Queens of the Stone Age - Vinyl Reissues Coming

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by xfilian, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. xfilian

    xfilian Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Essex, UK
    So I have just received an email stating that QOTSA albums are going to reissued on vinyl - specifically deluxe editions of Rated R, Songs for the Deaf, Lullabies to Paralyze and Era Vulgaris. Been waiting for this for a while so good news!

    More information here: Four Landmark Queens Of The Stone Age Albums Set For Vinyl Reissue
  2. Beaker73

    Beaker73 Forum Resident

    Ah, this was bound to happen, a wider release for Songs For The Deaf than just the Vinyl Me, Please one.
    Regarding the other titles: question is if they are new cuts or just repressings of the ones that were widely available at least not long ago. Since Rated R is pictured as a single disc, it is probably the GZ cut from some time ago. And Lullabies was a MOV release. Era Vulgaris looks like its a 10”, so that could also be a repressing of the old plates. All decent sounding pressings, but especially Rated R should be spread over 3 or 4 sides for maximum sound quality.
    I waiting for the reviews to come in before I double dip on either of those.
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  3. zombiemodernist

    zombiemodernist Forum Resident

    Northeastern USA
    Right, the term "reissue" is being used really loosely these days in the vinyl revival, oftentimes for straight represses that have lapsed in availability.

    I figure at least the SFTD should be the same Pallas / Chris Bellman combo VMP is using, but as usual the uDiscover store doesn't provide any useful info.
  4. Gabe Walters

    Gabe Walters Forum Resident

    Era Vulgaris is coming on 12" vinyl for the first time.
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  5. Brendan K

    Brendan K Forum Resident

    So stoked for this Songs for the Deaf reissue. A classic album that's been financially impossible to obtain on wax until now!
  6. dorium_tres

    dorium_tres Well-Known Member

    San Francisco
    If anyone gets any info on what kind of “reissues” these are please share. I’ve only ever had ok sounding bootlegs of Songs For and Rated R for awhile now so I’d love to have a nice sounding copy of both (already a VMP monthly member so I’m secure on the Songs For front).
  7. Mumdad

    Mumdad Forum Resident

    I finally gave in to the insane used prices last year and sold my US Songs for the Deaf, it's rare my timing is that good! In truth it wasn't a brilliant sounding record anyway, it wasn't bad by any means but I always thought it sounded a touch flat compared with the CD.

    The original Rated R/Rated X always sounded good to me. Obviously it's a little over what's absolutely optimal but I think 42 minutes on a single LP is reasonable enough. The Kyuss LPs on the other hand..
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  8. Paranoid Android

    Paranoid Android Forum Resident

  9. MrBungle82

    MrBungle82 Active Member

  10. Bubbakja

    Bubbakja Active Member

    I would really like to know more details on the SFTD, I'm ordering regardless since I never got the original. It would be cool to see if they are remastering or playing with the source material at all for the release.
  11. Vern

    Vern Forum Resident

    I have an original pressing of Rated R and it's one of the best sounding records I own. Would be interesting to see how this reissue holds up. Very good news about Songs For The Deaf though as copies of that album are eye wateringly expensive.
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  12. jimhb

    jimhb Forum Resident

    Denver, CO, USA
    Any news on sources, mastering and pressing?
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  13. mcenters

    mcenters Forum Resident

    This is more exciting to me than the entire RSD Black Friday list.
  14. golobali

    golobali Forum Resident

    Hof, Germany
    First I wanted to pull the trigger but than I calm down and said to me "hey, these don't seem to be very limited, so I don't have to pay 19 Euro shipping for pre-ordering the bundle". Maybe I will buy them at my local record store if the reviews are positive here before I pay 120 Euro to have a different cover/format and a few bonus songs.
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  15. Vern

    Vern Forum Resident

    I think you'll be save. Most of the time these Universal reissues are widely available.
  16. golobali

    golobali Forum Resident

    Hof, Germany
    I'm save somehow or other because I have the original pressings ;-)
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  17. bad_penny

    bad_penny Forum Resident

    Looking forward to SFTD. Going to go with the VMP pressing. I don't think they've let me down yet.

    also happy about Vulgaris on 12". I hate the 10" format.
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  18. Henrik Jutbring

    Henrik Jutbring Forum Resident

    F I N A L L Y ! !
  19. Papi Hipbone323

    Papi Hipbone323 The Stouffer's Lasagna of Audiophiles

    Lancaster, Ohio
    Great, just take my money now!
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  20. ODShowtime

    ODShowtime Swirl Life

    It was pretty obvious that SFTD was not going to be a VMP exclusive, but the chance that it would be was too much to take for this record, the largest and most important hole in my collection. So now I have this Flaming lips record I don't really want. Oh well. It will be nice to get EV on normal viny. That thing is a PITA to deal with.
  21. dorium_tres

    dorium_tres Well-Known Member

    San Francisco
    Records I don’t want are always great fodder for some credit at the local record shop. I think I’ve accrued $300+ that I spend ever so often when something crazy rare or unique comes in or I just feel like doing a big haul day.
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  22. danielkov86

    danielkov86 Forum Resident

    Atlantic City
    I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the news come through on my Facebook feed. So stoked to finally own SFTD at a reasonable price and *hopefully* amazing sound quality. Pre-ordered on Amazon.

    Now if Tool would just reissue Aenima I can die a happy man...
  23. Efus

    Efus Forum Resident

    This is awesome news.
    But I'll be that guy....I'd have like to seen a reissue of the self-titled included as well.
  24. danielkov86

    danielkov86 Forum Resident

    Atlantic City
    Btw, does anybody know if the standard reissue of SFTD is cut by CB at BGM like the special edition?
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  25. RockyRaccoon

    RockyRaccoon Forum Resident

    Is it one of the “Rated X” pressings?

    I’m in for the VMP SFTD. I’ll be patient and wait for reviews of the others since we don’t seem to have any details yet. While we’re at it, can anyone comment on the quality of the Like Clockwork vinyl?

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