Poll: Do you like heavy metal?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by marke, Apr 12, 2014.

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  1. bare trees

    bare trees Senior Member

    This is my feeling as well. I love the metal that I grew up on such as Sabbath, Maiden, Priest, and early Metallica. Death metal doesn't click with me for some reason.
  2. DEG

    DEG I no longer have a pet ant

    Lawrenceville Ga.
    Ya, mostly Judas Priest, Ted Nugent, Scorpions. Not that nuts about this genre tho any more...
  3. Thermionic Dude

    Thermionic Dude Forum Resident

    Sometimes I too think I should "grow up" at age 40, but anytime this thought occurs to me I always end up in the car soon thereafter blasting Morbid Angel or Slayer or whatever, then I'm reminded that it still kicks just as much ass as it did 25 years ago! :D

    Judging from the crowd at the Avenged Sevenfold gig this past Fall, I'd say there are a lot of kindred spirits out there too. Besides, bands like Testament, Exodus, and Death Angel have members several years older than me and they are making some of the best music of their careers right now.

    Exhibit A, "The Formation of Damnation":

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  4. nicotinecaffeine

    nicotinecaffeine Forum Resident

    Walton, KY
    Metal's sort of like how Bernstein described pop music on Inside Pop...it's mostly trash, but that good five percent is vital. Lots of now-classics from the 80's and 90's - Seasons, Lightening, Peace Sells, the Savatage EP Sirens, etc. Having Countdown To Extinction chase Pet Sounds in the CD player is fine by me. Also, really like Psalm 69, but not sure if that would be classified, technically, as "metal".
  5. Sneaky Pete

    Sneaky Pete Senior Member

    Indifferent. I like some of it and don't like some of it.
  6. manxman

    manxman Forum Resident

    Isle of Man
    Since about 1995, metal has been the most creative and progressive of all genres. The music created by bands like Therion, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Unexpect, Maudlin Of The Well, Rolo Tomassi and Chrome Hoof is simply incredible.
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  7. Purple Jim

    Purple Jim Forum Resident

    I only have "Ace Of Spades" and a personal compilation of some other Motorhead songs but that's all I like of the genre.
  8. Thermionic Dude

    Thermionic Dude Forum Resident

    I'm sort of surprised that a dude with an avatar pic which could make for a pretty decent Metal album cover is only "indifferent" :D!
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  9. four sticks

    four sticks Senior Member


    Musically, the song is pretty good but, the vocals kill it for me. Is that Chuck Billy?? Sounds nothing like him. For whatever reason I never cared for Testament - even back in the late 80's when I was big into thrash.
  10. JustVinyl

    JustVinyl Forum Resident

    Yes, metal is by far my favourite genre.
  11. Jerryb

    Jerryb Senior Member

    New Jersey
    Never heard a heavy metal album.
  12. Yam Graham

    Yam Graham Senior Member

    West Midlands,UK.
    I only like 'good' Heavy Metal......
    Much the same with Pop and any other genre.
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  13. Sneaky Pete

    Sneaky Pete Senior Member

    That is funny. I created my avatar a long time ago. It is really a play on the word Goatee. It's a Jazz tenor playing beatnik goat. But now that you mention it I can see it is a bit Metal too!
  14. Lpone

    Lpone Forum Resident

    Yes I like heavy metal. It started in 1976 with Kiss, Aerosmith, Nugent, Then I got into Sabbath, Purple, Rush, Zeppelin and any hard rock of the day. The game changer was when I heard Judas Priest Sad Wings Of Destiny. There was something different about it. When nwobhm hit in the early 80's it just seemed natural to me. It didn't seem that much different to what I already was into, other than it seemed to be a cliquish kind of thing not unlike punk. I remember the two bands that seemed to be in the forefront were Iron Maiden and Motörhead. At the time I loved Motörhead while I found Maiden kinda boring. Now I just love Maiden..best metal band ever IMO! I still listen to metal as well as any other type of music I like.
    I think metal has been instrumental in keeping rock music alive all these years. I'm not saying it "saved" rock and roll, but it would be interesting to see where rock went if there was no metal movement.
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  15. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    I liked it when I was younger, but I am indifferent to it now.
  16. Pavol Stromcek

    Pavol Stromcek Senior Member

    SF Bay Area
    Exactly. And yeah, I could never get into death metal either.
  17. peteneatneat

    peteneatneat Forum Resident

    Liverpool UK
    No. It's not that I don't like loud music - I love loud guitars as much as anyone. But heavy metal (mostly) leaves me cold. It's like "mock rock" to me. Sexless music for spotty teenagers.
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  18. vanhooserd

    vanhooserd Senior Member

    Hate it. I got into music starting with The Beatles in 1964. Loved The Yardbirds & the first couple of Led Zeppelin albums. Could stomach the first Black Sabbath but thought it was pretty dumb. After that I thought Metal was an unfortunate trend & am amazed it has continued this long.
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  19. LandHorses

    LandHorses Forum Resident

    New Joisey
    .............with the exception of the 1st Black Sabbath album.
  20. Claus

    Claus Senior Member

    What I can't hear NO MORE... cheesy 80's Hard Rock: Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Europe, Journey, Rainbow (feat. JLT), REO, Whitesnake
  21. No. I love lots of hard rock, but heavy metal is not something that ever spoke to me, at all.
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  22. Funky54

    Funky54 Coat Hangers do not sound good

    Who can answer that? Nobody defines Hard Rock from heavy metal with certainty.

    I love Hard Rock. To Me that's Zeppelin , Thin Lizzy, Rival Sons and Black County Communion. However many places categorize those bands as Heavy Metal.... Makes no sense to me.
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  23. I like a lot of Scandinavian metal.

    I don't know if it counts as heavy, but it's heavy enough for me.
  24. celticbob

    celticbob Forum Resident

    I love it.
    Similar to Pig Bodine above, I cannot hear any redeeming qualities in the nu-metal. I like traditional Metal, Thrash, Speed and Hair/Glam. I find the progressive stuff too busy and more geared toward players. Anything from Anthrax and Slayer to Steel Panther and Def Leppard.
  25. four sticks

    four sticks Senior Member

    I had to look up Nightwish on wiki as I had never heard of them. Symphonic Power Metal is how Wiki referred to them. :shrug:

    I listened to part of that clip, reminds me of Helloween.
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