Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody"*

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by AKA, Sep 5, 2017.

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    There's already a Bowie biopic in the works called "Stardust" (centered around Bowies 1971 US tour) apparently but the family hasn't licensed any music for it as they don't approve of the movie. However, his son seemed to indicate that they aren't against a movie in general but it would have to be approved by them.
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    Because it's a Hollywood movie and nobody in America cared about Queen between 1985 and about 3 years ago.
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    I saw it that night as well on a DVD that I borrowed from our library.
    It was enjoyable and I thought that Rami did a very good job of playing Freddie.
    Having said that (being a Queen fan from 74 to 77 or so), I hated the way they made it look like they played "Fat Bottomed Girls" in 1974. They didn't. I didn't like the way it had them doing "We Will Rock You" in the studio in 1980 or so. Didn't happen that way.
    Most importantly, they should not have had the band break up in 85 (they didn't) and they should not have had Mercury telling the guys before "Live Aid" that he was sick. He wasn't. Queen were tight "live" then because they'd been touring.

    A large part of the movie was fiction, but if you checked your head and just had fun with it, it was enjoyable.

    A lot of artistic license and re-writing history took place with this film.
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    That's because it wasn't a documentary.
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    I have seen this thought a few times on line about George Michael movie assumed to be next. Made me think of all the ones over decades they have made of the bigger stars.. don't think there's really that many left. This seems to be Hollywood's latest thing, doesn't interest me greatly. As for him when you are a fan you know so much of the story, seeing someone else play him..i don't really think they should. Heard Boy George is next, can't really fathom big interest in that in the US. Think Springsteen biopic will be done ?
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    Rami Malek’s Freddie Mercury almost appeared in Rocketman

    Apparently there's a Bowie one incoming.

    Johnny Flynn to Play David Bowie in New Bio Movie 'Stardust'
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    Wow, Bohemian Rhapsody is on HBO tonight. I’m amazed they got it so fast.
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    Watching tonight at my wife's suggestion.

    Excellent kitteh content!
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    This film is like watching the history of Warner Brother cartoons in reverse: Instead of the teeth getting smaller, they keep getting BIGGER!
  10. ShockControl

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    That was some real suck.

    But as a lifelong Bugs Bunny fan, I felt vindicated that the toofs kept getting BIGGER AND BIGGER!
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    Is this the film that Bowie's family has already disavowed?
  13. Bobby Morrow

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    Looking upthread, it appears it is.
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    Also I've read somewhere that Elvis biopic on 2021!
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    Baz Luhrmann is doing an Elvis biopic with Austin Butler as Elvis and Tom Hanks as Col. Tom Parker. Should be spectacular :)
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  16. Unknown Delight

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    Yes, he does indeed.

    Good ol' Deacy was the smart business minded gent who made sure all the contracting deals were good for them all.


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    interesting. :shh:
  18. Simon A

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    I'm a huge fan of this YouTube channel and two well researched clips have been made about the film.

    Part one

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  19. Simon A

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    Part two

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  20. Vidiot

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    And as a current update about this film: Bohemian Rhapsody screenwriter Anthony McCarten is suing Fox because they claim, even though it cost $55M to make and made a whopping $911 million dollars worldwide, it still has not yet broken even in terms of profit. In fact, the studio claims it's $55M in the red. :eek:

    ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Scribe Anthony McCarten Sues Producers Over Profits – Deadline

    Usually, by the time a film makes 10-15 times what it cost to make, it's pretty hard to hide the money, so they pay everybody a relative pittance (like $500,000 here, a million there) just to keep everybody calmed down. But apparently not this time.
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    Let's break this down a little bit, rough calc style.

    Domestic box office take: $216,668,042 x 50% = $108,334,021
    China: $13,980,037 x 25% = $3,495,009
    Rest of the world: $680,452,648 x 40% = $272,181,059

    Total box office revenue (estimate) = $384.0 million
    + Revenue from PPV rentals/streaming
    + Revenue from DVD/Blu Ray sales
    + Revenue from the soundtrack, merchandise etc......

    Even if the marketing spend was $150 million and yes it was promoted heavily all over the world you're still easily in the black from the box office alone. So yeah file a lawsuit, send in the forensic accountants and it should take them a day or two to sniff out the BS in those financials.

    You have to be pretty shameless to try and pull this kind of stuff when the other side also have lawyers/accountants with industry experience, the Mouse is arrogant, very arrogant.
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  22. Vidiot

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    They're probably citing the original contracts signed with Fox before Disney bought that studio. It goes back to the famous saying: "net points are like monkey points, because only a monkey would think they were real." So the movie never technically goes into Net Profit.

    During the infamous 1990 Buchwald vs. Paramount "Coming to America" lawsuit, the head of Paramount business affairs admitted that in all their years at the studio, only two movies ever reached net profit: one was Airplane, which cost $3.5 million (in 1980) and wound up making $171 million dollars, which was almost 50 times the budget. The Zucker brothers testified that they only wound up making money because "the dollars started flooding in so fast, the studio didn't have time to hide them." Subsequent studio contracts made it even more difficult for anybody to collect net profit points... so basically, only a fool would accept that in their deal. Even 1/2 point of real money is better than 10 points of nothing.

    Buchwald v. Paramount - Wikipedia
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    I just saw this. It did nothing for me, to be very blunt. Rami Malek reminded me more of a Mick Jagger than Freddie Mercury. Most crucially nothing in his appearance and bearing made me believe that voice could have come out of him. (The voice itself was great, a mix of Mercury and Marc Martel as I understand it.) I am though interested in going on to read comments by people for whom the story and characters are unfamiliar.

    I don't know if this has been pointed out but the cats were CGI, weren't they?
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    This is by far my favorite musical biopic of all time. Before I saw it on the big screen all I knew was that Freddie had died of aids in the 90s and that Queen was a popular British band. But thanks to the movie I learned Freddie wasn't his real name, he was in a different band before Queen, he had four extra incisors that helped him sing the way he did, he was a cat person, and had dated and was even engaged to a woman. Plus I had no clue their record company rejected them for hating Bohemian Rhapsody, so they had to get a new manager. From the acting to the musical numbers to all the behind the scenes stuff Bohemian Rhapsody is a masterpiece and I'll never stop loving it.
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    I'd love to see a Bohemian Rhapsody part two.
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