Poll: Which version of Sandoval's updated Monkees book are you purchasing?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Brian Mc, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. BobT

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    That's pretty much how I answered that comment. With only 2,000 books printed, average fans won't need to complain about how much it costs.... until they see the prices it will fetch on Ebay a year or so from now.:bigeek:
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    Denver, CO
    Last day before the price increase tomorrow in case anyone's missed it. I personally think the book looks great so far.
  3. BobT

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    Thanks to everyone who preordered a book from Beatlandbooks.com
    This is the last day to grab them at the original price. We are running low on all three formats, but should have enough to last through the day.
    Tomorrow, prices go up by $25 per book.
  4. BobT

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    Looks like a sell out is coming soon!:wiggle::pineapple:
  5. BobT

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    Here's the latest...
    Greetings Beatland Readers!
    I want to say a big welcome to our latest book buyers and a special thank you to all of those who supported this project from the very beginning.

    I am sending out periodic newsletters directly to all of those who ordered books to keep you in the loop on the status of book production and shipment (as well as to share some insights about the Monkees).

    I have now seen final versions for the three book configurations. They were even tweaked slightly since the recent unboxing video. All of the final adjustments are in place and at last the books are now fully printed and en route to Los Angeles!

    Today I was advised that our 40-foot container of books will arrive in Long Beach on August 13th. From there, the importer/exporter says the books will need to clear customs and are due to arrive in our California warehouse on August 25th.

    The team at Beatland will work tirelessly through to that date to get all of your orders to the fulfillment team for immediate shipping. No doubt there will be some adjustment to these dates, but we are beyond excited to get these books out to you.

    To say I am on edge about this final hurdle in receiving them would be a massive understatement. I am anxious for each of you to hold the book in your hands. Suffice to say today’s update with specific dates about the book’s long cruise home finally has me feeling our goal is in sight.

    Both Micky and Michael have seen the book and have been very generous in their praise of the finished product. For us fans it is an intense exploration of their key years, but for them it represents a career milestone. The Monkees have come a long way on a path to true appreciation and I am very pleased this project is yet another marker in that movement.

    In researching this new edition of the book, I found out that Michael had serious intentions to write his own version of the Monkees’ story starting in late 1968. By 1970, he had approached a writer (Michael Canterbury) about taking on the task with him, but it would appear the project went no further.

    Michael’s book Infinite Tuesday was the realization of his long-held ambition. Micky also wrote a book, I’m A Believer, but he has told me on many occasions he was advised by his publishers they wanted more dirt than detail. In both cases, I feel that a number of missing details can be found in my upcoming book. Yet I still hope that both will open up their personal archives to offer fans more of what they have collected over the years.

    Last week I was back up in Carmel with Michael preparing for the upcoming Monkees tour and I noticed on social media that it was the anniversary of the group getting their star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 1989. I was at the ceremony, having just gotten my driver’s license that very morning! Following the unveiling, I drove over the hill to Universal City where the Monkees held their first group press conference (of all four members) since October 1968.

    At the time I was the publisher and editor of my own very homemade fanzine and had recently interviewed David. I mentioned his publicist’s name at the door and somehow found myself in the front row for this historic event!

    When it came time for questions, I raised my hand and was unbelievably picked to speak first. My question on that day was would the Monkees create a book of their own to tell their story first-hand?

    Micky leaned over and muttered the classic, “Wake me when this is over” (something I did not know until a friend later sent me a board recording of the event). Here I was, speaking to all four Monkees for the very first time. Davy took my question more seriously, noting there were already a number of books about the band and that it wasn’t likely.

    I often reflect on how that may have been the crazy starting point of this journey 32 years ago. Now being on the cusp of completing a book on the group for the second time (much like the one I was dreaming of that very day), it truly seems strange and fantastic. But, here we are! The Monkees literally changed my life and it has been my deep pleasure to preserve their history in this very special way.

    I cannot thank you enough for your support. I will write you all again in August with the next update!��

    Very best,

    Andrew Sandoval

    Beatland Books
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    (posting here from Big Barrel Thread in case others did not see or know this) per @j_rocker

    Looks like delivery of these massive books will be very late Aug early Sept!

    Grand_Ennui said:
    I'm not on Facebook or anything like that, but I'm wondering if Andrew Sandoval has said anything new about the book?

    I'm guessing everything's still on schedule and that books will ship out later this month?
    Last update was from 7/16:
    “Today I was advised that our 40-foot container of books will arrive in Long Beach on August 13th. From there, the importer/exporter says the books will need to clear customs and are due to arrive in our California warehouse on August 25th.”
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  7. BobT

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    Latest update- a bit more of a delay. Unfortunate, but I am not dismayed :)
    Greetings Beatland Readers!
    I want to say a big welcome to our latest book buyers and express my continued thanks to all of those who have supported this project right from the beginning.

    If you have only just joined us, I am sending out periodic newsletters for everyone who ordered books to keep you in the loop with the status of book shipment (as well as to share some insights about the Monkees).

    Today is August 16th, the 55th anniversary of the release of the very first Monkees record, “Last Train To Clarksville.” It is also the day I learned that our books had not yet arrived in the port of Long Beach as was forecasted by the shipper! The books are now scheduled to arrive next week on August 24th. They will need to clear through customs and are slated to be in our warehouse for shipping to you all on September 8th.

    I’m sure this isn’t the only Covid-related delay you have experienced of late, but it is obviously no easier to relate. Any hitch in what has been a lengthy production is unpleasant, but suffice to say the delivery of your books is my top priority. I truly hope the book’s arrival will bring both you and me some peace and happiness. I know they will be worth the wait.
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    I was gonna go for the super deluxe, but factor in shipping and I don't really need a book with photos.
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  9. Headfone

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    Well... whad'ya gonna do? My money's been paid. We get it when we get it, I guess. Disappointing news, though.
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  10. FJFP

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    Honestly, this doesn’t irk me in the slightest. When I originally ordered it I kinda assumed we’d just get it in 2022, so any date in 2021 is a bonus!
  11. apple-richard

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    I figured when it shows up it shows up. Not a problem for me. I have plenty to keep me occupied.
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  12. Trainspotting

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    I don't know if I'll read it as a novel anyway - as in page-by-page. I'll probably read individual sections first and then maybe read the parts I skipped.
  13. RobRoyF

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    I figured that might be more delays given what is going on. Thanks for the update @BobT
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  14. JuanTCB

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    Yeah, there's just too much going on these days to sweat the small stuff. This will be a nice way to roll into fall with the tour and everything.
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  15. Grand_Ennui

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    As long as we receive it in the Fall... I understand the delays and everything, but I'm hoping this doesn't end up being a Christmas of 2021 release :)
  16. MagneticNorthpaw

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    Chicago, IL USA
    I've seen some articles about and photos of shipping "traffic jams" and there are far more important goods & products that need to get through to people first. We know it's out there - it's just a matter of time. I commend Andrew at the highest degree for the regular updates he has provided, which are also creative and informative previews all in one. I was especially amused by how he cleverly tied the bridge sequence in Head into the arrival of the books. Brilliant.
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  17. O Don Piano

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    I’m not upset at the delay.
    Things are beginning to change again as far as product shipping priorities go.
    More to look forward to!
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  18. FJFP

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    New Update!

    We have just heard from our book shipper that the book boat is in Long Beach and is scheduled to come to port on Monday (8/30). From there the books will need to travel to Sylmar for shipping to you. We'll send another update as soon as we have it!
  19. D-rock

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    I like that pic lol
  20. BobT

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  21. spsimmons

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    Peoria Illinois
  22. Grand_Ennui

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    I hope this doesn't mean we'll be waiting until 2022 to get our books.
  23. FredV

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    Patience is a virtue, my son.

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  24. RobRoyF

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    I guess we will know something more in a week or 2. There have been lots of stories in the news about shipping delays from China and elsewhere due to covid. :(
  25. BobT

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    Books ahoy!

    Beatland Books
    Hey hey Beatland Readers:
    The latest Monkees book news as of this morning is that the book boat is docked in Long Beach and the container is supposed to finally come off the ship tonight (after a long holiday weekend). I assume your books are well-rested from their travels and have adjusted to Pacific Standard Time. They have been sitting in beautiful Long Beach Harbor for what seems like an eternity.

    Ahoy, Beatland Reader!
    In the meantime, I took a trip to the fulfillment center which will ship them to each of you. There I had a long meeting about how they will be unboxed from the container and prepped for shipping. Since I will not be in Los Angeles when they arrive, I have two people who will inspect the books on arrival and help with this transition. The professionals feel they can get all 2000 orders out in one week. The customs broker now has set September 10 or 13th for their arrival at the facility. As soon as they arrive there, I will send out another update.

    I spent the past week with Michael Nesmith & Micky Dolenz preparing for the upcoming Monkees Farewell Tour. The good news is that they are both in fine voice and we have added a few new old songs to the setlist, one of which has been on my wish list for about nine years! I believe it will be in the show which opens this Friday in Spokane.

    The Monkees Boat
    It is a lot of fun going over the music and arrangements and staging, getting it back in shape for this run through the United States. For those of you who don't know of my involvement with the Monkees' tours, I am the show producer. What that means is that I work directly with Micky & Michael on the content of the show, the players in the band and I hire and manage the crew to support the endeavor. We will be hitting the road tomorrow with four buses and a truck hauling guitars, clothing, more than 20 people and a tympani drum!

    All of us are taking every precaution possible to stay safe. Everyone on and offstage is fully vaccinated and wore masks for the entire rehearsal period and that is how it will remain for all those not onstage. Even the musicians in the band wore masks for rehearsal if they were not singing.

    Andrew Sandoval
    If you are at one of the shows, you may see me at the mixing desk supervising and "calling the show" - which is instructing when the lights come down and the performers hit the stage. Regrettably, I will be double masked and will not be as available to chat as I have in past tours. If I wave to you - just know I am smiling from under my mask. This is part of a mutual pact we made with everyone on the road. The focus has to be on arriving at a venue getting the show on and leaving directly afterwards for the next performance.

    I have been doing this touring for ten years now and it is mentally and physically challenging in the best of times. If it were not for this added layer of Covid, this tour would still be tough. Nevertheless, the spirits are high, especially when we have a lot of great music to share and with strong ticket sales, the Monkees have had to do less work in promotion and can just focus on what is important: resting and singing.

    Please stay safe out there - I cannot wait for you to read the book. Just put aside plenty of time: it may take you a few years to unpack all of the info I have baked into this baby!

    Talk to you next week from the road,

    Beatland Books

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