it is an underrated song and I am glad that it is getting quite a bit of praise on this forum.
    I also agree about Through Our Love, it is a lovely ballad and my favourite song from the album.
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  23. Calico

    Calico Forum Resident

    Not as far as I remember, I only heard it on the radio a few times when the album was brand new, and then that was it.
    Now it's probably true it didn't come out as a single as planned because there was just too much Michael Jackson stuff on the charts at the time.

    It has a production by George Martin and is reported to feature some old time backing track, so it must be along the lines of "You Gave Me Answer" and "I'll Gave You A Ring".

    There are quite a few singles of Paul's that were scheduled as singles, some of them even given a reference number, but that never came out:

    "Love Is Strange" [edited version] / "I Am Your Singer" (Apple R 5932, Jan. 1971). Release presumably cancelled when Paul decided to record and release "Give Ireland Back To The Irish" instead

    "The Man"/"Blackpool" (Parlophone R 6066, Feb. 1984)
    "The Man" [extended version]/"The Man" [instrumental version]"/"Blackpool" (Parlophone 12 R 6066)
    It was reported at the time that a promo video had been made for the song, so is it taking dust in the MPL video archive?

    "Ballroom Dancing"/"Wanderlust" (Parlophone R 6098, Feb. 1985)
    Probably scrapped because of the major flop that the "Broad Street" movie was. Too bad it wasn't issued as a 3rd single from "Tug Of War" instead of the title song.

    "This Never Happened Before"/"Watching My Fish Drown"/"Modern Dance"/"Perfect Lover" (Parlophone CD single, March 2006).
    This was supposed to come as the 3rd single from the "Chaos And Creation In The Backyard" album, until the release was cancelled without explanation. There had also been strong rumors about a 2006 European tour following the fall 2005's US tour, and those plans were also scrapped, presumably because of Paul's marriage turning sour. So we were deprived of three unreleased outtakes from the "C&C" album. Reportedly "Modern Dance" was heard in the pre-show music at some 2007 concerts, while "Perfect Lover" was reworked and re-recorded for "Memory Almost Full" as "Ever Present Past". "This Never Happened Before" was heavily featured in the film "The Lakehouse" (it is heard twice, and the second time in full), so this was really a lost opportunity to issue it as a single.

    "Dance Tonight"/"Nod Your Head" [Sly Dunbar mix] (Hear Music CD single, June 2007).
    Announced for release... and then never seen anywhere. All that came out was that truly awful looking picture disc with "Dance Tonight" on both sides!

    And now we hear that a Linda McCartney single + maxi single of "Love's Full Glory" was also planned.

    Do we have other examples of lost/unreleased Macca/Wings singles?
    Or singles that were never planned in the first place, but should have:

    "A Love For You"/"Get On The Right Thing" in September 1971 -> Paul should have used those "Ram" rocking leftovers to good use and issue them as a single. Or at least included them on "Wild Life" to make it a much stronger album.

    "Night Out"/"Tragedy" in September 1973 -> two "Red Rose Speedway" outtakes, "Night Out" could have been a hit given all the glam songs that were riding high in the charts in 1972-72.

    "Oriental Nightfish"/"Seaside Woman" in May 1974 -> in the absence of new Wings material and right after the "Band On The Run" smash, it might have been the right moment for Linda to issue a solo single.

    For the singles taken off "London Town" and "Back To The Egg", songs from these albums were also issued as b-sides, when plenty of contemporary unreleased songs were available: "Same Time Next Year", "One Woman", "Cage", "Robber's Ball"... I suppose Paul was stockpiling them for his "Cold Cuts" collection but, too bad, he never released it so these songs were lost for the majority of Paul's fans.

    Other suggestions?
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  24. ampmods

    ampmods Forum Resident

    Boston, MA, USA
    "Keep Undercover" would have been a better single than "The Man" to me. I never cared for it although I always liked "Say Say Say."
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  25. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    I've always been confused about this: There were 3 different singles released from Ram, all specific to a certain part of the world:

    Uncle Albert-Admiral Halsey/Too Many People --- Released USA only
    Back Seat Of My Car/Heart Of The Country --- Released UK only
    Eat At Home/Smile Away --- Released EUROPE only

    Who decided this and why? I mean, why would Eat At Home be thought to be a better choice in Europe only as opposed to either of the other two singles? Was this just a random distribution of various tracks? And since Uncle Albert was a massive #1 hit in the USA, why didn't they release this in any other place like the UK and Europe? Just wondering if anyone has some firmer insights. Arnie
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