Pistol, Sex Pistols mini-series directed by Danny Boyle

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    A biographical drama mini-series on the Sex Pistols premieres on Hulu on May 31. The six-part mini series is based on Steve Jones' 2017 memoir, Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol, and is directed by Danny Boyle (Trainspotting).

    With so many great shows on TV and streaming services these days, I rarely jump into new shows, and wait for the reviews and fan reactions after the show airs before dipping in. But the topic and Danny Boyle behind the camera caught my attention on this show.

    There was an earlier thread in the Music forum about Johnny Lydon (who criticized this show, while in production, as "the most disrespectful s*** I've ever had to endure") suing the other band members to block the use of the Sex Pistols' music in this show. Lydon lost that lawsuit, which allowed for the Sex Pistols' music to be used in the series. The Gorts suggested starting a new thread on this show itself, rather than trying to continue off that earlier thread.
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    Are they using the original music, with the actors miming ?
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    Without John's input, in any way, this can't and never will be definitive. Could it be entertaining, factual to some people's recollection, sure. Will I watch it, I"m not sure. John Lyndon is a lot of things, truthful is usually one of them. To a fault sadly for him many times. Without his version of The Sex Pistols, a lot seems to be missing especially his relationship with Sid. I"m not sure anyone can speak about Sid with more actual, having been there knowledge. Certainly not the other band members who often times ignored or didn"t involve themselves with Sid much. So, I'm not sure on this one. My opinion is they had a chance to make good money, but within certain parameters, meaning it's our(studio) story, which John would never have agreed with. So, let's make the money and exclude Johnny boy. Just my thoughts.
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    Read Steve Jones is appy with the results so far, even taught the actor playing him pistols gtr parts. Did You Know Wrong..:)
    SJ ..said it’s not a musical ( he hates musicals).
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    Danny Boyle directing has to be at least interesting.
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    Its really hard to tell (obviously) form only watching the trailer, as it jumpcuts so fast - but it seems they will be using a McLaren voiceover in the same style as TGRNRS? That immediately tells me how the story will be told. And as @alexpop has said above, if Rottten isnt involved and has no influence over the narrative we will miss out important chunks of the latter part of their story - Sid's descent, the many reasons for the split and, most importantly, how Rotten and Vicious were treated by McLaren and the others at the end. ill never forget Lydon breaking down while talking about Sid in Temple's doc even after all those years. Its important to many of us that they get this stuff right.

    In my mind there have only been 2 ways to tell the story of this band - McLaren's and Rotten's. Is this going to become a 3rd?
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    and as “?
    What quote of mine are you referring to?
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    I'm interested in seeing it.
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    I can see why John Lydon hates these things: they never get him right, or anything approaching right. They make him look like a sniveling, angry kid who was against everything. Yes, that was a reasonable part of his image (but not his whole image), and had little or nothing to do with who he really was or is as a person. I remember really enjoying Sid and Nancy when it came out in 1986 mainly because Gary Oldman and Chloe Webb threw themselves into the roles (and I loved the punk energy of Alex Cox movies), but Lydon was furious about his portrayal in that, too, with good reason. It seems to me that if you're going to do this right, you need to get John Lydon right. And it shouldn't be hard as he's written at least two biographies that do a great job of lifting the curtain. From what I'm seeing in this preview? I'm guessing this will be flashy and fun in some respects, but way off the mark where it really counts.
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    After watching The Filth and the Fury, it’s hard for me to glamorize anything to do with the Sex Pistols. I will watch this because it looks interesting and I think Danny Boyle will do a decent job, but I agree with andy obrien above about how they were treated and exploited by McLaren and their story is actually a tragedy.
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    Oops sorry Alexpop - I meant to quote krisjay's comment on Lydon above yours - my mistake!
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    First time positive stuff is posted about this project. I will check it out anyway, even with all the reservations the inner band struggle this stuff triggered.
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