Predicting the Movie Hits and Bombs of 2019

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Vidiot, Dec 17, 2018.

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    For the 97th time, I never said Elton was as impressive a live performer as Freddie.

    You seem to conflate "prancing on stage" to be the only way an artist can put on a show.

    Didn't the audiences in those Elton clips look pretty happy/excited?

    And if ya want prancing, here ya go:

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    He's got the "prancing" part down for sure.

    The problem is that you can not "prance" and play the piano and sing at the same time.

    My attached video's show Elton live in concert, playing the same song, over a period of 34-years and it all appears pretty much the same to me.

    You did comment, that;

    I am fine with listening to Elton just singing and playing the piano on stage, I like Elton, always have.

    My point was, that one man, sitting and playing the piano was not going to translate into something that would be holding movie goer's captive for any length of time. The "theatrics and intensity" are just not there.

    Another member commented:

    My thoughts were:

    I had also commented that I was looking forward to Rocketman. I think that it could be a very interesting and otherwise compelling movie.

    I have never disliked Queen, I just never paid much interest in them, one way or another.

    My comments were about Michael Rose's observation that EJ would not come close to BH in the theater.

    While I certainly hope that this proves not to be the case, my point is that I can understand that a lack of dynamic in a guy sitting and playing a piano during a movie might be a legitimate reason for the fact that BR might be more attractive to movie going audiences of today.

    Queen is also more "in the present" and would have a greater appeal to a younger movie going audience, who would be more relatable with them, than the same audience would be with EJ.

    I enjoyed the soundtrack that EJ did for the movie "Friend's" back in 1971, some 47-years ago.

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  7. Sure we are getting off topic, but the soundtrack to Friends is fantastic. Great singing, playing and production and even the orchestrated score is wonderful. Such a beautiful record that was soon in the cutout bins at the time. I just love it.
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    You continue to view "theatrics and intensity" as meaning "running around the stage". Not the same thing.

    An artist can still be expressive and "intense" while at a piano.

    Here's a lesson in which the performer never actually leaves the piano! :eek:

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    Most of what Lady Gaga does is not sit at a piano during her concert performances.

    My comments were limited as I stated to what might have more of an appeal to movie going audiences.

    That is ALL that I said. No doubt that an artist can not be expressive and intense while preforming an instrument.

    When you are utilizing a "visual" medium, going beyond "expressive and intense" can have more audience appeal.

    Lindsey Stirling is expressive and intense while playing the violin. However her YouTube appeal is greater when she dresses the part, has a background and "dances" while she plays the her instrument.

    And now, back to the original thread...
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    are you implying he's not in 4? because that is incorrect
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    No. I am not.
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    more 2 cents-
    Toy Story 4-Hit-#5 box office
    Avengers 4-HUGE Hit-#1 box office
    Star Wars-Big Hit-#4 box office
    Lion King-HUGE Hit-#2 box office
    Once Upon A Time...-Hit
    Rambo 5-Bomb(but I'll put in my $)
    Frozen II-Big Hit-#3 box office
    You Are My Friend-Hit
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    I'm not sure I would agree with this, only because there's a huge hit, a modest hit, a film that breaks even, a disappointing film, and a huge bomb. There's a wide range of how a film might do.

    I don't see Aladdin as bombing, but it might not be the huge hit they're hoping for. Terminator and Rambo might do "so-so," but not quite break even.
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    Episode 9 #4 for the year? No way - no "Episode" has ever been lower than #3, and the fact it ends the trilogy will bring in viewers.

    Fun fact: the middle chapter of the 3 trilogies all performed worst at the box office - assuming E9 does better than "Last Jedi", and I'm betting it will...
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    I agree. I can't see anyone who has watched the Star Wars movies over the past three decades, not wanting to see the final chapter.

    Unless they really screw it up and it generates really awful reviews, I expect that it will be a completely successful movie at the 2019 box office.

    They have an excellent cast to work with. Chapter's VII and VIII were so much better well done than the three prequel's. I think that everyone's faith in the SW franchise has been restored.
  16. jlocke08

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    it can do huge box office and break records but still end up with $1 million+- less 3 other films for the year
  17. SandAndGlass

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    I'm going to predict that SW makes the top three.

    I can see Frozen II in the top three.

    I have never seen any of the Avenger's movies, so I can't comment here.

    Everybody seems to think they will do well, so I would concede that it will likely be in the top three.

    I think that Lion King, Dumbo and Toy Story, somewhere in the next three.

    I can see Aladdin, Rambo and Terminator as being bombs.

    I can't really see Downtown Abby as really being all that popular. I would think that even as a TV show, it would have a limited audience outside of England.

    Are the people who would watch it as a TV show, really going to flock en mass to see it it the theater's? I can see it turning a profit, due to it having a low production cost.

    I can see Rocketman turning a profit, because I could not see it having a huge production cost either.

    I can see most of the others that have been mentioned as turning a profit.

    I can't see Once Upon A Time... doing that well due to production costs.
  18. Oatsdad

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    I think it's way more likely E9 is #1 US for 2019 than #4.

    I think the worst it does is #2 after "Avengers", and I think it'll be #1...
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    The disappointing performance of “Solo,” with the attendant grumblings about Star Wars fatigue, is the only thing that might cause one to be slightly cautious about what magnitude of huge Episode 9 will be... but that was outside of the main series, and it had the handicap of the audience not wanting a new Han Solo. And with no SW movie this Christmas, I think by next Christmas everyone will be hyped for it again.

    Not sure what the effect of all the “Last Jedi” criticism will be... its always hard to tell how widespread that kind of vocal fan discontent really is. And unlike with the more skippable “Solo,” even the haters are gonna want to see how it all turns out.
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    Yeah, the people who griped about "TLJ" are obsessives - they're not skipping E9, no matter how much they must protest.

    Besides, these movies don't make big bucks via obsessives - they need a mass audience, and those people will definitely show up for E9...
  21. Deuce66

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    Wanna bet?? I'm not the biggest fan of the series, I would actually argue that most of it is actually quite mediocre but TLJ failed to build on the good will generated by The Force Awakens, it was a significant step backwards.
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  22. The Tarantino film will make a boat load of money in the long run.
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    I'll take a pass also. Maybe catch the Star Wars movie on line...........
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    Doesn't matter to the obsessives. They're going to see E9 anyway...
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    I found that rather tame on the expressive and intense scale..............
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