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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by marke, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. marke

    marke Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I just bought a box set of Sean Connery James Bond movies and it got me thinking about my favorite Bond film. At this point in time I would say The Spy Who Loved Me. It was the first Bond film I ever saw, I liked Roger Moore and I thought "Jaws"was a great villain. I also like Goldfinger, Doctor No, Skyfall, Goldeneye and Casino Royale but Spy Who Loved Me is my pick.
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  2. Freedom Rider

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  3. Simon A

    Simon A Arrr!

    As much as I really like some the Connery films up to Thunderball and Lazenby's On Her Majesty's Secret Service (my second favourite Bond film), I chose Casino Royale. Excellent execution on every level and the first time, in my opinion, that the Bond character was given a real human dimension.

    I will add though that John Barry's music will always be an important part for me as it has stood the test of time much more than most of the films it was scored for.

    All in all, the films, the actors who portrayed the characters, the music and the songs written for them, the posters, all of those have become iconic and make the whole package a beautiful example of Pop Art at it's best.
  4. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    OHMSS. After many repeats over the years of all the Bond films this gets my vote . Best soundtrack/action .. Female lead. The fellow playing Bond is pretty good also.
  5. daglesj

    daglesj Forum Resident

    Norfolk, UK
    A tough one as none of them are truly great movies. I guess Casino Royale really upped the ante however.

    As for the rest I like bits of each of them but they are not movies I would go out of my way to watch if they were on.

    If Octopussy or Die Another Day get many votes I'll be surprised.
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  6. Subvet

    Subvet Forum Resident

    Southern Maine
    Goldfinger: "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die"
  7. SBurke

    SBurke Nostalgia Junkie

    Philadelphia, PA
    That's a real good list of favorites. The only one there I didn't like too much was "Skyfall." Others I really enjoyed: "From Russia With Love," "View to a Kill," "Tomorrow Never Dies," "For Your Eyes Only."

    This is truly an important poll, but I don't know how to vote in it. :)

    I really liked "Casino Royale," as so much of it was so good, despite it's rather strange construction. The centerpiece of the film, the card game, no doubt chosen due to the baffling popularity of televised poker, is so dull ("I'm hemorrhaging chips!") it has to be interrupted twice, first for a poisoning, then for a swordfight in a stairwell (or maybe it's the other way around, I don't remember). Still, the opening chase is jaw-dropping, Craig is cool, Eva Green is cooler, all of the final third is gripping, from what I remember . . . it's a real good picture, a lot of fun. "Skyfall," on the other hand, seems driven by stupidity, particularly to produce the final face-off, and is hardly ever any fun, which was a bit of a puzzler, because just looking at a still of Javier Bardem's face is itself fun and interesting.
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  8. mindblanking

    mindblanking The Bourbon King

    Baltimore, MD
    Voted Goldfinger but would vote for any of the Connery films along with Live and Let Die (saw it as a very little kid in the theater) and Goldeneye.
  9. marke

    marke Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Or Moonraker. I have a fondness for it but it is very campy.
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  10. sbeck201

    sbeck201 Forum Resident

    Wreay, Cumbria, UK
    From Russia With Love. Apart from the Daniel Craig films, it's the only Bond film that seems 'realistic' and gritty without the later fantasy and campy elements (especially the Roger Moore versions).
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  11. jojopuppyfish

    jojopuppyfish Forum Resident

    From Russia with love, Goldfinger, and Octopussy. Those are the ones I like the most. After Moore, I really don't like anything else.
  12. sgb

    sgb Forum Resident

    Baton Rouge
    I liked the early movies about equally, but with only 1 vote allowed, I picked the one I figured others might not know about.
  13. matthew5

    matthew5 Well-Known Member

    Not a fan of the series, but if I has to pick one it would be the Spy Who Loved Me. I like it for its campiness.
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  14. vinyl anachronist

    vinyl anachronist Forum Resident

    Central New York
    Up until a few years ago, I'd always recommend the first three as the starting point. But Casino Royale was a game changer, and then I felt Skyfall went just a bit further and came the closest to being a great film.
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  15. Shawn

    Shawn Forum Resident

    OHMSS with FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE a very close 2nd.
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  16. Spaghettiows

    Spaghettiows Forum Resident

    Silver Creek, NY
    I voted for From Russia With Love.

    Very close because On Her Majesty's Secret Service is in many ways my favorite Bond film, but I just can't warm up to George Lazenby. If Connery had starred in this, it would have been hands down THE best Bond film.
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  17. jojopuppyfish

    jojopuppyfish Forum Resident

    Big fan of Octopussy. Get 100 fans of James Bond in a room and you'll have 100 different opinions on what are the best and worst films.
    I like Roger Moore the best. A big myth is that Sean Connery films were all serious. There was definitely some campyness to his films. Thunderball isn't very good. Diamonds are forever is good. You only live twice is campy but very good. And Dr. No is overrrated. So his two great films are From Russia with love and Goldfinger.
    I enjoy every Roger Moore film except a View to a Kill.
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  18. Spaghettiows

    Spaghettiows Forum Resident

    Silver Creek, NY
    Same here. Even the "bad" Moore films (The Man With the Golden Gun and Moonraker) I still find to be enjoyable though not perfect. Sure, Moonraker was over the top, but I saw it in the theater when it first came out and the audience absolutely loved it. People cheered after the opening stunt and cheered after the film. That is exactly what audiences were looking for at that particular time, and it delivered.

    I agree about A View to a Kill. That is one of the few Bond flicks I don't care for. And Moore really did look old in it.
  19. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....


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  20. Cerebus

    Cerebus Forum Resident

    I'll go with Moonraker because it was my first Bond film, but there are certainly better ones.
  21. PNeski@aol.com

    PNeski@aol.com Forum Resident

    New York
    Goldfinger and Russia with Love
  22. shokhead

    shokhead Forum Resident

    Long Beach,SoCa
    As much of a Bond fan that I am and I hate to say it but the old ones are starting to seem a lot older after watching the last ones with PB and Craig. Doesn't mean I hate them but they are a little harder to watch as often.

    BTW for Bond 25, It looks like we don't have any release dates for this title yet.
    Sam Mendes (rumored)
    Ian Fleming (characters), John Logan
    Barbara Broccoli ... producer

    Michael G. Wilson ...
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  23. clayton

    clayton Forum Resident

    minneapolis mn
    From Russia With Love for me, Connery has always been my favorite Bond
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  24. Ronm1

    Ronm1 Forum Resident

    It's easy to pick the latest with modern productions but without a very good Dr.No there would have been no others to follow. It gets my vote as it had the suave-ruthless vibe about right. Ruthlessness started to ebb away, disappointingly IMHO, though some of that returned with Craig. Lazenby did have some of that too.
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  25. Standoffish

    Standoffish Don't you dare call me an ostrich!

    Casino Royale. Don't care much for the pre-Daniel Craig stuff.
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