Paul McCartney's "One On One" Tour

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  1. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Foremost Beatles expert... on my block

    You are a lucky man jinksy!

    With 25 Dylan shows to your credit, sometime among the 25 shows I'm going to guess that you my have witnessed three, maybe even four songs total live where you could actually sort out and understand what lyrics he was mumbling. :D ;)
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  2. Rfreeman

    Rfreeman Forum Resident

    Lawrenceville, NJ
    5 times which puts him below

    GD (188)
    The Dead / The Other Ones
    Garcia with Kahn or JGB
    Phil Lesh & Friends
    Hart's various solo projects
    Donna the Buffalo
    Doc Watson
    Peter Rowan
    Tony Rice
    Bucky Pizzarelli
    King Crimson
    Joan Osborne
    Allman Brothers
    Philly Gumbo
    George Clinton
    Bernie Worrell
    Arlo Guthrie
    Pete Seeger
    Tom Chapin
    Hubert Sumlin
    Dr John
    Neville Brothers
    Gent Treadly

    I am sure I could go on quite a while, but 40 will do for now
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  3. Allen Michael

    Allen Michael Fuh you blue

    Twice for me

    In Houston in 2002. I had strep throat and a fever of 102 but there was no way I wasn't gonna not go! I had waited for that moment forever! It was a tremendous show! I will never forget that thrill of seeing him and watching him drive into the arena and him waving!

    In Austin in 2013. My kids got to go which I couldn't wait to see there expressions on there face! My daughter was so happy when he played "My Valentine" she then went to sleep till "Live and Let Die". My son kept asking if he was gonna play "Paperback Writer" which I knew he was but didn't want to tell him. When Paul and the band launched into the song my son about went nuts playing air guitar and singing! I will never forget that!
  4. Brian from Canada

    Brian from Canada Forum Resident

    Great White North
    Let's see…

    1993: Toronto
    2002: Toronto
    2005: Toronto
    2008: Quebec City
    2009: Halifax
    2010: Montreal
    2011: Montreal
    2013: Ottawa

    …so that makes 8. The only artist I'm sure I've seen more times is Colin James.
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  5. RayS

    RayS A Little Bit Older and a Little Bit Slower

    Out of My Element
    How many "Mull of Kintyre"s if I may ask? My count stands at zero. :-(
  6. mrjinks

    mrjinks Optimistically Challenged

    Boise, ID.
    A few random thoughts...

    Sadly, the biggest surprise of the night was spoiled a couple days earlier when I made the mistake of visiting Expecting Rain (which I thought would be "safe") and seeing the linked RS article about Hard Days Night. Oh well, serves me right for not being able to avoid music sites for 96 hours.

    Hard Days Night was very fun to hear. And not followed by Jet (whew!). Hadn't heard Can't Buy Me Love in awhile, so that was cool, and Letting Go was excellent. Thrilled to hear the eccentric Secretary next (a first for me). But then things got very familiar, and pretty much stayed that way for the rest of the night. So One on One is really just Out There, Year Four. Or On The Run, Part Six. Or Up And Coming, part 9. Well, it certainly works well, so why should I expect otherwise?

    He did the little keyboard dabbling that always precedes Long & Winding then surprised me with Here There..., but wow, that song was his worst of the night vocally. Really frail. Amazed wasn't great, but also wasn't as awful as the Fresno one above. But this was the first show where I noticed him struggling with parts of many of the songs: Work it Out, And I Love Her, Rigby, Helter, etc. Worth mentioning this was the worst seat I've had for a Macca show in years, and maybe that played into it (I was behind stage, 2nd deck) - almost identical to that first AHDN vid up above. Perhaps having a less than optimal view of the dazzling lights made me focus more on the vocal imperfections. Walking back to my hotel afterwards, I heard an older couple talking, saying "I thought he looked better and sounded better than last time". I'm guessing that means the Safeco stadium show here (2013), and perhaps they had lousy seats for that (heard them mention having better seats this time).

    I really did think I'd get more than five songs to add to my personal list last night. I saw Out There both pre- and post- New, but didn't see any 2015 shows. The last 2015 show would've given me five new ones (Secretary, 4-5 seconds, 909, Another Girl, and Hope for the Future). Instead I got the first two, plus AHDN, LMD, and You Won't See Me.

    I suppose I'm one of a very select few (so far) who've seen him do LMD and P.S.LMD. Yippee?
  7. jdlaw

    jdlaw Forum Resident


    -2002 Palace of Auburn Hills
    -2005 Palace of Auburn Hills
    -2011 Comerica Park
    -2015 Joe Louis Arena
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  8. Drifter

    Drifter AD survivor

    Vancouver, BC, CA
    I'm not Brian but it's gonna be my second Macca show this Wednesday (Nov 2013 was previous show) and most likely my second Mull Of Kintyre.
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  9. mrjinks

    mrjinks Optimistically Challenged

    Boise, ID.
    Tomorrow!! My 1st - I'm psyched.
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  10. Rfreeman

    Rfreeman Forum Resident

    Lawrenceville, NJ
    Started seeing her when she was playing pass the hat bars in NYC. Probably 25-30 times by now.
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  11. winojunko76

    winojunko76 Forum Resident

    April 2002: Cleveland, Ohio (Driving USA Tour)
    October 2005: Des Moines, Iowa (US Tour)
    March 2012: London, England (Teenage Cancer Trust/On The Run Tour)
    November 2012: St. Louis, Missouri (On The Run Tour)
    October 2014: Nashville, Tennessee (Out There Tour)
    June 2015: Columbia, South Carolina (Out There Tour)
    October 2015: Buffalo, New York (Out There Tour)
    August 2016: St. Louis, Missouri (One On One Tour)
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  12. RayS

    RayS A Little Bit Older and a Little Bit Slower

    Out of My Element
    Yeah, I agree with your impression that instead of just certain songs having vocal wobble, it's begun to pop up in many songs, if even for a couple of lines. After "Here, There and Everywhere", I was bracing for a rough "Maybe I'm Amazed", but he pretty much hit that one out of the park with the best vocal performance on it in recent memory. Ditto "Live and Let Die", which sounded stronger than recent efforts.

    After viewing major chunks of two shows, my personal MVP for "One on One" so far is "You Won't See Me". Always loved the song, and the new arrangement is exciting.

    Based on crowd reaction, there really ARE lots of people seeing him for the first time. On one of the Periscope "broadcasts" one could hear the fans guessing that "Yesterday" was about to come in the middle of the acoustic set, or that "Hey Jude" would soon be coming (another fan responds "I bet he saves that for the end"). Can a fan really love the man's music that much while being oblivious to way that he's arranged his live shows (and consequently some of his live albums) over the past 27 years??? Do that many people see him ONCE and never again to make so much room for all the virgins?
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  13. Bossyman

    Bossyman Forum Resident

    Anybody grab Met Life tix today via pre sale? I couldn't justify $303 per tic for lower levels (with fees), so grabbed 3 in 300 level near stage row 6 for $115 each. I can stomach that. Upper level actually pretty good at new Met Life stadium. Saw u2 from there a few years ago. Excellent view and sound.
  14. Frank

    Frank Forum Resident

    Having not seen Wings, this one was really the show of a lifetime for me from him. Great venue, great performance. I'm surprised how many of you I've crossed paths with.

    I'm surprised you think that. I thought that one was Fresno level bad last night. I was semi-impressed with most of the rest of what I heard (I didn't stay with the Periscope all the way through - the guy started turning the camera around on himself and his lady and it freaked me out).
  15. RayS

    RayS A Little Bit Older and a Little Bit Slower

    Out of My Element
    Yup. Of course it's all relative ("MIA"s being the vocal low point most evenings for the past few years), but after the very strained start to "Here, There and Everywhere" I was expecting a rough "MIA" and was pleasantly surprised.

    Did I hear some minor difficulty getting "Letting Go" out of the gate? You just get so used to this band never making a mistake, ever ... the looseness (which lasted all of 10 seconds) had a charm all its own. And how about Brian's solo in "Letting Go"? I know the goal with the solos is to slavishly recreate the records, but within those parameters he does an incredible job.
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  16. It's Felix

    It's Felix It's not really me

    He should just play Ram straight through. That would make it a bit more interesting. Followed by frog chorus and then run through his christmasy singles. Brilliant show
  17. Frank

    Frank Forum Resident

    It's funny, because the record is kind of loose until the bass comes in, too.

    If I go, Brian's playing on Letting Go will be a big reason for it. All of them, really. One of my favorite songs that I've never heard him do before and they seem to blow the roof off every time (instrumentally).
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  18. dudley07726

    dudley07726 Forum Resident

    I was never in that Convention Hall before. I thought it was a great place to see a show. He sang wonderfully in 2002. Better than in 89/90 and 93. It was also the best version of MIA as the BITUS disc confirms. He sang the hell of it and it is spine tingling when he hits the high note towards the end.
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  19. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Foremost Beatles expert... on my block

    That's what amazes me, or maybe I'm amazed: :D

    Since 1989 Paul has played a zillion concerts and there are STILL a zillion people that are seeing him for the first time. I know that at this point in time folks might be realizing that if they want to check seeing Paul in concert off their bucket list , they had better get moving, but that probably wasn't the case for all the other years he has toured.

    That's why when people grumble here about his "tired old song selection" I always think..what ? Do you think the 65 year old guy that has never seen Paul live, or the couple that want to bring their young children to see "Beatle Paul" as a family bonding experience would really rather hear Paul sing "Peace In the Neighborhood" rather than "Hey Jude" and have him sing "Early Days" instead of "Yesterday"? :laugh:

    I understand that "first time seeing Paul live" concert buzz. Man, I saw him in the Beatles and also with Wings, so I should have been jaded, but when he walked out on the stage in Chicago in 1989 it was almost an out of body experience for me again. :D

    It actually took a few songs for me to stop levitating and fully realize again that THAT guy on the stage is THAT guy that was in "A Hard Days Night" and "Help!" etc.The same guy that we sat transfixed watching on the Ed Sullivan show, the same guy that wrote and sang "Penny Lane" and every other song of his we cherish is actually on the stage in front of us. It's almost unbelievable that here is the actual guy, not in a movie, or in a video, or a hologram, or just a voice on a record .

    He's a living, breathing human being that created all that music we love standing in front of us, so let the newbies bliss out over "Yesterday" and "Hey Jude" and try to remember how jazzed you were the first time you heard him do these songs live, IMO.
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  20. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    Hey Glenn, that sounds like how you reacted when you met ME ... ;)
  21. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    Seriously, I understand where you are coming from. I've felt that too, and still do. I've personally invested so much time and love and emotion in Paul's music for decades, as many of you all have too, that it is impossible to not react with awe when getting to see Paul perform.
  22. Fletch

    Fletch Forum Resident

    New York
    I saw Springsteen in the 300's at the old building. Sounded so bad I wanted to cry.
  23. RayS

    RayS A Little Bit Older and a Little Bit Slower

    Out of My Element
    I didn't get The Beatles (I was 2) or Wings (I was 11), as we've discussed elsewhere. So that first night at MSG in December 1989 was everything you've described above and more. I was a grown man already (25 years old) but I sat there in silence like a 5-year-old before the "warm-up" film started in fear that if we spoke something might happen to make the show not come off - and I wouldn't REALLY get to finally see him after all those years, and literally thousands of listens to all those records. I already had tapes from the European leg so I knew what to expect, but I still wanted to hear "Hey Jude" and the "Abbey Road" medley ("Can you BELIEVE he's doing the Abbey Road medley?") The closest I think I ever came to that night again was when he broke out "Too Many People" years later (and that time I had avoided set lists to keep it a surprise) - for a couple of minutes there I don't think I cared whether I lived or died. :) But surely anyone who has experienced this music as strongly as us has gone to see him sometime in all those chances over 27 years?
  24. mrjinks

    mrjinks Optimistically Challenged

    Boise, ID.
    My seat didn't give me the opportunity for any good pix, but for those who have their allowance saved up...
    Btw, I have to tip my hat to you, @Frank, for giving me plenty of late, late night chuckles as I got caught up on this thread. You've been on a roll! :laugh:

    And speaking of other old-timers, what did the mysterious Dr. of Gig Harbor think of the show?
  25. RayS

    RayS A Little Bit Older and a Little Bit Slower

    Out of My Element

    Is that a THERMOS for 40 bucks????!!!!
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