Planet Of The Apes 5 movie Soundtrack boxset remixed and remastered from LaLaLand (2019)

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    This 5Cd boxset of the original ape films - remixed and remastered is truly spectacular and a limited edition. Forget Woodstock - this is the set to own. Some of the sequel OST are already out of print. Jerry Goldsmith’s original score is rightly regarded as one of the greatest of all time.

    My set has just arrived in London and the Apes (1968) new sound is a revelation.

    Music by Jerry Goldsmith, Leonard Rosenman and Tom Scott

    Limited Edition of 5000 Units

    RETAIL PRICE: $69.98



    La-La Land Records, 20th Century Fox, Fox Music andVarèse Sarabande present a special, limited edition, 5-CD Box Set collection of the remastered motion picture scores from the original landmark PLANET OF THE APES film franchise – PLANET OF THE APES (1968), BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES (1970), ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE APES (1971), CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (1972) and BATTLE FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES (1973). In collaboration with Varèse Sarabande, La-La Land Records has enlisted this box set’s co-producer, Mike Matessino to restore, mix and meticulously re-master these important film scores composed by Jerry Goldsmith (THE OMEN, STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE, ALIEN), Leonard Rosenman (EAST OF EDEN, STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME, FANTASTIC VOYAGE) and Tom Scott (UPTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT, STIR CRAZY, THE SURE THING).

    Produced by Matessino and Neil S. Bulk, executive produced for 20th Century Fox by Nick Redman and executive produced for Varèse Sarabande by Cary Mansfield and Bryon Davis, this deluxe set, marking La-La Land Record’s 500th soundtrack release, was restored and remastered from original studio vault elements, resulting in improved sound worthy of the great Caesar! The original 1968 PLANET OF THE APES album presentation is also included, upgraded sonically by way of this restoration. Four jewel cases, containing 5 discs total (one score on each disc), are housed, along with a separate overview booklet, in a handsome hardcover slipcase. The exclusive, in-depth notes by co-producer Matessino and writer Jeff Bond, take you within, and behind-the-scenes of the APES saga’s rich scores while Dan Goldwasser’s sharp art design rounds out this exciting limited edition of 5000 units.”
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    This should be incredible!
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    I have never purchased a "La-La Land" disc, are they "silver" or "cd-r"?
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    Silver. They make great and well researched products. Mastering is usually superb, especially when Mike Matessino is involved as he is here.
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    LLL has very HIGH QUALITY CD's and packaging. No cheap stuff here, but not way over-priced, either.

    It will likely come with a thick booklet filled with info about the music (not so much about the movies).

    You won't be disappointed.
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    The booklets included are great
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    Thanks for the notice!
  8. I know this should of been in Music forum but Apes are more a visual experience so I felt it would be better placed here. LaLa Land records had the soundtracks totally redone with even more tracks like Mono Conquest theme hope not a fold down, and much more than even the well packahed filled Beneath and Conquest. Conquest as proven from the isolated tracks on the old blurays have versions of music cues even different than the film its on, three versions sometimes and they sound good.
    I hate that the outer box uses the sam Ape fan guys with blue background as the cover. The individual film cds have mostly poster art, sort of.
    Friends who gpt them already say they are great and well done acoustically. They are at lala land since July 30 th even Amazon has one one box set at an inflated price.
    Yes I want 4k hdr and this might be the new audio that the new 4ks get when and if it happens Disney/Fox. Take care all, John M.
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    Did they find new tracks or hitherto unreleased tracks to the first Planet of the Apes (1968)?
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  10. It really sounds like different version of cues or just better sounding earlier generation tracks or new tracks (mixes) for Planet, but as most know their are backing tracks, working tracks, tracks made for media, lp cassette, reel to reel etc.. In my experience their are about three full score tracks for Pota68. Conquest, always a mystery, had a mixture of Mono, Stereo, different versions of cues, and then half weren't used because J.Lee Thompson thought that, as envisioned, Conquest was to be shot like a documentary and most of lifes events dont have a backing track.
    Most of the same tracks that are Mono are not simply fold downs of stereo mixes and are in most cases very dynamic
    Most of this info is from a friend in L.A. who gets news and stuff before myself, he has many contacts from the old Fox days and many from the making of this compilation.
    Going to listen much closely over the next week and report back. John M.
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  11. LaLa Land has been on fire lately with their remastered soundtracks. I can't believe the remastered sound quality on their 40th Anniversary Superman: The Movie soundtrack. Absolutely amazing.
  12. After a couple of hours with most of the Pota68 tracks, not the Soundtrack album which is original 1968 lp, but the Actual score used in the film, the first half of this Cd, sounds so much in timbre and dynamics and "thats what I remember" of the original film as shown in theaters and initial tv broadcasts from 1973-74. My only proof I have are my 50 year-old cassettes recorded off a broken drive-in sound post and hard wired to my uncle's semi-pro Panasonic tape recorder for field work manufactued in approximately 1966 and my hard wired tapes from the back of my parents TV the best audio/video conglomeration from Magnavox in 1965 just the woodwork alone is magnificent.
    In all, the tracks used in the film distribution from all 5 Apes films in these new CDs are represented in this package imho. The subtle differences of Conquests tracks from mono and stereo are wonderful and again sound like the rest here as in 1st Generation stems or whatever that magic the producers and engineers have captured here.
    The 2008 bluray isolated tracks are dead sounding compared to this cd set. Many of these tracks are ofcourse the full longer tracks, also on some previous cd incarnations, that the sound editor later puts in forms that are ultimately on the films we all know. I'll compare to those blurays more intensely at a later time.
    Tom Scotts soprano sax ( not 100% sure he left the conductors diaz to solo) and Joe Procaro's drums on Conquests theme are identical in volume and timbre as my old cassettes. Carol Kayes bass guitar in Escape is so real and delineated from previous audio releases. And so much more.
    As you can tell they sound great to me. I will stop this now but will continue more comparisons and listening sessions soon. Take care, John M.
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    Well, you sold me on the new box-set. I'll buy it.
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  14. Ofcourse I have no interest or connection with this or any "Apes" release. Im just a fan in a normal sense. These films along with so many others from that little golden era are a wonderful peak into that time, along with the music which we here on this site obsess over.
    Like physiological professionals say a young person around the ages of 10-15 are very malleable in what will affect them and I am one of them.
    It was the music of the original Apes series that got my fanboy mind perked. After seeing Pota68 at the Capitol Theater at the age of 8 my musical juices matured. My mom was a classically trained pianist, who since I was born played all music on the stereo and her baby grand piano especially Beethoven and taught students the piano. Having all these hippies in my home was eventful.
    Anyway, my mom went to Colony Records under the Brill Building NY,NY and got me the soundtrack and the seed was planted. As you read my previous post the music and the quality of that reproduction probably started the search for serious playback of said music in general.

    Im just like most here in the importance and influence of music which seems to be anachronistic in these dumbed downed days.

    If anyone who purchases this Apes cd collection has a history of the mess this series went through, both video and audio, will be pleasantly surprised in this production. Have fun, John M.
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  15. Went through the whole set..WOW! I'll get into the individual tracks and such but for now the sound quality the booklets and the total professionalism is how a future 4k set should be done and with These Tracks.I
    Only silly thing is this set has a resemblance to the bluray box set with the fan club apes instead of the actual film apes, very minor complaint. Thing that scares me is because they match will their not be a new 4k box set? Keeping fingers crossed, John M.
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    anyone else picked this up?
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    I really don't see why.

    I have all the soundtracks on CD (except for ESCAPE which came as a somewhat complete suite added to the Varese/Sarabande PLANET OF THE APES CD), so really what need is this box set? I looked at the track listings -- don't see any unused tracks. Apart from the booklets, I see no need for this. Am I missing something about the set?
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    It's a set I'm really proud of. A lot of time was put into the first score, because of the complexity. I pulled the original 1968 Dialogue-Music-Effects tracks from Fox to determine precisely how things were meant to sound. The previous Varese release did not always treat material meant to be echoplexed accurately, and I made sure to note where it was supposed to happen and Mike Matessino mixed it all properly. I also studied the original album, which in addition to editing the cues, mixed things a little differently at times. We made sure to honor all of those decisions. For example, I don't think any prior release has ever had the film mix of the main title before. Now we have that and the album mix.

    The other films were a little less challenging, but there were issues to address and we're delighted with how the whole thing turned out.

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    Yes. They have been remixed from the master tapes and remastered and are a revelation ! But don’t take my word for it ...
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    Neil you should be. Apes is my fave movie of all time and this has been worth the long wait. I cannot thank and commend you enough !
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    Mr. Bulk has done marvelous work on James Bond soundtrack re-releases. I suppose there was nothing really new to bring to these APES re-releases. Remixes and remasters I have found throughout the years are not worth the price of admission. Oh, how I wish there were alternate or unused cues for the APES films...particularly the first film.
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  22. Do you name your dogs after characters from The Planet Of The Apes? My cousin who is 45 does.
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  23. When my wife had many cats a decade ago most all were characters from the Pota films.

    Thats all for now? John M
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  24. Man I didnt see that you had a thread. See mine in the Video forum, .....John M.
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    This is music is it not?

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