Predicting the Movie Hits and Bombs of 2019

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Vidiot, Dec 17, 2018.

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    Your definition of $$ bomb is different from mine, it already recovered it's production budget ($25-30 million).
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    Frozen II already stands at $742 million worldwide, it should be able to reach the #3 spot for 2019 by the time it's done. Spider Man FFH holds that spot at $1.131 Billion.
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    If I interpret this correctly and presume that it equates with a fairly typical drop off of box office in weeks 2,3,4... rishman would have been a moderate Box Office hit if theaterically released? Lots of variables I know. Weather. Popcorn prices. Deniro making poitical statements. etc 'The Irishman' Draws 13.2 Million Viewers in First 5 Days on Netflix
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    Drawing eyes on Netflix isn't a direct equivalent to ticket sales. They try to do that in the article, but it's irrational to believe that everyone who flipped on their TV to watch it "for free" - since they already paid for the service - would've gone to a theater and purchased a ticket...
  5. Don't forget that it being available on Netflix removes the urgency of watching it. Like, if it was theatrical-only I would've seen it by now, but as it is I'll watch it when I have a 4-hour window open and the firm inclination to use it for watching one movie.
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    And here is a list of the Critical Bombs of 2019, courtesy of Variety:

    1. “Dumbo”
    2. “Glass”
    3. “Loqueesha”
    4. “Serenity”
    5. “Yesterday”
    6. “Men in Black: International”
    7. “Last Christmas”
    8. The last half hour of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”
    9. “Rocketman”
    10. “Annabelle Comes Home”
    Note these are the editors' picks, not mine.

    Variety: The Worst Films of 2019

    I gotta agree with them that Dumbo and Men in Black: International were terrible, terrible movies. I would add Alita: Battle Angel to that list.

    Digital Spy added some more films that were both bombs and critical flops:

    Captive State
    Missing Link
    Ugly Dolls
    X-Men: Dark Phoenix
    The Kitchen
    The Goldfinch
    Gemini Man
    Terminator: Dark Fate
    Charlie's Angels

    I couldn't make it through Hellboy because it was so awful, and I had predicted that Missing Link, Charlie's Angels, and Ugly Dolls would flop. Gemini Man was kind of boring, and I suspected the new Terminator would bomb (and it may have killed the franchise).

    Some more big bombs cited by CBS News:

    The Addams Family
    Angel Has Fallen
    Wonder Park
    A Dog's Journey
    The Art of Racing in the Rain
    A Madea Family Funeral
    Lucy in the Sky
    Rambo: Last Blood

    CBS News: The worst movies of 2019

    Some of these I think had moments; I know people who loved the heartwarming message of Art of Racing and Dog's Journey. And I actually liked the premise of Brightburn quite a bit, even though I don't think the film ultimately worked.
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    Of course, you still need a four hour window and a firm inclination to go watch it in a theatre.
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  8. Annabelle Comes Home is serviceable horror aimed at the teen market - I have no idea what Variety expected out of a horror franchise now several films deep into sequel territory. Certainly no bomb. The Curse of La Llorona was much more pedestrian horror fare produced by Hollywood in 2019.

    Annabelle Comes Home Blu-ray Review
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    I would agree that Dumbo was a bit on the "dark" side, for a Disney family movie, but it was by no means terrible.

    MIB International, was not a bad movie, it was fun and entertaining.. Everyone was just being a sourpuss because the original leads were not in it.

    I was under the impression that Yesterday and Rocketman were generally liked?

    Don't get the hate for Last Christmas? It was a decent Christmas Movie. Which is just what it was meant to be.

    BOO! :rolleyes:

    I do have to agree with the critics, that Glass was one of the worst movies that I sat through this year.

    We agree on Hellboy! A really bad movie.

    I did have hope that Missing Link and Ugly Dolls would at least be decently executed children's movies, but alas, they fell short.

    I just could not bring myself to see the new Terminator, I just could not. I hope that it did kill the franchise. I can't imagine any studio executive that would be stupid enough to greenlight another one!

    Godzilla was a decent Godzilla type movie.

    Wonderpark was a mess, for a family movie.

    Rambo: Last Blood, Couldn't face that one either.

    I don't know that Dog's Journey had a heartwarming message as such. I did think that it was a good movie.
  10. Vidiot

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    And we have a candidate for the biggest bomb of the year in terms of cost vs. gross:

    Box Office Bomb: ‘Playmobil’ Flops in Historic Fashion


    Apparently, Playmobil: The Movie (a CGI+stop-motion animated film based on collectible European toys) cost $40M and made only $688,000 in America this past weekend.

    It's amazing how these weird, off-the-wall animated kids' films come out and just crash and burn, stuff I've never heard of.
  11. Unless you are connected to a powerful brand or have a major studio backing it with a heavy ad campaign, I have no idea why anyone would attempt big-screen CGI animation. These cheaper CGI films often fail spectacularly.
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    Especially when going up against arguably the biggest CGI animated film of the year in Frozen II.
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  13. SandAndGlass

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    Following in the footsteps of many other similar expensive animated children's movies in 2019.
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    Does that mean we're finally going to see fewer of the awful things?
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  15. AirJordanFan93

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    You'd think so but I doubt it. There will always be studios looking to get in on the CGI animation thing without investing the proper money and using really cheap animation.
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  16. SandAndGlass

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    Hope so, but I doubt it.
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    Hollywood Reporter article on one of the biggest if not the biggest bombs of 2019, the reported production budget is actually $75 million making this a big fat tax loss for everyone involved.

    'Playmobil': Anatomy of an Epic Box Office Bomb

    Over the Dec. 6-8 weekend, the long-delayed animated pic opened to a horrible $656,500 domestically from 2,337 theaters — the third-worst debut of all time for a title rolling out in 2,000 or more locations — despite cinemas across the country offering discounted $5 tickets for kids and adults alike.

    The only two movies to have fared worse were 2012's Oogieloves and the Big Balloon Adventure($443,901) and 2008's Delgo ($511,920), according to Comscore and not adjusted for inflation.
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    As of last weekend, "Last Christmas" has grossed over $85 million worldwide vs. a production budget of $25 million, per

    Last Christmas - Box Office Mojo
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  19. Vidiot

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    Wow, that is indeed very, very bad.
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  20. SandAndGlass

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    Betting that next summers Ghostbusters beats it.
  21. SandAndGlass

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    Great to hear!

    It's nice when you can manage to produce a movie on a sensible budget that has both good production values and box office appeal.

    It is extra good when this happens to a seasonal holiday movie.

    It grossed $33.5M domestically, which can be expected for a Christmas movie, as these tend to do well domestically. But Last Christmas had a excellent international appeal, bringing in 60.8% of its box office in international release, which amounted to 52M.

    I don't doubt, that for many years to come, it will be an often viewed movie during the holiday season.

    A well deserving movie.
  22. AirJordanFan93

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    Ghostbusters will have to flop super bad for it to do as bad as that Playmobil did. As much as Ghostbusters was tarnished by that 2016 film it's still a recognizable franchise and people will pay to see it. Whether it is a good movie or not remains to be seen.
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  23. SandAndGlass

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    The problem is that for most of today's theater going young audiences, it is not a good recognizable franchise, as the original is now over thirty five years old. The current audiences only remember the 2016 version, with the original now being old cable fodder.

    It's going to be a summer matinee movie, so a it will also depend on what else is being in wide release during the summer.

    I just don't see it creating any real level of excitement.
  24. soundboy

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    "Last Christmas" has now grossed over $100 million worldwide, per
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