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Pink Floyd Discovery Box is here...

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by TONEPUB, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. rockclassics

    rockclassics Forum Resident

    Arkansas, USA
    Just thought I would pass along that the single disc - Pink Floyd Sampler - which Best Buy has for $9.99 contains 6 tracks. The Best Buy I went to this evening had a bunch of these - even though their ad indicates a minimum of 2 per store. It looked to me like they had more of the Sampler discs than any of the individual remastered albums.
  2. Smiths22

    Smiths22 Well-Known Member

    i'm on the same possition, although im not a hard core pink floyd fan. The itunes samples sound very good all. Much better than the new 2011 smiths remasters..
  3. eelkiller

    eelkiller Not one of the first 100 members

    Hey another reason to boycott Amazon :)
  4. Smiths22

    Smiths22 Well-Known Member

    meddle and the rest of the albums mastered for itunes???? what does that mean? marketing i guess.
  5. rat1073

    rat1073 Active Member

    Have only listened to Meddle, comparing with the JPN mini-album I have, using the 1992 mastering. The new one, in my opinion, is brighter and a bit louder, but not objectionable on either count. Sorry, can't post waves right now, as I'm not at the workplace. Still favoring the EQ of the earlier edition. Re-listened to the others in this series recently, and still finding these very likeable, Animals being the exception; just grabbed the new one.
  6. Doug Schiller

    Doug Schiller Forum Resident

    Tampa Bay
    Picked up The Wall and Animals at Target, they only had about 5 CDs.
    For those using iTunes to rip, take note, the second Wall CD pulls the first CD names.
    I had to use a tagging program to fix.
    I'm guessing some ***** sent the wrong info CDDB.
  7. heepsterandrey

    heepsterandrey Forum Resident

    Hey those are the same I picked up at Target too!
  8. Runt

    Runt Forum Resident

    Motor City
    It's amazing how difficult it is on this thread to find someone who has compared these new remasters with the Doug Sax remasters! :eek:
  9. fitzysbuna

    fitzysbuna Forum Resident

    I have a choice get this box or don't buy the new queen cds ! which would you get?
  10. Doug Schiller

    Doug Schiller Forum Resident

    Tampa Bay
    My Target only had DOTM, WYWH (not touching those because of the Immersions), Animals, The Wall, and Division Bell.

    I wanted The Wall and Final Cut.

    I compared (quickly) The Wall with my MOFI and I was very impressed with the new CD.
    Hard to judge fully since the MOFI is such low colume.

    I never owned the Sax remaster, just the original CBS and Gold CD.
  11. heepsterandrey

    heepsterandrey Forum Resident

    I've got The Wall as part of OBTW box, isn't that the Doug Sax?
  12. Lyle_JP

    Lyle_JP Forum Curmudgeon

    Danville, CA, US
    Yup. But it's a differently EQ'ed Doug Sax than the Shine On/Columbia/Capitol releases in the states. The differences are slight.
  13. Demolition Man

    Demolition Man Forum Resident

    How is the new mastering on The Final Cut compared to previous releases? I'm hoping its better then the overly loud 2004 remaster.
  14. heepsterandrey

    heepsterandrey Forum Resident

    Yeah I've got the second disc (Someone stole my first disc) to the 1994 Capitol and the OBTW version is quieter. That's all I can tell with my crappy speakers. The 2011 Mastering has more bass, and sounds clearer, seems to have smoother sound. Looking at some waveforms it looks to be just as loud as the OBTW Mastering. This is all on some crappy Panasonic stereo system though so what I say may be wrong, just thought I'd share my views :)
  15. rockclassics

    rockclassics Forum Resident

    Arkansas, USA
    I would go for the Pink Floyd box in a second.
  16. oldschool

    oldschool I love tape hiss

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    That's because most people on this forum seem to prefer (and probably only have) the early UK and Japan CDs, MOFIs and MasterSounds.
  17. motionoftheocean

    motionoftheocean Forum Resident

    Circus Maximus
    just want to hear that these are the "go to" versions of the Pink Floyd catalog and I'll snatch this up in a sec. but until then, I'm going to hold out.
  18. Good luck with that! :laugh:
  19. thecrokid

    thecrokid Active Member

    Northport Ny 11768
    I can't speak for the entire board (nor would I want to) but they're now my go to version, all I had previously were the sax remasters though. They sound (to my ears and equipment) clearer. Plus I really enjoy the packaging.
  20. boots

    boots Chokma!

    I did a little A/B'ing On Meddle vs Mofi Meddle and to me they are real close to one another. There doesn't seem to be much of a difference in volume either(2011 being a tad louder) the 2011 seems to be clearer too. I did a comparison on WYWH and the Toshiba remaster TOCP 65560 and the Toshiba wins hands down, the 2011 sounds muffled to me compared to the Toshiba. I wish I didn't have to go to work early in the morning or I'd be up all night comparing these but so far I'm pleased.
  21. swanlee

    swanlee Active Member

    Ok you will hear that from me, I have at least 2-5 cd version of every album plus a bunch of vinyl rips even some 24 bit 96k vinyl rips and after sampling all the discovery sets I think these are the best sounding as far as 16 bit 44k versions. The only close call is a vinyl rip of the Wall I have which is so warm and perfect I have never heard anything like it.

    I have the original 87 releases of the albums, Japanese first issues, the Doug sax releases and various other holy grail type releases like the black triangle Darkside and the Japan 2 track WYWH, and SBM versions, MFSL versions of every floyd disc etc.

    Now these are the best sounding versions to my ears but be warned you are going to need to be VERY familiar with various versions of these to pick apart the differences as sometimes it is as simple as the vocals are a tad clearer or there is slightly better background ambiance etc. The difference is pretty slight when compared against the previous best version of each album. These are not remxed or anything of the sort just better and more modern digital transfers of the source material.

    On the whole these remasters are very well done NONE are brick walled in any way shape or from, they are clearer with better bottom end, better separation and better detail without being shrill or fatiguing.

    Plus the sound signature on these is pretty consistent now album through album instead of being all over the place like if you compared More to WYWH, More has always sounded awful and now is at least a little more inline with the quality of the other albums.

    So they did a great job with these and completely avoided making them loud like all other remasters the last 15 years or so.
  22. Daniel Plainview

    Daniel Plainview God's Lonely Man

    I bought Atom Heart Mother and Animals. I compared them with their '94 and Shine On counterparts respectively. I find the differences unsubstantial except for the fact that the 2011's are louder. Maybe too much so for my liking. I think I liked the Shine On Animals better.
  23. See what I mean?
  24. motionoftheocean

    motionoftheocean Forum Resident

    Circus Maximus
    based on what you quoted? no.
  25. They look nice. I've got enough remasters that look nice.
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