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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Scopitone, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. InStepWithTheStars

    InStepWithTheStars It's a miracle, let it alter you

    North Carolina
    Thanks. In my uncultured youth I was a rebel and didn't label my videos, now it has been pulled and I look like a fool.

    Artist is Langhorns, song is "Las Vegas Fist Fight" from Mission Exotica, 2003 on the wonderfully-named Bad Taste Records.
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  2. ryuundo

    ryuundo Forum Resident

    new jersey
    at 2:24, things really turn up the heat for this song already on 11 (Keep in mind, this is from 1971).

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  3. redfloatboat

    redfloatboat Forum Resident

    This solo which starts around 3.10 and goes for a couple of minutes is fantastic, imo.[i don't much like the song itself though.] It's slow, emotional, and long.

  4. redfloatboat

    redfloatboat Forum Resident

    Despite the video saying this is Queen, its a Brian May solo track. Solo starts around 2.20.
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  5. redfloatboat

    redfloatboat Forum Resident

    My favourite solo of all-time, played by Jeff Beck. Starts at 1.48.
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  6. Classic Car Guy

    Classic Car Guy Forget Scientific & Enjoy the Music

    Northwest, USA
    The real fire starts at 2:07.....

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  7. James5001

    James5001 Forum Resident

    Love the solo on this and I also want that strat.
  8. Bowland

    Bowland Forum Resident

    Stan the man should have more recognition for the great rocking records he made. This one has a few solos, some great licks and then a barrage of riffing...

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  9. GoodVibrations47

    GoodVibrations47 Every living being is a dancer

    From 1993 'Dream Harder; album by The Waterboys:
    Preparing To Fly:
    2:58 for the set up (preceding chorus) or 3:22 until end of song for an all time favourite guitar solo...
    I've always assumed it was Mike Scott but Chris Bruce also credited on lead/rhythm guitars
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  10. brew ziggins

    brew ziggins Forum Prisoner

    The Village
    Russell Malone, starting about a minute in.

  11. Scopitone

    Scopitone Buys an instant cake and burns a frozen steak Thread Starter

    Denver, CO

    Lionel Richie - "Running With The Night"

    Steve Lukather's killer outro solo starts just after the 4 min mark and runs almost 2min until the end.

    (Rick Beato turned me on to this one)
  12. mike sullivan

    mike sullivan Blues Boy

    hong kong

    Jeff Healey - See the Light...Great solo from Jeff commencing at 1 min 40 secs,.. and that opening riff is BADASS AS HELL!
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  13. Bucks

    Bucks Forum Resident

  14. mike sullivan

    mike sullivan Blues Boy

    hong kong

    Frank Marino - Ditch Queen...solo commences at 2 mins 30 secs.
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  15. mbennet

    mbennet Forum Resident

    Bethesda, MD
    Topping the Buzzcocks' Boredom solo by 50%, here's the Hi-Risers with One Note Joe (1:09):

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  16. Scopitone

    Scopitone Buys an instant cake and burns a frozen steak Thread Starter

    Denver, CO

    The Who -"Naked Eye"

    Pete does some great work starting around 2:50.
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  17. The Dark Elf

    The Dark Elf Curmudgeonly Wordwraith

    I still say Frank Marino did the best version of Purple Haze. It's brutal....

  18. Scopitone

    Scopitone Buys an instant cake and burns a frozen steak Thread Starter

    Denver, CO

    Bruce Springsteen & Tom Morello - The ghost of Tom Joad (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 2009)

    Bruce and Tom crush it, starting around 3:20.
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  19. All Along the Watchtower―Hendrix
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  20. fallbreaks

    fallbreaks Forum Resident

    My favorite guitar solo, Dave Davies on the Kinks’ She’s Got Everything

    Look in around 1:10

    Absolute energetic trash, the way all guitar solos should be.
  21. classicrockguy

    classicrockguy Forum Resident

    Livingston NJ
    Neil Young's solo in "Rockin in the Free World" is one of his best ones

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  22. Mojo7575

    Mojo7575 Forum Resident

    Byrd Burton/The Amazing Rhythm Aces - "The End Is Not In Sight".
  23. mike sullivan

    mike sullivan Blues Boy

    hong kong

    Roy Buchanan - Roy's Bluz...1976..

    From 3 mins 10 secs until the end of the vid is only what i can descibe as 'sensational orgasmic wizardry' from Roy....The way he tickles those strings, OH MAN!.....With the exception of Danny Gatton, its hard to think if there has ever been a better virtuoso of the Telecaster guitar than Roy.
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  24. mike sullivan

    mike sullivan Blues Boy

    hong kong

    An absolute all time classic...Lynyrd Skynyrd with Freebird, during that crazy hot UK summer in 1976, at Knebworth Festival....Rolling Stones were headliners but it was LS that stole the show...Allen Collins solo commences at 6 mins 55 secs and you just don't want it to ever end.
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  25. Jem

    Jem Forum Resident

    Solo begins at 3.03 but obviously listen to the whole song


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